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Jon & Kate Plus Eight stars dine downtown

Kate Gosselin and six of her eight children were spotted having lunch at Elijah’s on the Wilmington riverfront this afternoon. There was no sign of dad Jon. The family stars in the cable series Jon & Kate Plus 8 along with their twins Cara and Mady, and their sextuplet brothers and sisters. The family's bodyguard wouldn't let us get close enough to ask how they're enjoying their beach vacation.

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I consider myself blessed

I don't even know who these people are and hadn't even heard of them until the husband's philandering replaced the recession and war in Afghanistan in our national headlines. We are "blessed" to have them here? For God's sake, get a life of your OWN, people!

People on Kate + 8

People magazine said, "It was a production, that's for sure," she says. "It wasn't a relaxing beach time because they were definitely filming. But the kids seemed happy enough." How do these kids have a life of their own? It is a shame, but when they grow up Im sure they will have plenty of money to pay for the shrinks to keep them from killing themselves or others.

kate plus criminal charges

This woman should be charged with exploiting her children and violating child labor laws. The production company is based out of Chapel Hill so how odd is it that this mom chooses SENC as a vacation destination, cameras in tow? NC's child labor laws EXCLUDE children working on TV and movies. Not only that but we TAXPAYERS help finance the abuse of these children by Boseman's incentive bill. This TV show is a sweat shop. Think, what attracts viewers to the show? The freak of a mother or the kids? These kids' personal lives are on TV, people with cameras watching them 24/7. Have you seen the show? How tragic!

"These kids' personal lives

"These kids' personal lives are on TV, people with cameras watching them 24/7. Have you seen the show? How tragic!"(quoted from bove) These kids are NOT on 24/7. The parents do not allow filming everyday. I DO NOT see the problem with the show....I do see where some people would...but you can't really judge until you have 8 kids to take care of and media interested in you. If had that many kids, and people were SO interested in seeing how my family does it, why not. The public gets their questions answered and I gt help with my bills. This family is going through soissues right now and I say let them have some space.

They wanted kids like that

They wanted kids like that and now they have sympathy from me. They got the attention they wanted now they can deal with it. The fact that this is even a show his hilarious. I can somewhat understand some of the reality shows, but not this one....not even close

People can be so rude. It is

People can be so rude. It is not that they are reporting this to add to the drama. It is just nice to know that Wilmington is an attraction for everyone to enjoy and relax. I like the fact that people who are on television and movies visit Wilmington helping the revenue in the city and publicity for local businesses. Now that it is said that Kate and her kids have come to Wilmington, it will mean that there will be more business for Wilmington. Stop being rude and look at the bigger picture especially in this recession and a time where major companies in Wilmington are laying off and not hiring. Nothing in this article said that ohh Kate was caught in Wilmington with another man, so grow up.

I agree with you. This

I agree with you. This report simply says "they've come to Wilmington" it didn't trash-talk, speculate, or talk down on this family. It's just saying "Hey, even the Gosselins like Wilmington" We have celebs here on a regular bases, for business. That's not news... some random TV star is here for a movie? Happens all the time. A famous tv family turns up on vacation? That's rare and nice to see that they chose our city to come relax in. WWAY wanted to ask about their beach vacation, not their current martial issues. That's two completely kinds of reporting.


Is this really news? Someone who exploits her children for money every day.

zomg! i love jon and kate +

zomg! i love jon and kate + 8! this makes me so happy to see them downtown! we should feel blessed for being graced with their presence here in wilmington!

My daughter and I love Jon/Kate + 8 too

I would have loved to see their beautful family in person! I work downtown too - darn --I wish I knew where they would be next!

we should feel blessed? Really

"we should feel blessed for being graced with their presence here..." Really? What did she do to deserve such praise other than give birth to a litter?

I just meant that we should

I just meant that we should all feel blessed to have such a wonderful woman in our area. She is a role model for wives everywhere. She treats her husband with the utmost respect and is a perfect example of how to properly raise your children. I applaud her for doing such a great job and not changing her attitude or looks for the sake of entertainment.

Is WWAY now in the business

Is WWAY now in the business of being a tabloid or gossip news station? Part of the reason TV and movie personalities feel comfortable around here is that the locals usually tend to be friendly and leave them alone. They aren't followed and chased around by a bunch of reporters and photographers. If the local news stations start following them around paparazzi-style and reporting on the details of their daily lives, that could very well change. Who really cares where they eat lunch? Good investigative reporting WWAY! Did you also dig through the trash to find out what they ate? Enquiring minds want to know!