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Is crime on the rise in Downtown Wilmington?

READ MORE: Is crime on the rise in Downtown Wilmington?
Since Thursday, a murder, a sexual assualt, a stabbing and two shootings all have happened in the downtown area. But is the spike in crime over the last few days cause for alarm? Wilmington police statistics from the months of April and July of this year, compared to the same time last year show crime has remained about the same in most areas. The only noticeable change is double the amount of burglaries. Wilmington police statistics from between April and July 2006 compared to the same four month span this year show the number of murders down from 7 to 6. There are 8 fewer drug offenses and robberies remained relatively flat. The biggest spike seems to be in burglaries that jumped from 9 last year to 20 this year. Police attribute that to a seasonal spike in crime. Deputy Chief Conklin said, "Burglary particularly goes up in the summer time partly because you have more kids out, you have more people out, so you have a greater opportunity for people to get involved in criminal behavior." Wilmington police also say they add more officers to the streets during summer holidays, like Fourth of July. Conklin says crime generally rises two times a year during Christmas and the summer months when more people are out on the streets.

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Wilmington has been a

Wilmington has been a problem child of the state for decades. This is not something new. More population, more crime.

Very misleading

With an opening like that to this article, yes, it's easy to believe that there is chaos Downtown recently. It makes it sound like there have been 5 separate incidents since Thursday, when in fact one of the shootings was the murder, and the sexual assault and the stabbing was the same incident. C'mon. And without belittling these crimes, because they are very serious, it's my opinion that this "spike" in crime is merely a fluke, a hiccup in the statistics. It happens. And to be honest, most crimes, these included, are preventable; unfortunately most people don't believe that it could happen to them and so they don't always act or make decisions in their own best interest.

Look at the stats again.

From April 1, through July 28th. Year over year 2007 compared to 2008 2008 murders down (by 1) over 2007 2008 drug offensives are down (by 7) over 2007 2008 robberies are down (by 1) over 2007 and only 2008 burglaries are up (by 11) over 2007. Economy is tight, people can't afford to buy drugs (thus people getting busted for drugs is down) People that want drugs, have to burglarize to get money to buy the drugs. (thus burglaries are up) A robbery is the felonious taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, against his or her will, by violence or intimidation. A burglary is the felony of breaking into and entering the house of another at night with intent to steal, extended by statute to cover the breaking into and entering of any of various buildings, by night or day. So is Crime in general on the rise or just Burglaries? Population rises, so does crime. Economy falters, crime goes up. Since not even the best law enforcement agency in the US can prevent drugs from infiltrating society, population increases or economic woes, you have to realize nothing can prevent crime from happening. Our boys in blue are doing a great job given the resources they have to work with and the rapid population increase with hiring and budget limitations. Keep it up ladies and gentleman.


All law abiding citizens should get their CCW and carry a firearm, once decent people start shooting these little scumbags, crime will decrease....I carry everywhere I go.

Yes Will we know and we're

Yes Will we know and we're all so proud of you.


The Police are not to blame. THE POLICE CHEIF.. IS TO BLAME. He is responsible for the duties,and moral of his men. If the police are not doing their jobs it is ONLY because they are not being managed correctly. Find a new chief who cares about fighting crime or else let Sid take over the entire county. At least his good ol boys will shoot all of the criminals and we won't have to worry about them!


It's the city manager who is to blame.......everyone works for him including the police chief. Lay the blame where it belongs.

Gosh, my vote's for YOU to run for chief...

It's psychotic comments like yours that disturb the concerned. It's probably people like you who create absurd drama which tie up the police from "doing their jobs". I'm glad you know so much about how the department works though, that's fantastic; and spot on! [End sarcastic rant with a roll of the eyes]

This violence is unacceptable!

