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John McCain in Wilmington Monday afternoon

John McCain brought his straight talk express to Cape Fear Community College Monday afternoon. Several thousand people turned out for the event, more than the Schwartz Center could hold. North Carolina has become pivotal to the McCain campaign. "Its great to be here in Wilmington, North Carolina. We will win North Carolina," said McCain. The way things are shaking out McCain must win North Carolina. Here in Wilmington he took on the role of the underdog. McCain stressed his military and political experience, saying this is not a time in our history when a new president can take time settling in to the office. He then gave his supporters their marching orders. "I am American and I choose to fight. Don't give up. Have courage and fight," said McCain. McCain compared Barak Obama's economic policies to those of Herbert Hoover. McCain mentioned how those policies led to the Great Depression. That would seem to set the tone for Wednesday night's final debate where the economy will be front and center.

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Congratulations to "WAKE UP AMERICA!"

To WAKE UP AMERICA, You have managed to put more absurdity into a couple of paragraphs, than one would think humanly possible! Amazing! Do you honestly think that we would be this far into a presidential campaign without someone checking the "basics" first???? Remember, candidates are thoroughly vetted and in Obama's case, you know he has unfortunately undergone more scrutiny than he deserves. I feel sorry for how very much fear you have placed upon yourself by either believing these lies or creating them in you head. Please give the rest of us some credit though for knowing better than to fall for this hate-filled garbage.

All the man has to to prove

All the man has to to prove his citizenship is provide a birth certificate from hawaii. He cannot do this though because it does not exist. As his own Grandmother said....he was born in Kenya. Therefore, unless he is made to provide proof, he should not be allowed to run. Period. Look at this. not even in office yet and already trying to break the law.


Everyone thinks they're soooo smart...arguing their points on the internet, everyone thinks they're right. We're all just a number in the machine. Can't wait for the world to end...then I wouldn't have to write my school paper!

Get a Grip!

boo-hoo... you lib's are all whiners, unless it's your sponsor that's causing your misery! Grow-up -- and leave earlier!


WAKE UP AMERICA!!! 99% of you have no clue what you are talking about, Do you even know this man? For one take a look at our United States Contitution: Article 1, Section II: President: No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. Does this not tell you that the constitution has already been broken?? Can you not see what is going on in our FREE country? Someone that will not allow his college history to be made public, someone who will not allow a verification of his actual birth certificate to be public knowledge? WAKE UP.....Do you want someone like this to have access to all nuclear codes?? Do you want to live in fear and not a FREE country?? Do you want to worry about your children and grand children in a nuclear warfare??? NO, well then pay close your own research, how did this man even become a candidate?? I am not RACIST by any means. But I am intelligent enough to see what the future holds for us if we made the wrong decision. It's time to forget "party", democrat or republican.....It's time to WAKE UP before it is too late for all of us. The right choice is John McCain....he is an American, he does have the right morals, he does see our country in every direction it will go. He will keep us a FREE country as we are now. WAKE UP, stand for your rights, before it is too LATE. Swallow the pride and vote to keep our Country, OUR Country!!! God Bless you all and GOD BLESS THE USA!!! Vote for John McCain, to keep America safe. Face reality..........before it hits you in the "face".

Wake Up America

Well said...................... I can't say more.

Grow up

I've lived in Wilmington for 10 years and CFCC students have been complaining about parking for 10 years. It is a problem whether there is a presidential candidate here or not. It is not John McCain or his supporters' fault you got a ticket, it is yours...and I feel there is more to your story (only you know the truth). And to the guy who was late for work because of a commercial. I was late to work this morning because Wilmington traffic authority likes to work on stop lights and roads during morning and evening traffic. Things happen, but it was me who was late, my responsibility. Boo hoo to you my friend, boo hoo. People need to stop blaming their problems on other people and for goodness sake, stop whining.

you need to grow the heck up yourself

i was there that day in the crowd. i was on the tv becauwse i was livid for the fact someone who don't even care about us other than a few votes took up the parking i pay for as a student. did he pay my tuition? did he pay my student fees/ there is already one parking lot they could have and did use! explain to me why the police had second lot blocked off? is he scared someone is going to come at him? i mean with all those yellow haired women and people complaining standing on the grass that has signs that read, "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" what makes these old white people and these trustfund kids think they can mess up the school i attend?


Why don't you go cry on someone's shoulder who cares?

The gimmie attitude

jessie j shows the perfect obama "gimmie gimmie" attitude of his voters. jessie j appears to be looking to be paid for the inconvenience of a presidential candidate stopping in Wilmington. Go check your mailbox and see if the monthly check has arrived yet. Did you go back the next day and fix what was damaged by, as you so elegantly put it "old white people and these trustfund kids"?


For those that are standing with Obama and you want a change. Look in the mirror and start with you. and for those who complain about parking. what do you think was going happen down town, The parking has also been a issue. It is called plan a head, and for the one that was late for work and was written up. go around if you could. Please people lets really think about the issues, not age, color, we are in very bad shape in America. We need to take care of the home land why we have men and women everyday fighting for us and never complain or worry about parking, or color. Just doing the their jobs, and caring for their families. Get real.

