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Italian Festival hoping for a sunnier Sunday


After months of organizing, the Cape Fear Italian Festival finally got underway Saturday at Cross Creek Commons Shopping Center on US 17 in Leland. The big crowd early had a chance to enjoy Italian treats like cannoli and sausage and peppers, as well as the sounds of the US Marine Corps 2nd Marine Division Band.

"It was a great turnout before the rain," said Frank Bullara, one of the festival's organizers, who are hoping for a sunnier Sunday for day two of the festival.

The rain Saturday started just before 1 p.m. as the Marine Band wrapped up. Some of the crowd, estimated at upwards of one-thousand people, tried to wait it out, taking refuge under overhangs, in the beer garden or in the covered booths of the 50 or so festival vendors. After about an hour, the rain started to let up before a downpour began again. With no end of precipitation in sight, the festival staff finally made what was for them a tough decision to call it a day around 4 p.m.

"It was very disappointing; disheartening to say the least," said Mike Forte, a member of the festival's executive committee. "The crowd was building and having a good time. The music was great. People were having fun. It was sinful that we had to do it. Hopefully we do better tomorrow, God smiles on us and the weather will cooperate. Hopefully people will come out, shop, enjoy the music and food and have a good time again."

WWAY ESP3 meteorologist Tim Buckley says Sunday's forecast looks much better for the festival's second day. So the show will go on starting at noon.

For more information about the Cape Fear Italian Festival and Sunday's schedule, visit

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The festival was a BCCC fund

The festival was a BCCC fund raiser. Every dollar raised went to the scholarship fund. The $2.00 DONATION per person with a $5.00 maximum per family was what went to the college.As for paying for everything once you got in, Where don't you have to pay for your food and crafts? If your comparing it to Leland founders day which you think is completely free, understand that that is paid for with YOUR tax dollars. Nothing is free.Your $2.00 at the Italian Festival got you some GREAT entertainment and a nice variety of vendors. I'm certain that each year this event will grow to rival any in the area.

I am from the south and was

I am from the south and was glad to see the yankees pouring their money into our economy. Just don't tell us how you did it up north because we don't care, you are on our terf now.

"Going the speed limit in

"Going the speed limit in the fast lane" Last time I checked both lanes are the same speed. The "slow" lane is for people driving under the speed limit.


so which was it $2.00 or $5.00 to get in ? either way it sounds like I didn't miss anything.


Glad we could get all the northerners in one location for 2 days.. made driving around town a bit more pleasant.

RE to HA

So you had the streets all to yourself, did ya practice going the speed limit in the fast lane?.. Did ya learn what that lever on the left is?..HINT.. Northerners call it a TURN SIGNAL.. Did ya get your fixin and reckons in the dictionary?

Don't forget

Don't forget coming to a full & complete stop in the middle of the road before making a right-hand turn.


Congrats to the festival organizers. Although the weather was not cooperative for the first day, the second day was very well attended. The festival was fun and will only get better in future years. Thanks to all who made it possible through work & vision.

Italien Festival

The festival was a major letdown. They charged $2.00 to get in and then you had to pay for everything when you got in there. It was definitely not worth spending $2. I won't go next year if they charge to get in.


$2 whole dollars?! I guess you have a problem with the Greek festival too? $2 dollars........... wow......

You mean they actually

You mean they actually charged an addmission fee?? how silly is that... must have been some yankees involved with that sure werent all lelandnights. Just think if they charged at the riverfest, just to walk around??

Some people were out there

Some people were out there volunteering and donating for a good cause. Unlike yourself sitting around waiting for you welfare check.

Italian Festival

All of the proceeds went to a scholarship fund!!! It was a major success, most definitely NOT a letdown!

Italian Festival

Just curious....Where did the $5.00 admission go to?


The proceeds went to a scholarship fund to help students attend local colleges.

Italin Festival

It was GREAT before the rain came in! Looking forward to Sunday!!!!!