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It's that time again, parking meters are running at Wrightsville Beach

It is time to start digging into your pockets for change once again. If you are heading to Wrightsville Beach, you now have to pay to park. The meters are up and running again in preparation for the spring season. The solar powered pay stations take one dollar bills, fives tens, and credit cards. Paying to park is something people did not miss during the winter hiatus."The point of paying for parking when the weather is this bad, how much fun are you going to have, is it really worth a dollar fifty to pay for parking," asked Wrightsville Beach visitor, Zachary Saulter. Parking costs a $1.50 per hour. The meters will operate through October first.

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Does parking at Wrightsville stop costing at night? I know downtown wilm does, I didnt know about the beach. I dont have the gas money to be driving out to topsail, especially at night! And Kure can be a trip too, and its not as great of a beach, NO OFFENCE!

AND! I lived at topsail for 14 years of my life. It was wonderful, but all the tourism honestly just got annoying! I was a beachbaby its my home, and topsail is great, but I cant drive there hardly anymore, for the cost is SO HIGH.

Pay for parking is double dipping the tax payers.

Hey WWAY, Want a REAL story? Why not get a reporter over to the Town of WB and find out where all the parking funds are going exactly. What improvements are being made with the money. And why is it so expensive to park there? Personally, I'd really like know why as a resident, property owner, and tax payer of new hanover county, do I have to pay for parking when my taxes $$$ are used to support WB?

TOTALLY agree with you

I've long wondered what Wrightsville Beach residents find so amazing about their little stretch of sand that they feel the need to charge ridiculous amounts of money for the "privilege" of laying out on that sand. I simply refuse. The bottom line is that residents don't want ANY non-residents on the island...just their money. This is how Wrightsville Beach has always operated. Fortunately, there are other nicer and larger and by far much friendlier beaches that DO want you and I to come visit anytime. I hope that you will join me in doing so. Wrightsville Beach, do us all a favor: Drop off into the ocean and disappear.


the bad thing about it is that i am paying for parking now and the showers are not even turned on yet so where is the money going... its ok though there is beaches all around me that are just as nice and i might just have to start going elsewhere...

Beach Parking

I believe that for those brave souls like my son Zachary who go to the beach as cold as it is now should not have to pay for parking. Most beaches that I know of use Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of the beach season and for pay to park. I belive that Wrightsville Beach should adopt the same schedule and give the surfers and others a break.

Topsail Island

Topsail has 28 miles of beach and free parking. You can get there and be on the beach in the time it takes to get to Wrightsville and find a decent parking spot. You can enjoy the beach and not worry about how much your spending on parking. Come see us we want your business!! Jim at the at the IGA

hey Jim! just kinda random

hey Jim! just kinda random that I can across this article..IGA is the best! My first real job :) hope all of you are doing well there and staying busy! Brittany

But Jim

the swing bridge backs up beyond the Food Lion parking lot hourly when these day trippers come to the Island. Do they really spend that much to justify the expense they cause the town to incur every week-end? If you watch them arrive, you will notice, for the most part, they bring what they will need with them in their vehicle resulting in minimal purchases with local business owners. Do they really frequent the IGA, pizza restaurants, tee shirt shops, or the convenience stores that much? Might be a good topic for the Town Council to research.

Topsail Fan

Hey - I'm a daytripper, but my husband & I also try to take a week & rent a place every year in Topsail or Surf City. Food Lion is ok, but you can't beat the friendly hospitality at the IGA. Never once did I feel like a "touron" there -- they treated me just like I was a year-round resident. That service alone is enough to make me want to keep going there, even if it's just for ice or some cold beverages. I think the best places to eat are the ones that the locals go to. I do miss the Soundside, though... Not much on the local touristy t-shirt places, but perhaps an out-of-stater would be more inclined.

Yes to Topsail!

We LOVE Topsail Beach & never mind driving the extra miles to get there. So beautiful, parking is never a problem and friendly people (like at the IGA). I've been to your store many times for stuff I forgot to bring. Keep up the good work!


You are right on the money. WB wants to keep 'outsiders' out. I say STAY AWAY FROM WB AND LET THEM SEE HOW THEY FARE.


Yea I always have a better time at Topsail when I come down, more laid back, chill and better waves.