Wow..Thanks McCain Camp

So last night, McCain was apparently filming off of Masonboro Loop Road.. A comercial of sorts... His motorcade left there I am guessing around 7:15ish. I was on Shipyard Blvd. on my wat to work at 8:00pm and left with plenty of time to spare... However, The NHC Sheriff's dept. abrumptly shut down Shipyard Blvd. for fifteen minutes... (They were just doing their job and a very good job at that) Thanks McCain for being so importnat the I got written up for being late so you could film a commercial.. I really appreciate your consideration (or lack of) to our community. Step on the middle man.. the average family just like the republicans have done for the past 8 years.

reply to Wow, thanks McCain Camp

Please tell me you are a young child because reading your email made me laugh...honey if that is the only inconvenience you have in life enjoy it....for now just grow up!

Now I know

You were not at work, that must be why my order was correct at Taco Bell.

Cry Baby Cry!

So, let me get this straight: if Obama was in town, and you were subjected to a slight traffic delay, you wouldn't be crying boo-hoo too because THAT would be a historic event and worthwhile delay?

The person in "WOW...Thanks

The person in "WOW...Thanks McCain Camp" has made his school teachers so proud of his spelling and typing! His job obviously doesn't involve proof reading or cheerleading! Wow... back at ya! Lateness must be a habit.

What kind of liberal trash

What kind of liberal trash is this? What about the airport that was closed down for 30 minutes while Bill Clinton was getting his hair cut on the tarmac? I suppose that is the Republicans' fault as well?


get over yourself guy, wal mart has plenty of folks to cover for you.

To James of Wilmington

At least we were safe for those few hours in knowing where you and the other couple of thousand village idiots were....inside that auditorium!

Could have done without

Yeah, the day would have gone a whole lot easier without all of those rude, closed minded, conservatives running amok through our otherwise great town today.

I understand the McCain

I understand the McCain event was important. There was no parking. A few lots were closed the open lots were full of people without parking passes. They had campaign signs they were not students. I called the number on the back of the parking pass. I was told there was nothing they could do about this. I asked why not. They said the first time they issued tickets not a tow. So should the students not buy a pass until they get a warning. If your car has a Cape Fear pass you will get ticketed or towed if not in our lots. There were people coming to our school being rude to students with Obama shirts. I heard someone say look at all the N--------Rs down here. People over ran the limited space we have here. Who is going to pay the parking ticket I got because I could not leave class and was about ten minutes late to put more money in. I though I had a space. That was until McCain came to town. I ask Cape Fear to contact Park Wilmington to help students with tickets as a result of Cape Fear turning over our campus to a politicians.

I am a student of CFCC as

I am a student of CFCC as well, and am appalled that you are being so immature about this. Yes parking is limited in the downtown area. However, it was clear that all CFCC students were able to park for free in the 2nd street parking deck. You will get no sympathy from me for your parking ticket. As for you getting rude comments on your Obama shirt, you were being just as rude and asking for those comments by wearing it to a John McCain speach. You knew what you were doing when you went there.


Hey, why don'y you write to mccain's people and see how interested they are in paying tickets that were handed out. Let's see if he supports you then!

Do you think it would have been any different...

...if Obama had visited CFCC? Grow up and realize that sometimes, life isn't fair. We get inconvenienced. Things happen over which we (as individuals) have no control. Pay the parking ticket and send the bill to the McCain campaign - it will give you more to gripe about when they ignore you. But I agree that it was wrong to be rude to people wearing Obama T-shirts. We must be tolerant of the mentally handicapped.

understanding of understand

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate how much you understand the importance to Wilmington, as well to the state of North Carolina, of the visit from Sen. John McCain. Second, I do sympathize with the problem of the parking. I do want to say in defense of those who were parked in those parking lots, that that is where we were instructed to park by officers who were directing traffic in that area. So although I do appreciate what you may have gone through, I assure you that myself, and I am sure many others, did not purposely go out and try to ruin your day. Lastly, I am extremely offended by anyone on either side making this Presidential campaign into the world's largest racist war. People should not be voting for someone just because they are of a certain skin color. From what I understand from videos that I have seen after I left the rally, there were plenty of name calling on both sides.

I Uunderstand the McCain

I don't think you are telling the truth! I was was there I did not hear any junk like that going on! But now I will Vote No on the Bond Refetendum.It sounds like you are for Obama.

And this is the kind of man

And this is the kind of man they want to run the country.... I DON'T THINK SO!! MY vote is for the right man. Atleast his people did not act like fools when he was here..

That's because certain

That's because certain people were only allowed at his rally, and let me assure you it wasn't the middle class. Yet we are so important to him. What a crock.

Get Real

It looks like someone should get their facts right. I was at the rally and the majority of people I saw were MOSTLY middle class citizens, including myself. PS. Java Dog, great job on the marketing. Next time I am in Wilm., which is usually at least once a week, I will be sure to make Java Dog my first stop for a cup of joe, NOT LIKELY!!!

I'm middle class and I was

I'm middle class and I was allowed in...if you have a problem with the man then vote in November!