I know many people who were attacked, robbed, or harassed in the downtown area over the last couple of years. I was robbed at gunpoint last year in front of Thalian Hall. Most have occurred in the ‘good’ part of downtown between Third St. and Water St. Ever since the police have moved their office to the MLK bypass, violence downtown has surged. Why is this not being covered by the media to inform citizens and tourists about this violence AND what is the WPD/NHSD doing to improve this? This is an outrage! The police department is too busy writing traffic violations and hiding in mystery boxes with radar while the safety of its citizens/visitors is being compromised. I plan to tell everyone who plans to visit Wilmington about the resurgence of violence and the city's complacency to do NOTHING about it. I guess tourist dollars are more important to the city than public safety. Maybe the new 1898 race riot memorial will help reduce racial and socioeconomic tensions within the city, but I seriously doubt it! Maybe the city will one day address the issues of the urban poor in the downtown area instead of sweeping it under the rug as they always have.

thank you for saying it!

YOU are SO right!!! the crime is unacceptable and we see the obvious disregard for work, school, family structure, respect for authority, etc. by the folks in the outskirts of main downtown. I, myself can surmise that any opportunity would have me staring down the barrell of a gun or a knife at any opportunity they might have, as it seems that human life is of no issue to these thugs. When are we going to demand a stop to this? God bless all who have been victimized and I hope we'll band together one day and demand a change. No more coddling and being afraid. Come on, folks, it's so obvious that we, ourselves look the other way. We are all to blame. Let's band together to raise our children collectively to be responsible, caring, educated people. Thanks again!

Your comment was unacceptable!

I'll repost a comment I made on another article: --------------------------------- To any of you who actually think that the WPD "doesn't care", or "cares more about themselves than the citizens of Wilmington," then I challenge you to go on a ride-along, JUST ONE, any night in the West side districts and see for yourself how the police handle things. They respond to more domestic violence calls and petty disputes, and patrol common drug areas, than you obviously can imagine. And if you think the department is ill-equipped, you're right. For some reason it isn't viewed as beneficial to make a budget that can handle the requirements of a well-equipped force. There aren't enough officers. And so when Joe or Jane Smoe have two officers tied up with a ridiculous call, then YES, you will see other officers scrambling from other districts to handle a more serious call. My point is, don't knock the system until you understand it, its complications and how it works. ------------------------------- And yes, I'm sure that 6 giant paddles are exactly what this city needed to help curb the "racial and socioeconomic tensions" here. And how dare you accuse anyone of what they're NOT doing when you aren't even here to see it, or doing anything yourself to help!

I missed that

Guest121212 wrote "And yes, I'm sure that 6 giant paddles are exactly what this city needed to help curb the "racial and socioeconomic tensions" here." I was thinking they were bowling pins!!!


Yeah, apparently they're supposed to symbolize Wilmington 'paddling' into a new era of togetherness, or something.

Wonder where

I wonder where those numbers came from. It seems to me we see nothing but crime on the news on a daily basis. Are those the only crimes we are interested in? It also seems to me that our Military is being asked to stay away from downtown because of the trouble they cause. Hmmm, are we hiding the true numbers. What about the huge round up of drug dealers, how many were arrested in that? Let's not post only city crimes, there are other areas that has helped us to achieve the distinct honor of ranking 78th in the most dangerous cities. Something needs to give.

ILM no place for families :(

I was born and raised in ILM and lived there 20+ years. Now I visit once every 12 weeks. It's no wonder crime has spiked in Wilmington. If you are a fugitive from the law, Wilmington is a great place to live. YOu probably won't get caught because there is very little police presence. The only cops I see are the ones off duty running their sirens and lights through intersections in an attempt to get home faster. It's a shame that Military Police have to be brought in to help control downtown. I love ILM, clean it up. Build a parking deck for the beach crowd. Ever notice how there are almost no handicap parking reserves at Wrightville? How about stationing police officers in public parks? I am so dissapointed that my hometown is no longer a place for families. It's so obvious that elected officials and city managers are dropping the ball. Not to mention the angry honks I get when the light has been green for a milisecond. Calm down people, it's the beach and mabe YOU should be afraid a cop will give you a ticket for driving like a maniac. They aren't all on break at the same time, I hope.

try again sparky

Ummm, yea, the police are running code to go home. Perhaps you would like to know that the cars with the in car camera system automatically record when lights are activated to a secure hard drive. Then that drive is uploaded at the station and is monitored by IA. Until you finish high school, you shouldn't post anything more here.


