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Investigation increases in Columbus County

The FBI is looking into a suspicious fire in Columbus County, according to the Tabor-Loris Tribune. A front page article in their paper says FBI agents have been spotted at the crime scene. The fire started last Wednesday at the Tabor City home of 17-year-old Allen Strickland, who said he was sleeping inside and woke up to a bedroom full of smoke. Strickland lived there alone, and said the home was paid for by State Sen. R.C. Soles. Repeated calls to Sen. Soles for details on the house and the nature of his relationship with the teen have not been returned. We know the SBI is investigating the apparent arson, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not confirm or deny their involvement in the case.

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People...I really do not think this is about a tax issue...There is something else going on...I have heard the stories about Soles and the younger generation...think about it and put it together...Why would someone give a 17 year old a home (paid for), a corvette, not just a car to get by with (paid for), an atv (paid for), and an allowance... I hope that wway persues this as well..there is more to the story..The bow is 17 years old and not amnicapated..what is wrong with this picture??

Law Enforcement

whether state or federal will not discuss an ongoing investigation. I believe their only obligation is to inform the affected parties of an ongoing investigation.

RC Soles

Let me get this straight............Here is a 17 year old dropout minor,with no valid driver's license, receiving a house, a corvette, 2 Atvs, a firearm, clothes on his back, food in the fridge, and plenty of spending money on a deal he made with a "lawmaker" to stay in a school that he left over a year ago. Hey does anyone out there have a deal like that for me????? I will gladly take it........"Can You Hear Me " Mr. Soles.


Are you sure about that?! I really don't want to know what this kid did to get the house! Scary!

Only in NC

You don't get something for nothing. The boy should just come on out with whatever is going on, or just shut up. Either come clean about what's going on, or don't use the media to handle your dirty business. But one thing is sure, the people will continue to vote Soles in as long as he runs for office. People can put an end to this drama, vote him out.

You are correct

if he is not doing the job his constituents voted him into office for, they should vote him out. They need to start now finding a credible candidate who will have a chance to run a good campaign against him -- a campaign in which they will focus on how he has not served his consituents and how they would be a better elected official. Wait until the last minute, as the Republican Party did during the last election, and RC will be back in Raleigh for another term. Republican Party -- can you hear your consituents? In the meantime, those young men should start looking for new means of support.