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Jacksonville parents firing off about beer sales at Chuck E. Cheese

Some Jacksonville parents are firing off about beer sales at Chuck E. Cheese. The chain in Jacksonville has sold beer since it opened in 2004 but many parents are ready for it to stop. Parents argue that a business geared toward children shouldn't be selling alcohol. A Chuck E. Cheese spokesperson says they sell beer at 70 percent of their businesses and have stopped sales when the community has demanded it. Parents have gathered nearly 500 signatures on a petition they plan to send to the corporate office.

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this is way......

This is way to funny .half these people take their kids into a resturant ,dont resturants sell beer what are they going to do next make a petition for resturants to stop selling beer.if they dont like it dont go .i believe if someone wants to drink a beer while 50 million kids are running around like chickens with their heads cut off so be. i swear people can come up with the most funniest mess

All the parents that think

All the parents that think it's cool to have a beer while at Chuck E. Cheese are unfit pieces of crap. Maybe if you experienced what we did at our local Chuck E. Cheese you might think twice. Our children were pepper sprayed by local authorities because 80 people broke out into a brawl due to alcohol. The police had to come in and pepper spray to break the fight up. Is this what you want for your child you dumb asses? Alcohol doesn't mix with children playing. You cant even compare it to a regular dining restaurant. Parents need to get a grip. That is what is wrong with today's people. Bad teachings coming from the ones who are supposed to be teaching their children the right way in life.

Yeah, I'd like a beer too...

Absolutely! If my kids didn't have much of a real life and I was such a piss-poor parent that Chuck E. Cheese looks like a good entertainment option for my snot-nosed, overweight rug-rats... then yes, a beer might just be in order. If some parents are getting riled up about this then their small worlds prolly need to be shook up a bit. Meanwhile their little MS-13 inductees are going to be huffing paint while their parents are whining about what they see as a threat.

I think that if you are against selling beer in a kids establishment,do not take your kids to it. The park, library, church, museum, and many others are non alcohol and pretty much free too. Too many other places for non beer drinking people to take their kids to. Don't ruin it for the rest of us beer lovers!

I was Chuck E Cheese a few times

Shouldnt they be required to serve beer to make their terrible pizza pie digestable btw That was my first job when I moved to Wilmington in 1990 and yes I was Chuck E a few times.........oh the memories



Beer and pizza

This is an American tradition. My kids don't really like the pizza so I am fortunate not to have to deal with 500 screaming kids on a Saturday. Anyone who has kids and has had to deal with it knows you need a beer on occasion to keep from killing that gorilla up there singing. If you don't agree with beer being sold there, I have wonderful idea for you; DON"T GO to Chuckey's. It is reassuring however to see how the economy if floundering and gas prices are at record highs again but the goverment has time to investigate steroids in MLB and people whine about beer at Chuck E Cheese.

What next?

I have been reading some of the comments here and many of them have a valid point. Everywhere you go you find alcohol. Does that make it right? No. It would be nice to have a place that caters to children to be alcohol free. It sure would set a great precedent, and don't write kids off as being dumb. They know what is going on, and serving beer at a place for children sends the wrong message. Parents, don't support the business. The only way to send a message is to boycott this type of establishment. Less money coming in may speak louder than anything you can say.

I love this bar. Please

I love this bar. Please don't shut down my bar. I am joking. I really never had a beer there before. I have never seen an adult who had too much to drink there either. You need to be high on something though to get you through a couple of hours in that place though. Be high on life-it is pretty cheap.

Hooray for WWAY!

Once again WWAY comes through reporting a non-story from the wrong angle. This TV station is sort of the slum-lords of the news-media. Anyone want to talk about religous zealots chastizing teachers and wanting to burn books? WWAY does . . .

Grown-ups gotta have

Grown-ups gotta have something to do while the kids are playing the slots .... uh ..... coin operated amusement games.


hahahahahahahaha,I almost spilled my beer on my pizza when I read this one!


that was amazingly hillarious!!!!! i dont reply to much but that was good my friend...please dont shut tdown the local bar! thats the only one that allows me (>18)

This is completed riduclous.

This is completed riduclous. If you dont like it dont go. But you would also keep in mind ALL resturants serve beer too. IF this is the only thing you have to worry about then something is definetly wrong.

Drinking moderately is OK

If the beer isn't in clear cups where the kids can't see it what's the harm? I mean, beer goes with the food there. Of course, if the parents are drinking excessively and then driving that's another thing.

Really does that mean

Really does that mean Wilson's should stop serving beer because they have kid games???

Chuck E.Cheese

I cant understand what all the fuss is about Chuck E. Cheese has sold beer for years. I myself prefer to be drunk while I am surounded by screaming crying children. party on Chuck E.


........a Valium would be nice as well. j/k.. I can not stand that place. I don't drink at all but i do not see the problem with it there.

Mind your Own Business


chucky cheese

If you have ever spent any time in Chucky Cheese hell you know you need the beer!! Get a grip, if you don't want your children to see the evil beer, don't take them there.


Why in the world would anybody support a place that is supposed to be for children, to have beer in their place? If these parents were smart they would stand outside and protest it, forget the corporate office. Put a drunk Chuck E Cheese outside on the sidewalk. Watch how many parents turn away. I will check into the one we have here for sure now.

What???? What

What’s next 27 should grocery and convenience stores stop selling beer too, kids do go into them. While were at it we should probably stop selling beer at all restaurants that have a kids menu. You’re a joke; I am sure your kids will be the sheltered type that live at home or are dependent on you till their 40.

Response to What???? (Chuck E. Cheese)

This is AMERICA people !!!! If you don't like what an establishment is selling, go to the other side of the street. They have the same rights you have. Stop fussing over the little stuff and FOCUS ON NOT LETTING THOMAS WRIGHT BACK INTO YOUR WALLETS !!! Hello !!??!!

I have been at the chucky

I have been at the chucky chesse in wilmington for years and years I had my own birthday there when I was small and they serve beer there then and still do 26 years later. Why is it all of a sudden they dont want it there if its been there that long there was never a problem why now?

Right on Guest888

Cheers to you! They sell beer there so kids dads will take them! Hello? I do agree that mom should drive though, and let dad have a beer and watch his kids have fun! Always have a sober driver, and have safe fun. Beer Drinking Dad

They stamp your hand when

They stamp your hand when you go in & your kid's hand too. It's not like you are gonna stagger out with the wrong kid when you leave... By the time you consider having to re-mortgage your house to cover the bill for the party, wait in line 20 minutes to get to the skee ball game that last 3 minutes, chase your kid out of the maze to leave with your head pounding & try to help your kid decide how to spend 500 points on 2 dollars worth of plastic crap out of the case, EVERYONE INCLUDING CHUCKY NEEDS A BEER!!!