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Johnston County teacher suspected of helping make meth

CLAYTON -- In Clayton, N.C. investigators say they don't suspect a second-grade teacher of being a drug manufacturer or dealer, but she's in trouble for assisting in the process. Johnston County teacher Amy Snead lee is out on bail after being arrested and led out of school in handcuffs Tuesday. She faces charges of possessing the ingredients to make meth and buying more than the legal amount of pseudo-ephedrine, an ingredient in certain cold medicines. Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said, "We're going to send a message. And that is you're not going to cook meth, you're not going to shop around and buy the ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine in order to make meth." Four others have also been arrested. Detectives are expecting to arrest about 45 others suspected of making or distributing meth.

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I hope he get some time in

I hope he get some time in jail for this. He is a teacher, he should have known better what he is doing. Because of people like him we have so many teenagers wasting their lives doing drugs... California drug rehab

Don't believe everything you read...

Something about this story just doesn't ring true. Don't rush to judgement. This could've been her boyfriend's thing and she got caught in the middle. We don't know the whole story. I also know how power-trippping good 'ol boy cops like to "inflame" the facts when talking to media. Especially in Johnston Co.

Meth lab assistant teacher

Well, a teacher pulling down the same salary as a Wal-Mart greeter has to suppliment her income somehow. Not that I excuse this behavior really, it just brings to light how little teachers are valued in this state. Instead of No Child Left Behind it really means All Teachers Left Behind. Does it make sense to go to school 4 years, rack up some 25-30K in student loans then enter in a profession that starts out at 24-28K a year? Worse yet, be expected to buy school supplies and materials out of your own pockets. This should tell you something!!!


hmm.. I bet that would have been an intersting class to take in school.. How pathetic. So much for trusting the teachers anymore. Either they're seducing your child or helping the make drugs. Nice.


What a doofuss.

This particular case does

This particular case does not speak for all teachers, but I assume that you have never taken a step into a classroom, nor made a difference in the life of a child. Just because Mike Nifong made poor judgements in the LaCrosse case does that make all DAs worthless and untrustworthy? You need a reality check. Step inside a classroom for 30 minutes and you might change your mind. I was a public educator for 13 years and I believe I represent the majority of teachers who strive to make children prosper and it is one of the most noble professions in the world. If this particular teacher is guilty then she should be punished, but all teachers shouldn't carry the burden of that one person, there are quality teachers out there that want to make a difference and your negativity is not a catalyst for their success. Also, you might need to use spell check the next time you degrade someone, it displays ignorance on your part, but I am sure that would be a teachers fault as well.

Teachers, seducers and drugs!

That's real intelligent! Take the examples of a tiny minority of teachers and lump the entire group in that type of depraved behavior! Teachers deserve more respect than that! How dare you! Spend some time in the schools and see just what goes on! It's a real eye-opener!Kids are nothing like you and I were back in the day! Believe me, it's not the select few predators you about, kids today have not learned decency, respect, and humility! They are for the most part out of control! It's all due to irresponsible parenting!!!