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Introduction to on-line dating

READ MORE: Introduction to on-line dating
In preparation for Valentine’s Day this Saturday, our i-Desk will be taking a week long look at one of the internet's most traveled routes; on-line dating. Before technology ruled the world, we used to rely on our families, friends, churches to help us find love. The internet has opened up a world of opportunities to search for Mr. or Ms. "Right". For some it can be a living nightmare, but for others it's love at web site. We've heard the romantic love stories advertising dating websites, stating so-and-so met on the internet, fell madly in love, and live happily ever after. Is this a realistic way to find true love? One thing's for sure, it has become an acceptable way to search for that special someone. Shelby Wyatt has been internet dating for years because she says, it's hard to find time to meet people elsewhere. “As people's lives have gotten busier, corporate America demands more and more of us. We find less and less time for ourselves and the little black box upstairs, the computer, allows me to interact with people, whether it be local, in the next town, within the state, a couple towns over, or even all across the world if I want to." The internet has turned what was once a dating pool, into an ocean of possibilities. So where do you start? The big dogs in the computer-dating world are E-harmony and Research firm Harris Interactive reports nearly 250 E-harmony members marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on the site. promises you'll find the love of your life in six months, or your next six-month subscription is on the house. But Wyatt said the company makes you e-mail a ridiculous amount of users every week or the deal is off. Once you fill out a lengthy profile on both sites, you can view your matches for free. But as soon as you want to contact any of them, be prepared to pull out your credit card. Although pioneers in online dating, these two aren't necessarily the best or the most likeable. Of all the internet daters WWAY interviewed this past week, the name that constantly came up is With more than ten million singles signed up, this one's a catch because it's completely free. OK Cupid is another free matching service; one attraction to the site is users can create their own questions for potential love interests rather than be limited to a pre-set list of questions. Created by the same guys who invented spark notes, OK Cupid is similar to social networking sites and is geared towards college students. Internet dating may not be for everyone, but Wyatt said, don't knock it 'til you try it. "It's the new, the new way of meeting people and if you go about it in the right way and you're smart about it, you can have a lot of friends. And it's like I tell people, I said even if we don't click, you never can have enough friends."

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The global economy is unraveling and you people are arguing about internet dating? This is why the country is going to hell in a hand basket. People can't get their priorities straight. it or not

We cant do anything about the global economy can we? I just watched my investments decrease by almost half and I really do not want to think about it. Whats your plan to save us? But we CAN harass each other on here and have a few laughs in the process.

Happily married

I happen to be one of those folks that found their true love on the internet. I am neither fat or ugly and neither is she. I went through all of the comments here before I decided to post a note. There are truly some crude people here. May God Bless them.


To you and your wife 53. Most people have not met anyone online but they all have opinions about it. I was one of them before I did it. My train of thought was meeting someone in a bar is no different, you know absolutely nothing about them except that they may have a drinking problem and I certainly did not want that. Best wishes

Found A Good One

I found the woman I am married to online. It was not through a dating site. She spoke to me one night through an instant message. We started talking and met a few weeks later. It took me less than 30 days to ask her to marry me and we have been married 8 years this coming April. I know this is not a typical success story but it's mine. I have heard a lot of horror stories from people I know about these online services, now maybe they just got unlucky enough to find a dud or maybe these sites are full of them I don't know. The point I'm trying to make is when you find the right person it could be anywhere church, a bar, the mall, who knows but the two involved.

Online Dating

Online Dating = Dating for Fat and Ugly People

To SettingSouthernersStraight

If you have a problem with the South please go back from where you came. You will not be missed!

Blah Blah Blah

You would think after the 100th time you and your mindless southern friends repeat this, that it would get old. I love being here. I get paid well to do a job that requires intelligence. Might be shocking, but they couldnt find a southerner smart enough.


Southerners probably won' work that cheap.


I agree it is a little cheap, but WAY above what most get paid here. Trust me, I live very comfortably.

Hey SettingSouthernersStraight

So we will find your dating profile on there? Or is that how you met your spouse? Which is it?

We all know

I dont find fat and ugly people attractive, so no - I stay off those sites. Never had a problem meeting someone of the opposite sex, so I never felt I had to partake in the shameless act of hiding behind a computer.


SettingSouthernersStraight said "I never felt I had to partake in the shameless act of hiding behind a computer." After reading all your posted comments, I am inclined to believe you are guilty of the very thing you accused others of being. I have a thought / question, if things are so good for you down here why do you feel the need to denigrate the people here. You sound like you have a inferiority complex and you feel the need to put others down in order to elevate yourself and it does'nt matter how much money you make, you sound like you have low self esteem.

I believe you may need to

I believe you may need to re-read the entire list of comments again. I simply posted my opinion, stating that I believe online dating sites to be full of either fat, ugly, or fat and ugly people. That commented caused one of the local inbreeds to talk about me going back up north. (God knows why) If one of the many toothless wonders here wants to play a little game, I will. I'm sorry you think my self esteem is low because I replied to someone's comment.

Like I said...

