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Businessman investigated for campaign donations


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A local businessman is under investigation in connection to questionable campaign donations. New Hanover County district attorney Ben David says the investigation looks into contributions made by Atlantic Corp. owner Rusty Carter.

Carter is believed to have funneled money through his employees that was then given to state Senate Majority Leader Marc Basnight, Sen. Julia Boseman and Gov. Bev Perdue. Investigators are trying to determine if Carter circumvented the law capping individual campaign contributions. David said the three officials will not face any charges. The funds in question total more than $100,000.

David is waiting on the completed report. If the investigation points to Carter,a request will be sent to the Board of Elections for reimbursement.

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what a surprise. in this

what a surprise. in this era of Thomas Wright, Jim Black, John Edwards, Megg Scott Phipps, Frank Ballance and Mike Easley... we have a problem with North Carolina Democrats being involved in questionable campaign practices. This should not be an indictment on the NC Democratic Party. However, it sould be an indictment on the voters of this state who have blindly kept these crooks in office year after year for the last century. Shame on us.


Another quality political corruption story by the mainstream media that refuses to identify the party affiliation of those involved. Let me assist: THEY ARE ALL DEMOCRATS.

More "pay for play." Are we

More "pay for play." Are we tired of this yet?


would the 3 Officials not be the subject of charges if they knew?


sorry to intervene on your kinds words.


It doesn't say that they did know...i rather doubt that they sit and pour over each individual who is giving them money

Yeah right...

the three didn't know? YEAH RIGHT. They keep up more on whos donating them $$ than they do trying to do good for this state. Cant wait for NOVEMBER!

Are you serious

at some point in time, all of these free spending donors expect payback and that only comes when the elected candidate is apprised of where the money is coming from. Whether it be an appoiintment to some Board or Commission or the expeditious processing of a permit request, they know.

Do you think Mike Easley's probems just appeared and caught him by surprise? Maybe they did; but that's hard to swallow. And if you saw the testimony from guys like McQueen Campbell and Lanny Watkins, they made certain the Candidate knew from which vault the money flowed.