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John Edwards denies reports he is engaged to Rielle Hunter


John Edwards is denying a report that he’s going to marry longtime mistress Rielle Hunter, a source close to the former North Carolina senator tells POLITICO.

“John Edwards says the story is false,” the source said on Friday, responding to the National Enquirer’s story that Edwards got engaged to the mother of his lovechild just weeks after the death of his wife, Elizabeth.

The Jan. 17 issue of the Enquirer says the couple may tie the knot some time this summer.


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Well, what would we expect?

Well, what would we expect? He originally denied the affair by which Ms. Hunter had the child...


You people are so entertaining ! Seriously folks, I love to come here and read how yall demonstrate one upmanship at it's best. Most post are redundant. I'm through. That was my $.02 for now.

John Edwards denies reports he is engaged to Rielle Hunter

First and foremost we are not in the 1800's or early 1900's.... There is absolutely no reason to use such degrading terms as "bastard child" or such. Reality is that why are we judging this individual for his actions when in reality we probably should be looking in a mirror at what we do wrong in our lives. People cheat everyday, is it right? NO but reality is if he was an everyday Joe we wouldn't have an opinion or call the child of an affair of an everyday Joe a Bastard. Grow up and realize John was doing nothing different then many politicians past and I am sure present. People make mistakes and who are we to judge him or his actions. He one day will have to answer to someone and only one person truly matters. Find something better to pick apart ... examine your own life.. it will probably scare you what people truly think of you!!!!

In case you didn't notice....

...Edwards was a United States Senator and a former U.S. Presidential candidate. If that doesn't mean anything to you, here is a brief tip as to why it should. That is a very high profile, powerful political position to the people of this state and country. He has displayed a total lack of integrity, lack of self control, lack of sympathy for his wifes fatal disease or even his childrens dilemma. John cares about nothing but John. It is referred to as Narssicism. Johns inability to control his personal life and crap on his own family would lead any constituent to believe he will do the same for them. THAT is why people have an opinion AND a concern. THAT is why he will never hold another public office.

Simply stated, he is a public figure and his actual life will be public information. It is everybodys business and they can inquire as much and as in depth as they want.

Now YOU sir, can take your PC ideaology AND your darn mirror to move in with Edwards. He loves the adoration of people that look up to him, despises those who don't AND...he never met a mirror he didn't like! You would fit in well in his little world.

The General Statutes of the

The General Statutes of the State of NC define the child born out of wedlock as a bastard. So the term is appropriate and since I don't believe she is old enough to read, calling her one here will not likely cause her any distress.

The National Enquirer first reported the affair. They had photogs following them for months. He denied it. The Enquirer first reported he was the father of the baby and even published a photo of him holding the baby. He denied it and said on Nightline he did not remember ever holding the baby or having his picture taken with one. (Of course not you moron, the photog was outside the window in the tree probably). They now report he is engaged and they will marry this summer. He denies that.

There are indictments looming for Edwards and company over misappropriation of funding from the Poverty Law Center. Part of that funding supposedly went to Hunter to keep her mouth shut. In this state, what is the easiest way for a man to prevent a woman from testifying against him in court? Marry her. I hear wedding bells.

John's proposal

At this point, I'd like to know why anybody would care one way or the other.

What is it about these women?

Do I see somewhat of a resemblance between Rielle and Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Prince Charles? What is it these men see in them because I just don't see it. Wait, don't answer.

Sure...he's believable....

He totally disregarded his marriage vow and cheated on his wife....

...then he denied he had an affair.....

...then he denied that it was his illegitimate bastard child.....

The man is a pathological liar.

He was a Senator

He was a Senator. Do I need to say more?


Wow, the kid was illegitimate and a bastard.I always knew it was only a matter of time before you attacked babies. One degradeing word wasn't good enough for you.


It comes as no surprise the ones who would defend Common.Those terms may be true,but kind of outdated. If I was like Common I could call Sarah Palin's grandkid the same and you know what her daughter is,but I won't. I know Common would or say he would but some of his defenders wouldn't.Das,in case your not sure this is the USA,and when you quote wikipedia,don't just put in the part to prove yourself right,I guess nobody seen the word obsolete.If you people think these words should be used today you need help.Just because some kids parents wern't married you think they should be labeled as illegitimate,you people can't see that this is wrong.I don't think you got to worry about paying for this bastard child,so relax.No,my parents were married and I don't have any of my own before you start saying I must be one.GOP boy I won't even reply to your post except thank you for being my spell checker (you may find some here).
BTW Who cares what you say about John?

It isn't a matter of "defending" Common...

... because Common is only another poster that jumps in on these forums like the rest of us. What Common said was correct, no enhancements, no embellishments, just bare bones correct. Why do you waste your time with poor grammar and punctuation with no point to make?

And yet...

And yet you did respond. Let's work together on this one cupcake. If you say you are not going to respond then DON'T!!! Saying you are not going to as you do, is not really fooling anyone. I am also guessing that you care about what we say about John. You seem to be the one up in arms. Next.....


Really? This is the USA?? well gosh darn I musta missed when I flew over here from England.

What part of the Wiki article was I suppose to use seems the whole thing proved me and Commons supporters (LOL) "right"? The word is not obsolete.

Sarah Palins Grand child is a bastard too, still is because its (male/female cant remember) parents haven't married. OH I said it. ;) But who cares what we say?


