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Judge rules Titan permitting can move forward


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A step forward for a cement company's plans to built a factory in Castle Hayne.

Titan America says a Wake County judge has removed an injunction imposed back in May. The decision means the state can move ahead reviewing Titan's air quality permit.

Opponents to the proposed Carolinas Cement plant had argued tax incentives for the company opened it to more stringent regulation. Last fall the company declined the incentives, opening the door for the process to move forward.

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cement plant

I work for cemex in knoxville tn,our plant is right on the river and we have great air quality.We send alot of our cement to statesvlle by truck and most by rail...PS.We love taking you money!!!!!!

This is great news for the

This is great news for the thousands of people who are currently jobless and will be a great asset to the tax base of the Wilmington area, especially since they've rejected the incentives. The construction project would employ hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers. It's interesting that the only people who are fighting this are the rich ones with jobs or are comfortably retired. Ask yourselves, is Roanoke, VA hurting because of Titan?

titan jobs

hundrede of people will still be out of jobs hundreds of mexicans will have them


I asked myself, as you request, about Titan in Roanoke, and the answer came back: if Roanoke loves Titan so much, have them double their plant size there. I am sure thousands of people will pour into Roanoke this summer for summer vacations and expensive weekend getaways....NOT! Keep them from ruining our coastal economy. Or, how about this....let's let the people decide, since thousands of day laborers should be able to beat out the few rich people who don't want Titan, right? LET US VOTE

Air quality

Let them clean up the existing site and build there new plant.The first fine for exceeding air quality 25 million dollars.Second time 250 million dollars.We can keep multiplying fines by 10.Titan will not be able to stay within the air quality limits. They may not want to build if this system for fines where used.They will be fined out of the state in six mounts.Lets keep our environment safe in NC.


You do know that Titan has been awarded AIR QUALITY awards at it's plants...course your talking points cheat sheet wouldn't have that on it.

You know what I love...I LOVE listening to the Big Talker and having tree huggers call in..from a cell phone, to complain about the environment and curse Titan...if you so much as drink bottled water or even use electricity...YOUR A HYPOCRITE! Left wing nut jobs always want to deflect and have SOMEONE ELSE be the bad about wipe your own rear end before you tell someone else to wipe probably shouldn't be using toilet paper or a paper product for that..and OH...probably shouldn't use water, cause that would be a waste as well...

Titan is socialist economics

So the rich people who own the land with the godforsaken lime are going to roll over the will of the people here? For goodness sakes. There is a national glut of cement, a global glut, and countries around the globe are way ahead of the backwards Untied States when it comes to managing their emissions. China is going to beat our brains in because of a handful of lucky sperm club members who own land with limestone. WID and its hacks should be ashamed of themselves. When do they fold?! Every day that ticks as if we're locked in the 1950's, we're falling further behind in the economic race going on outside this warped kingdom.

Tell it like it is!

Readers, we have a real economist on our hands out for your brains.

How did we allow the, "...sperm club members..." to be discovered?

My, my....


Unfortunately, the fine structure is not what you proposed. I get the feeling fines are just a cost of doing business for them.

It's a shame local people are willing to gamble with the natural resources that make this area special for a few equipment operator jobs. High paying positions usually go to folks transferring in from out of town.

People are missing the big picture here. As an area that thrives on tourism, if we damage the environment here, we all have nothing.

Why take that risk?

As an area that thrives on tourism

As an area that thrives on tourism, we will only have low paying jobs in the area. If we are anti business they no company would want to locate to the area. I have said this before and it is funny you tree huggers never have replied and I will say it again.

Ideal Cement was out there for years. You should be able to show data that they effected the health of the area, if in fact they did.

Cement Plant

Lets also not forget that right now, ALL the cement for NC's building industry is "imported" via truck and rail. Cement is practically the #1 material for all building and "that" is what has driven alot of NC's economy, especially the coastal area. Lets keep those very basic dollars in this state! Hugely more bang for our buck than spending at Walmart, Malls, (junk spending). The site is already there and has been for years. And the comment on Titan's air quality awards is excellent and accurate.

we import cement to our port

WRONG JESSE about the rail road theory Titan told you. They lied. Our port receives over 1/2 million tons of cement every year! Comes in easy, goes out easy. Foreign cement is cheaper than domestic cement. Only slime ball Congressmen apply tariffs to imports in order to keep their US cartels running.

Here is your reply. Read it as many times as you need to.

It's very simple. The two operations are not comparable. What Ideal Cement did in the past is minute (that means small) compared to Titan's proposed operation (meaning big). So to recap, small equals less negative impact, big equals more negative impact.

You are welcome.

Show me the Data

Mr Scott,
A min-ute is a unit of measurement of time or of angle. So, Ideal was out there many of minutes and if their operation had impacted the envoirment there should be data there to show it.

PS. I am not stupid I know what mi-nute means also