...your description of others leads me to believe that you feel the need to put people down to elevate yourself. from what I can tell is the only way you are able to rise above others is to put them down. You're even sorry that I think you have low self-esteem. Yes I did re-read all eleven(11) of your posts, and my analysis is correct. Case: Closed


Sad that you think that way. I was not fat nor ugly when I had my profile online. I met several VERY attractive men (married one of them). Have you ever even looked at a site or are you just being a jerk? You are so wrong on this one. BTW: Who are you to set anyone straight? A northerner perhaps? You seem to be a total dolt.

Id bet my house you are less

Id bet my house you are less than attractive. I know you want to toot your own horn, but from your past posts, I get the feeling that you are suffering in the looks department. That's why all us northerners are here. To help out the slow southerners.


So you have the ability to tell whether someone is attractive by reading posts? There is your next JOB, you could make a fortune weeding out all the ugly/fatties on date sites. My goodness you need medication.

In reality, your "house" is

In reality, your "house" is likely a one bedroom apartment. "I love being here. I get paid well to do a job that requires intelligence. Might be shocking, but they couldnt find a southerner smart enough." I can't count the times that a Northerner who was at best, marginally successful, repeated the "they couldnt(sic) find a southerner(sic) smart enough" to do my job line and come to find out, they do rather menial work. The reason you are here is because and yours are a region of failures. You are economic refugees. That's why the Northeast is called the Rust Belt. While you idiots were propped up against the water fountain gripin' to Da Union Rep that you weren't being paid enough to be the second guy to check the tightness of one bolt on an assembly line, the South was creating the economic incentives & tax breaks necessary to steal your jobs! The best thing you losers had left up there was the banking/finance industry and that's now dead and the property of the federal government at this point! Also, you're supposed to capitalize regions of country such as Northern or Southern so I guess those superior Northern schools failed you! LOL@you! So drop the bitterness and how about show a little appreciation for the region that has accepted you in your hour of need!

Can we stop

your silly assumptions? Your stupidity is showing. Nope. Don't live in a one bedroom. First your sentence structure is horrendous. Here is a tip for you, write your thoughts out on a piece of paper, read them, and ask yourself, "Does this make sense?" I'll fight through your 1st grade writing level and try and reply. My northern schools failed me? Not too sure how that happened. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school, went on to get 3 college degrees. If you consider that failure, I guess it is. I have zero bitterness. If you could read, you would know that I said I love it here. This place provides very well for me. I work hard, and get paid to do so. It's funny that this all stems from me saying online dating sites are for fat, ugly people. Makes you think which one your are, or maybe both.


It's "Northerners" like you who have made the South so "unoriginal". Please.....GO AWAY!

That is because

They do not manufacture 1 bedroom house trailers. Last word. are wrong, however.

On-line dating is not just for fat, ugly people. There are likely many very attractive psychotic lunatics and losers who utilize the Internet for dating. I can't say what the actual case is, because I have never used an Internet dating service. My theory has always been that anyone I meet on line will be just as big a pain in the butt as anyone I meet in real life, so why bother?

I guess we smell our own kind?

"Online Dating = Dating for Fat and Ugly People...I get the feeling that you are suffering in the looks department...Can we stop your silly assumptions? Your stupidity is showing." Contradict yourself much? You're just not very bright are you? Sad. You're parents and the taxpayers bought you books, sent you to school and you're still stupid. My sentence structure is horrid? You're reaching. "I work hard, and get paid to do so." Imbecile, you don't need the comma and the word and. That's just one example. You can't even use contractions properly. Example:"couldnt" As for your assumption about my weight, if you consider a height of 5 feet, 11 inches and a weight of 165 pounds overweight, then so be it. How's that anorexia treating you?

"The reason you are here is

"The reason you are here is because and yours are a region of failures." Does that look like good sentence structure to you? Again, please help yourself out and write out your thoughts before you go posting them on the world wide web. You may want to look up the use of commas. Commas before "and" are perfectly fine, AND used to show a pause in the sentence. That is okay though, I wouldn't expect a southerner to know that. That would be like trying to find one with good oral hygiene. So if you are 5'11" and 165, I guess that leaves the ugly category for you.

Excuse me

SSS forgot to take his meds again. I have a few questions for you SSS. You feel so negatively about southerners and seem to think we are ALL buffoons, correct? You say you like it here (Perhaps because you feel superior?), you work for a southern company (which buffoon hired you?), you think you are one of the "beautiful" people ? Apparently only on the outside. You hate everyone that lives here but you say you like it. Makes me wonder about your mental state, or should I say "inner beauty" ?

Where did I say I hate

Where did I say I hate everyone who lives here? I believe I said I love living here. Stop making things up please. You sound like a bigger stiff than you already are.


You do not have to say the word, your other words speak for themselves. Your name alone says more than we care to hear. You came to the south to live. None of us went north. Who does? Then you call us "inbred" and make stereotypical remarks about dental hygiene.... Hey you chose us, not the other way around. Your very first post showed what a huge stiff you are.

So you are going to put

So you are going to put words in my mouth and try and force an argument? I think we now know who needs the medication. You! Again, dope, my first post just stated that I believe online dating is for fat and ugly people. That sure hit a nerve with you, didn't it? Boo hoo!


No nerve was hit because I am NOT the things you assume I am. You made rude comments on a subject you (seems your so HOT you have TONS of dates) know NOTHING about. Unless you have actually been on a dating site and KNOW that everyone is fat/ugly then you really can not make that comment. It is by far false. End of argument. Peace out Yankee.