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It's the Game of the Year! Undefeated Laney falls to New Hanover in triple overtime thriller


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Laney is no longer undefeated, but at least the first loss of the season for the Bucs turned out to be a classic. New Hanover defeated Laney 74-70 Saturday night at Brogden Hall in triple overtime. The Wildcats are now the only team in the Mideastern Conference with an undefeated record in league play. The Wildcats improve to 3-0 in the league after Saturday's win. Laney is now 2-1 in league play.

Where do you turn for extensive triple overtime highlights? Where do you go for extensive post game reaction from this triple overtime classic? It's the Coach's Corner on WWAY. The Coach's Corner will air at 6pm on Sunday; therefore, WWAY is the place to be. WWAY is also the place to be at noon on Sunday. We'll televise the UNCW women's basketball game live from New York. It's UNCW vs. Hofstra.

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Refs stink up the court!!!!!

WWAY..can yall please do a story on the terrible officiating we have in the mideastern conference..this whole district stinks..Laney clearly had terrible calls called on them last night..I mean just terrible!!!..One example, they called a backcourt violation on laney and the ball NEVER made it to the backcourt and thats just one of them...please John, do a story on the refs in this district and expose them for their incompetence and bias calls..just ridiculous last night how the game was stolen from Laney...

its funny to me, im sure if

its funny to me, im sure if Kadeem had hit the shot at the last second to win the game, we would never hear of how the game was "stolen" from Laney! If you wanna win like the best, then lose like the best! Dont deflect blame away from the fact that the Bucs could not finish the game!

Hanover fan, its also funny to me..

Its also funny to me that Jackson went to the line every time he went in the lane..if Laney breathed on him hard, he was given a whistle..its very clear we can finish a game with a record of 13-1 unlike a record of 10-3..but it seems every game Laney plays, we encounter terrible refs and we have to play both refs and the team..this has been a growing trend in the mideastern for years and it seems it just dont get any better..three old men who made terrible calls and had to consult with each other sometimes after making a call.Hanover better hope those same refs show up for Laney's game because that will be the only way they will win again..


Why no complaints before? If they are so bad, maybe Laney won some they shouldn't have. Go Hanover.

Every game Laney won, they earned!!

Cant say that for Hanover on Saturday night..see you at Laney!

too funny

You people are arguing over a HS basketball game like it is important.