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Investigators return to site of allegedly abused horses

READ MORE: Investigators return to site of allegedly abused horses
COLUMBUS COUNTY -- More than eight months ago Columbus County Animal Cruelty investigators confiscated eight horses after finding signs of neglect and abuse. A couple of weeks ago investigators had to return the horses to their owner. The case was dismissed because a county official made a mistake writing the warrant to confiscate the horses. Now those who watched the horses be nurtured back to health are trying to make sure a mistake like this does not happen again. Elizabeth Kramer and her daughter Maddie fell in love with a pony named Tempo as they watched him be nursed back to health at the stable where they ride. They remember how Tempo looked when he first came to the stable. They say he was starving and you could see his ribs, spine and hip bones. To protect Tempo Elizabeth offered to buy him, but the owners -- Terry and Anita Hewett -- would not sell. Now Elizabeth is taking it a step farther, by going to county officials to get answers, hoping to ensure the health of other animals. "I've been trying to get in touch with the county attorney to see if anything can be done from this point forward, do we have any other course of action, is there any money available for the people who boarded these horses?" Elizabeth said. "I keep getting rescheduled, rescheduled, rescheduled. I hope to have an appointment next week but this is kind of the way it is, it doesn't seem to be a priority to anyone." The owners say they have never neglected their horses, the animals were just sick. And as for getting answers from county officials on making sure no more mistakes are made on warrants NewsChannel 3 has called the district attorney's office, the assistant DA., the Columbus County attorney and the a magistrate -- each time being re-directed or told someone would call back. That was over six hours ago and we've yet to hear anything.

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Hewett horses

For those people out there that are still waiting for information about this case, here is an update. Apparently, there have been new complaints and animal control went out to investigate. The Hewetts wouldn't let them on the property (something to hide perhaps?)Anyway, it looks like one or more horses may have been moved due to their poor state of health. It's too bad the people won't give away or sell the horses. Given the state of the economy, I wonder how they are able to afford to feed and care for all eight of them?

hewett horses

Thank you kind person for posting this new information. I too, have information on those horses. Apparently, one was moved to another county because it was in very bad shape, she was the one known as "Big Mama." She was discovered by Animal Control,the man who had her admitted that she belonged to the Hewetts. Before animal control could take any legal action, the guy moved her to an undisclosed location. Presently, it seems that there are only 2 horses left on the Hewett's property. I'm sure the Kramer family would still be interested in rescuing Tempo if he is still alive and available. Please keep all those concerned citizens updated. We don't want to read about the horses being found dead on the property. That would be so cruel and such a waste especially since there are people willing to take them in.


It's time for all of you people to let this go, the horses are doing fine where they are at, You are just telling lies and causing trouble trying to get what you want, because you didn't get it before...the case has been closed, leave it alone...The Hewett's did nothing to deserve the comments that you folks are posting on here....good grief get a life, you have got a lot of nerve thinking someone should just hand over "Their" horses, and you have no money in their horses to start off with. You forget the Hewett's have many friends. Their lives are none of your business.. Tell me what would Jesus do?

hewett horses

Jesus expects people to take care of those who can't take care of themselves. Horses are helpless creatures and the Hewetts chose to abuse them. Are you so ignorant that you can't face that fact? They had too much pride to take the help that was offered to them. It's amazing to me how much ignorance still exists in this country.


Did animal control take the horse.?

Horse Abuse in Columbus County

When this story first broke, wasn't it reported that the NC Secretary of Agriculture, Steve Troxler was somehow related the the family that owns these horses, or did I imagine it?

not related to Troxler

Not even close! You must have imagined it! But thanks for checking...

Hope God doesn't judge

Hope God doesn't judge you, as harshly as you judge others. People learn lessons from, things that they go through in life. But since none of us have ever done anything wrong, I guess that doesn't apply to us. Give these people a chance, they are being watched by the world.

Everyone makes mistakes and

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone does something wrong....but this is not about that. This is not about someone making a mistake and getting a second chance. Mistreating an animal is not a mistake and anyone that does this should not be given a second chance caring for animals


It sickens me to read about animal abuse. Horses are my favorite animal, and i wish i was the owner of every single horse in the world so they wouldn't get abused. I am so sickened that people will be so rude and have the guts to beat an animal because they think its "fun" Advice: DON'T GET PETS IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO ABUSE THEM!! THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

As a native of Columbus

As a native of Columbus County, none of this comes as a surprise to me. I am very happy to now be residing in Wilmington.


People in cc are gave you are in wilmington too

For Guest555

To Guest555:I guess since you moved its not your problem right. Why are you even talking?

its ashamme

its a shamme that our grovernment officals care no more for this just immimageiny{spelling} how they would do us if it was a person.And when someone is trying to do the right thing they just exnore us and try to sweep it under the carpet.

Neglected Animals

Well if the horses were sick, why were they sick ? Regardless, They looked like they were not getting the care they needed. I hope _ SOMEONE_ will keep an eye on them!