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Jobs are still hard to find

READ MORE: Jobs are still hard to find
For many people the extension of unemployment benefits is a ray of hope, but with the payments still two to three months away, some worry they won't make it. We spoke to one man who is praying the help comes sooner than later. “I’m willing to do anything at this point, just to be able to take care of my family. I'm not too proud to do that,” said Terry Jorden. Terry Jorden lost his job as a plumber in 2007. “The last house that we were working on the contractor just came up to me and told me to stop working where I was at. Just stop.” Two weeks later, the same thing happened to his wife. For the next seven months, Terry, his wife, and two kids lived off their savings and collected unemployment; eventually they lost their home. The family moved to the Wilmington area so his wife could take a ten dollan an hour job with the city. “She went from making $52,000 a year to $22,000.” Since then Jorden's unemployment benefits have expired. “I don't want to draw it now, but right now that's the only thing I have to feed my family.” He's still unemployed, but not for a lack of trying. Jorden says he's gone on hundreds of job interviews, everywhere from McDonald’s, to Wal-Mart. The family sold all their valuables. “My wife has even had to pawn her wedding rings.” But they still can't make ends meet. “Me and my wife has gone as much as eating toast for three days… it's hard to look at your children and tell them that there's just not enough to eat.” Now Jorden is worried his family could be homeless before the holidays. “We're already behind two months on rent. It will be three months at the first of the month… their Christmas will maybe be a McDonald’s burger, if we can afford that.” Jorden says the only reason his family has power is because his landlord pays the bill. He says he's adjusted his resume so prospective employers don't think he's overqualified for some of the jobs he's applying for.

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Mr. Jordan, I do pray that

Mr. Jordan, I do pray that you and your family get the necessary help needed. However, am I understanding correctly that your wife took a 50 percent decrease in pay to move to wilmington? Why?

Terry Jordan

How can people help the Jordans?


A few months ago, I posted an entry-level, part time position. I got the regular pool of applicants I expected, but I also had an individual who had a PhD, Masters program grads, people who were more qualified that I am.... It amazed me, and as heartbroken as it was, it opened my eyes.... There is just not that much out there.... Sitting in my seat, what I see is that the economy is far worse than many people realize... Unemployment numbers come from the ESC... Well, when benefits drop, and knowing what a poor job the ESC does with finding jobs, those individuals are not going to keep reporting... Then there are those who were working under the table, or part time, were not with a company for the required minimum time period, or just do not bother with going to the ESC to report.... I believe the numbers are padded.. and the big dogs on wall street want it that way... If the truth were known, the dollar would fall even more and we would all be in a world of hurt.... Employers need to STOP judging on qualifications, and realize they may get a $100k per year employee for a fraction of that, and managers.. you need to realize that it should be your job as a GOOD manager, not to hire those less qualified than you are, but to hire the best people that you can... I see too many times where insecurities lead management to hire someone under qualified because the manager is afraid that they will be a risk to their job... Listen up.... As a GOOD manager, it IS your job to hire and employee the best people for the position that you are able to find even if they are over qualified... Telling someone they are over qualified is a cop out and an excuse for you not to hire them because you are afraid they will take YOUR job...It is insecurity at its best.. I have one employee that has more education that I do... More experience than I do.. I hire them because they would bring the best they could to the table, and it is my job as a manager to hire the best I can for the benefit of the company... So.. Stop being so immature and insecure and do the company a favor that you are working for.. Hire GOOD people... You will be admired for being a Good... No.. a better manager for doing so... It is not my job to know everything.. But it is my job to retain the best resources that I can for the benefit of the company that I work for... And That.. is what gives me job security....

i have to agree, employers

i have to agree, employers who are fortunate enough to hire somebody have to be part of the solution and hire not based on people's credentials...i understand PhD may be overqualified for some jobs, but, please, be part of the solution. Put people back to work. HR will complain due to training money/time spent, but we can handle that issue once everyone is working again. This problem didnt happen overnight, wont get fixed overnight...

You're pretty free with other people's money

Obviously YOU are not paying for the wasted time and training. Employment is not a social welfare program. My obligation is to to the shareholders and I have a responsibility to hold down costs. That includes avoiding waste. Things may be tough right now, but that doesn't equate to pushing common sense to the back burner and taking needless risk with corporate profits by hiring people who aren't going to stick around. The LAST thing we need at this time is corporations reporting lower earnings. If the economy recovers, employment will naturally pick up.

Guess again

The main reason not to hire overqualified candidates is that the minute a better, higher paying job in their area of expertise is offered, they are gone. That's exactly why college graduates find it difficult to get hired into non-management, entry-level positions at places such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds. You invest in a new employee with uniforms and training and are too oftenrewarded with a two-week notice. If you need a ditch digger, hire the best, most experienced ditch digger you can find. DON'T hire the guy who designed the backhoe he'll be using. He won't be around long.


I feel for this family.I lost my job at the end of september and I am waiting for my first unemployment check.It has been very difficult for my family.We have been lucky to have a family member that can help us out for right now.I look for jobs every day and have applied for everything and have not been lucky.It gets very depressing especially around the hollidays.I pray all the time for the good lord to get me and my family through these difficult times that we are facing!

family needs help

how can we help this family we have a food pantry at our church and if you will send me a number where they can be reach i will contact them to see what we can do the help them .thank you diane lee


Change ? Hope? have been replaced with gloom and and uncertainty.Terry Jorden my prayers are with you. Thanks to all who voted for the ONE..Where is Terry's bail out??


So its Obama's fault they lost there jobs in 2007.Also for the other post,Bush got EVERYTHING he wanted dems or no dems.


You had hope with Bush?


TIMES WERE GREAT under Bush and the started going down hill under Bush and the with the Messiah and the just plain SUCKS. NEITHER was the best thing since apple pie...but this idiot just won't take no for an answer.