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Is Burgaw ready for population surge?

READ MORE: Is Burgaw ready for population surge?
BURGAW -- The town of Burgaw is poised for a population surge. But can it handle the growth? Several major residential and commercial developments are underway in Burgaw right now. The sound of growth has become commonplace in Wilmington. And now it's becoming a familiar sound in Burgaw as well. "We're seeing a massive amount of people wanting to move into the area. We have quite a few new sub-divisions coming in on the east and west side." Vicki Foster with the Burgaw Chamber of Commerce said. Burgaw Planning Director Chad McEwan said, "If everything is built that is proposed, we're in the 2,000-2,200 unit range. But we're talking a ten- to 12-year build-out on that." People are moving to Burgaw for its quaint, small-town feel that gives homeowners more bang for their buck compared to Wilmington. "They're really after the larger lots. We have the land available. We have the custom homes you can find in Wilmington, and we have the larger lots that can go with it. We're finding people want extra land to go along with their house, and we're able to provide them with both," Foster said. But is Burgaw ready for such rapid growth? "Everything that's been proposed now, no, we don't have the infrastructure. But we're in the works to provide that infrastructure," McEwan said. The plan includes an additional sewer line to neighboring Wallace, where a wastewater treatment plant is in the process of being upgraded. But not everyone is sold on the idea of a more bustling Burgaw. Herb Harrell is the fourth generation owner of Harrell's Department Store in downtown Burgaw. He says he welcomes growth as long as the small-town feel of Burgaw is preserved. "I want to see Burgaw grow, but I want to see it stay a nice, small town. I want it to keep the same values that it has now," Harrell said. Housing developments in the works will create more than 2,000 new homes in the Burgaw area in the next ten to 12 years. Town officials say the quaint, small-town atmosphere of Burgaw is drawing people there. Plus, land costs less in Burgaw, Meaning developers and new home buyers can get more for their money than they can in Wilmington. But not everyone is on-board with the rapid expansion. "I don't want it to turn into a place with shopping malls and things. I want it to be a place where people are comfortable, where they can walk around at night and feel safe, and where you do know the people you see. It's a nice atmosphere," Harrell said. There are also several new businesses coming, including a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The major challenge now is infrastructure. Town leaders admit they do not have the proper sewer and roadway infrastructure in place yet. But a new sewer line is in the works, which will carry wastewater from Burgaw to a treatment plant in Wallace that is currently being upgraded.

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Looks like the people who

Looks like the people who destroyed New Hanover County are looking up to Burgaw and licking their lips. That was masterful the way they convinced the voters up there that a separate way to pay (transfer tax) for all the school kids that these developers will bring would be a bad thing. Did anyone notice that the effort to defeat the transfer tax were funded laregely by outside interests? No problem though Pender County, these developers and Realtors will continue to get nice profits and commissions at your expense seeing as how you were so kind as to subsidize their development costs with your even increasing property taxes. The good people of NHC were gullible enough to fall for such rhetoric that development fees would be a bad thing and hurt the little person. Nowadays though, their home county was destroyed and they can't afford to live there anymore because of the steep taxes required to pay for the insufficient schools and sewer systems that the development community left behind as they walked away cheering with full profits because there were no development fees. I feel for you Pender County and Burgaw, you were once a charming a lovely place but it appears that increasingly, the development community is taking charge of your local governments and that's going to pretty much spell the end of what made you what you were.