I completely disagree with you about Wilmington being no place for families. I grew up here and I am raising my children here. While I don't like the excessive growth and all the traffic, there is no better place to live for me and my family. Yes, the crime 'wave' of recent weeks is unsettling. That is why I try to take steps to insure my safety and the safety of my kids. If you ask me "It's 10PM. Do you know where your children are?" I'm going to be able to answer you. And the only time I won't is when I'm dead and gone. Part of the problem is parents don't want to 'discipline' their children because they are afraid of 'warping their little brains'. Well, my parents disciplined me when I did wrong and I do the same. No I dont get out the bamboo sticks or anything like that but restrictions are put into place and if necessary I do spank my children! As for the law enforcement personnel - I think MOST of them do a wonderful job especially with the kind of crap they have to put up with on a daily basis! In fact yesterday, I was driving down 16th street with WPD behind me when 3 KIDS on bikes were riding down the MIDDLE of the road - one in each lane! Once the officer realized what was going on he turned on his lights and got them out of the way. My point on this is - those kids probably dont have any type of supervision and if they do they probably didnt get into trouble other than by the officer. Crime in the area - yes. Why? Parents today wont do the responsible thing when raising their children to begin with!!!!! And if you don't like Wilmington - stop coming back. I am sure we will survive without your presence!

Thre crime is high because...

The crime is high because of all the local drug busts lately. Sorry, but all the addicts are not getting their fix and they are all freaking out. Guarantee you I am dead right.

Off duty cops

I'm sure this never occurred to you but we actually have officers in Wilmington who are (gasp) undercover. So, no, you may not see a lot of officers in their cars. (AND, that's complete nonsense about thes guys running red lights with lights and sirens to get home early. They can't engage that equipment on the street without radioing dispatch as to the reason why.) That's right-and they're risking their lives in parts of town you never even set foot in. Wilmington pays these guys next to nothing and so we don't have a big enough squad to be in ALL the public parks and on every street corner. Why do military police have to come downtown? Because we have huge droves of young marines who come downtown to drink and fight and we can't handle the numbers cuz we don't have enough officers. So, despite your eloquent, typo-ridden missive, it's not OBVIOUS what is to blame for Wilmington's issues. It's many factors; gang influx as a result of Hurrican Katrina, a huge homeless population thanks to all the churches and missions that feed them, parents who don't take time to know where their baby thugs are and all the millions of dollars we have to ppour into welfare, WIC, Medicare and public housing thaat prevents us from having the money to pay more qualified individuals to be cops and sheriffs in this town.

True words

Truer words have never been spoken.

Downtown Crime

is on the rise. But the Mayor and police chief are too busy trying to get the private clubs to let the military in to drink, to see whats going on. This town has alot of issues, from drugs, shooting people just because, homeless, and prostitution. I hope the next mayor cleans this town up....Heck, I may even run!!!!

the ederly woman who was

the ederly woman who was murdered by the recently rrealesed prisoner , the guy shot in the alley unsolved and god the list is a mile long ,when is there not a murder or stabbing or rape in downtown wilmington that is the question ,somethin seriously needs to be done prisons are slam full and drug baggies are littered on every corner down town go to offendr search nc and count all the prisoners fron new hanover ,then look at the persons record fully and look at all the times the district attorney got the case dropped and they got scott free get out of jail and they still went and blew it .wilmington nc knuckle head capitol of the world .

Although there doesn't seem

Although there doesn't seem to be a spike in crime, does anyone know what kind of budget increase or additional officers the city has added over the past year? I'm not saying there is one, but if they have recieved more tax money from us then I think this is the same as spike in crime...