"If you people think these words should be used today you need help."

So because words like illegitimate and bastard offend your itty-bitty, fragile sensibilities, we should strike them from the English language?

You see, I have absolutely no problem at all with calling Sarah Palin's grandchild a bastard, because it is a totally accurate noun.

Illegitimate is a totally accurate adjective.

Has it occurred to you that the reason these terms carry a less than desireable connotation is because our ancestors were smart enough to DISCOURAGE having children out of wedlock? If you take a look around at society now, do you see anything to recommend having children without the benefit of marriage?

BTW, if you can shove your touchy-feely, Barney-like political correctness to the back burner for a few minutes, you might want to research the still valid applicability of these terms in probate law and estate planning.


That works real good now don't it? Calling a bastard child a bastard and illegitimate only hurts the child. It was wrong then and its wrong now.The kids are marked from the day they are born from the actions of their parents. That,you would think won't help them to be the best they can be. Maybe they believe I'm a bastard so I'll be one.This has nothing to do with my "itty-bitty,fragile sensibilities",or its not being political correct, using these words are counterproductive.Calling me names and saying it is used in law don't make it right.Barney-like, I haven't seen you use that one before,I would have laughed if it wasn't so lame.Everybody take your shots this will be my last post on this subject.

I'll speak slowly for you

The status of bastard is specifically designed not to hurt the child, but to protect the staus of legitimate heirs and to discourage the parents from producing offspring without benefit of marriage. I'd suggest that you study a bit of history to see how many bastards DIDN'T become king, and how many DIDN'T inherit daddy's millions.

Let's summarize: Producing a bastard is **NOT** something to be encouraged or admired. BEING a bastard may be an unpleasant circumstance in life, but there's no one to blame but mommy and daddy.

I notice that you simply glossed over the problems in today's society among the poor (especially within the urban Black community) due to the ridiculously high percentage of illegitimate children being born. Didn't care to tackle that one, huh?

In closing, thanks for the heart-rending, "Everyone takes your shots..." You truly believe that it's a conspiracy against you, don't you?


OK now your making me a liar like Edwards,but I had to respond.I'm still a little slow on your design being designed not to hurt the child when it does nothing but hurt them. Saying you can't have any of my money even though I'm your parent doesn't hurt them how? On the other thing I agree with you on most of it thats why the glossing over,but giving them a label doesn't help that either.You need to give up on this your starting to prove me right.

Blame mommy or daddy

Don't blame society who accurately defines you as illegitimate.

This is REAL LIFE, pal. We all deal with labels on a daily basis. We may not LIKE them all, but if they're accurate, we learn to live with them. We don't try to banish the terminology.

Work harder on banishing the behavior that produced the bastard.

BTW, unless you are one, why are you so keen on this issue? (The fly has hit the surface of the water.)

Thank God

Last post on this subject? I can only say thank you. Someone always from the left telling everyone what words they may or may not speak.

You believed him?

I was willing to bet a large sum of money that he'd come back with some inane drivel....and he did!


I see you still can't tell me how it doesn't hurt.I guess you think women shouldn't vote either, after all the founding fathers thought so.

What did Common say

that was false or inaccurate?

Edward's desire for media attention had me thinking he might appear on the Maury show with blood tests, tears, and everything.

February 2 is Ground Hog Day. It's a big day in Puksatwney.

Maybe North Carolina can announce Weasel Day. On March 3, each year, a gathering at Figure 8 Island will pull Edwards from his lair and hold him aloft. See his shadow; 6 more weeks of bar trolling. No shadow; Hampstead and Porters Neck patrons are safe for another year.

Think of the revenue it could generate. Weasel Tee Shirts with his smiling face. Entrance Fees to Figure 8 Island. State Sales tax all around.

Sounds like a win-win.

He's not attacking babies...

...Common is simply stating the facts. The truth is difficut to face at times, huh? You have to realize that the child didn't make itself an illegitimate bastard, that part was accomplished by a well educated, well known and powerful political figure that didn't have the common sense, decency or integrity to keep his little pipe in his pants. Kicking his wife while she was down with cancer doesn't speak for much either, but is par for the course. Edwards is simply a narcissistic CAD and that's putting it extremely nicely!


You always knew it was only a matter of time before Common attacked babies??? How did you know this? hahaha Do you think this will upset the baby?? By the way it is DEGRADING NOT DEGRADEING.


Educate yourself... He was not attacking the child, the child IS a bastard. A bastard (also called whoreson) in the law of England and Wales is a person whose parents, at the time of his/her birth, are not married to each other.

It is a very old European word, the fact that people have turned it into a curse word is another issue. So lets use it in its original form and its bastardized form in a sentence.... John Edwards is a bastard with a bastard child.

Simple definition

Bastard may refer to:

A child whose birth lacks legal legitimacy—that is, one born to a woman and a man who are not legally married to one another.

The child's parents were not married when the child was born, therefor by definition the child is a bastard.

The truth bothers you?

Redundant? Yes. Accurate? Definitely!

Hey, I'm No Fan

Hey, I'm no fan of John Edwards, believe me. But you have to consider the source. The National Enquirer is doing this to sell it's rag of a paper. Whatever they say, you better believe the opposite is true.

they were the first

The National Enquirer was the first to break the story of the affair in the first place