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Investors pitch plans for oceanfront amusement park

Several companies are looking into building an oceanfront amusement park in Carolina Beach. The town's planning director told WWAY NewsChannel Three that a few potential investors have approached him. On April seventh, a Florida based company, called Mergle's, is expected to present its plans to the town planning and zoning commission. If the project moves forward, Carolina Beach would be the state's only venue for oceanfront rides. Town officials hope the park will open as soon as May to kick off the tourist season.

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When I was a child, a city

When I was a child, a city about 100 miles away from us had an amusement park and in fact it is still in business today. Being in a rural area, it is a huge employer for that region and does considerable business, in that school systems from a hundred+ miles around would carry their students there for field trips along with other tourist groups. Should be good for business unless the naysayers find some way to shut it down. After all, it may be too noisy or too colorful, or there may be the real threat that it creates some jobs and revenue for the area.

As Soon as May?

It's April 4th. Are they going to build a REAL amusement park that will actually draw some visitors or a P.O.S. tacky mess with rides that fit on the back of transfer trucks like the ones that show up at the mall every so often? If CB does this, they deserve their reputation as the beach for rednecks and losers. Take the time to do it right or don't do it at all.

Nice sarchasm.....

If you had read the previous stories regarding putting an amusement park in CB, You would understand that the initial trial phase is intended to be implemented to see how well it would fit in with the community and tourist season. Carolina Beach is a really nice place to live and a nice place for tourists to bring their families. Your ignorant comments regarding, "rednecks and losers" is undeserved. This project is another facet of improving the activities here and is a positive step forward. It is the negative attitudes of individuals such as yourself that has inhibited CB's reputation. You would fit in well at Wrightsville Beach.


Please spell it correctly. Now that we are beyond that. I agree that CB is a great place to live, relax and work. I believe that the "rednecks and losers" comment must come from the mouth of a Yankee that has once again infested our nice community. An amusement park would definitely strengthen the draw for the tourist industry. It adds a new branch on our tree of tourism. Museums, the beach, historic sites, an aquarium; it sounds like the only thing lacking is an amusement park. In a point in time where the economy needs a jump start, I see this as a place for us to start and let it thrive. The one thing that seems to strike me as true from the foul mouthed idiot is that we need to make sure that it is not going to be a mediocre amusement park. One that mimics the mall parking lot fair, if you can call it that, would be a disaster for the economy and make CB a laughing stock.

rides next to beach is

rides next to beach is nice will be like coney island in NY


Now this is better than Tittan

Good, but good luck getting the permits that fast.