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Joe Dooley: Next UNCW Coach? Nope !!


Brian Mull of Hawkshoops.blogs on Saturday reported that UNCW offered the men's head basketball position to University of Kansas assistant coach Joe Dooley. On Sunday here's what the Lawrence, Kansas newspaper wrote about Joe Dooley:

( From Lawrence Journal World )
Kansas University assistant basketball coach Joe Dooley is not a candidate to fill the UNC Wilmington coaching vacancy, Dooley said Sunday. “We had conversations, but any speculation about (job) offers are inaccurate,” Dooley indicated.

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This continues to show the

This continues to show the ineptness of the UNCW AD and Chancellor. Interesting to see that Clemson is interviewing Brad Brownell.
Remember him? Another great coach that UNCW let get away. As UNCW continues to wallow in the cellar of CAA basketball (their only real 'high profile' sport), interest in athletics at the university will somewhat wane even more and your faculty will still not get paid.


shot in the foot. And more egg foo yung on Ms. Mehrtens face.

Is she anti-basketball? Or is she anti-guy basketball?

Start with the fiasco surrounding Benny Moss.

Stir in "he's our guy" Conroy.

Let's not forget a smidgen of College of Charleston assistant coach.

Sprinkle in a dash of Wofford Coach.

Now a dash of Joe Dooley.

Quite a recipe for failure.

She now has the Hawks on the verge of being a laughing stock in coach recruiting.

She might have done better posting an ad on Careerbuilders or CraigList.

The Chancellor can either intervene and end this madness. OR, admit she is part of the problem too.

What does it take? Create a search commitee. Leave Ms. Mehrtens out of the loop as she seeks other career opportunities.

Success is rewarded. Failure has another alternative.

If head coaches are treated in the manner Benny Moss was for failure to win; the AD deserves no less for making a mockery of the Seahawks.

The way this is going the Seahawks may be hard pressed to field a team to compete on a junior college level.

I say it again; bring back Wainwright; tie his hands with a very expensive buy out clause; and include developing a replacement like Brownell as part of his agenda.

Seems pretty easy to me. But then, perhaps Ms. Mehrtens does not like being given advice.


I'm not disagreeing with you on most of what you posted,but better coaches than Benny were treated far worse. Like you said,Success is rewarded. He failed.Even Tom Landry got fired for failure to win.Firing Benny was maybe the only thing she's done right.


she did not fire him. She reassigned him in an apparent attempt to embarrass him and get him to resign so the school could avoid paying him the balance of his contract.

Maybe the Chancellor needs to reassign her. Gym Maintenance Coordinator sounds about right.

Your right

My bad,I guess I agree with you 100%.

Of Course

there's no comment. But one must wonder, why would it take so long for an Assistant Coach to say YES to the opportunity to run his own team?

Could it be he remembers Ms. Mehrtens from her days at Kansas and not too fondly?

Or perhaps he has a call in to Benny Moss to get the skinny on what it's really like to Coach under Ms. Mehrtens.

Whatever the answer, if he accepts, he would do well to rent and not buy for a couple of years.

If there's no word by Tuesday, that will send a message also.

we can't pay our faculty but

we can't pay our faculty but we can pay the new "coach" $300,000/yr?