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Judge: 90 percent of Brunswick County court cases drug-related

READ MORE: Judge: 90 percent of Brunswick County court cases drug-related
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- One Brunswick County judge estimates 90 percent of the cases that come through the courthouse are drug-related. That's why she wants to get a special court called a "drug court" up and running. The purpose of a drug court is to offer rehabilitation and other alternatives to serving time behind bars. The seven-person team spent last week in Los Angeles getting special training on how to run a drug court. Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis is spearheading the effort and has wanted to start a drug court for more than ten years. The program would focus on treating people with substance abuse problems to both help them recover and -- most importantly -- to reduce the number of crimes that are committed because of drug use. It would not be an easy program. Participants would have to appear in court every two weeks, maintain a curfew, get at least a GED and a job, go through drug testing and more. Defense attorney Jason Disbrow said, "The problem currently in most counties without a drug court is that we're not treating the individual. An individual's placed on probation, although they may get some type of substance assessment and may get some type of treatment, it's not nearly as intensive enough." The drug court would be a 12 to 18 month-long program. The drug court team is waiting to hear back about state and federal grants for the program. The members hope to hear back by the end of April and have the program up and running by late this summer. Meanwhile, New Hanover County has had a drug court for about ten years. Its coordinator says it has been a big success. It currently has 51 active clients and is saving taxpayers a lot of money.

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Brunswick County Drug Cases

I feel that the court system dealing with drugs is set up for the clients to fail. They are not being helped from what I see. The system place them on probation & give them a long list of things that they are expected to do - knowing they are only human and may not be able to follow all of the list. Then if they make one mistake - are put in jail. In jail they definitely don't get any help. They are supposed to be rehabilitated. How can they be rehabilitated when they can get drugs on the inside just as well as being on the outside. They system fails them because the charged person can never live it down - once that kind of mistake has been made. Once their time has been served or has been charged with this offense, they can't find jobs - so what do you think will happen? Evidently there is money being made by some "Big Wheel" -because this problem could be stopped if they wanted it to be. The charged victims that are put on probation is not the ones that bring in the drugs. They do not own any boats or planes....

"Judge: 90 percent of

"Judge: 90 percent of Brunswick County court cases drug-related" (Unquote) And 85% OF THEM SET BACK ON THE STREETS TO DO IT AGAIN!

And this drug court will

And this drug court will continue this.

Truth is

The only reason marijuana is illegal is that no politician has figured a way to tax it's sale. I mean, look at "Moonshine". Same with it. Uncle Sam gets a little riled when he thinks he's not getting his cut. Think I'm kidding? What sent Al Capone to prison?

Tax evasion

Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion because that was all they could get on him.

Invent a reliable testing device.... allow officers to test for driving under the influence, and then legalize drug usage. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - something similar to a diabetic's glucose meter could work. The "War on Drugs" has been about as successful as Prohibition was and gun control has been. You can't legislate the activities of inanimate objects, but you CAN control people's conduct. Let them be as stupid as they want to be, but when they drive high or rob a store because they need a fix, NAIL THEM TO THE WALL! If we freed up police officers and corrections officers from babysitting druggies, we could concentrate on the truly dangerous predators that are out there. taxpayer funded rehab, either. If these people are stupid enough to destroy their lives, we need to step aside and let them.

Invent a Reliable...

Your comment about the police not babysitting druggies and they could concentrate on the truly dangerous predators out there is about the dumbest comment I've heard. Do you actually live anywhere near where I do? The murderers, rapists, thieves, drive-bys, and pushers(to mostly teens) live in my neighborhood and if it weren't for the police babysitting(at times) there would be total mayhem. I can't tell you how many times my home has been burglarized by druggies needing a fix. My children and I have had to be escorted to our building because of gangs. They are a violent, mean, disrespectful bunch of thugs and if I could find an affordable home away from here I'd be gone tomorrow. My kids all make straight A's and volunteer their time so we don't have to stick around in the afternoons. Go out at night, I don't think so...

But you still identify them.... murderers, rapists, and thieves, don't you? Regardless of the drugs, that's what they are, first and foremost: murderers, rapists, and thieves. That's what the law needs to deal with. As bad as drugs are, the problems you face on a daily basis are due to the law not taking adequate steps to protect you from these predators, many of whom would be there with or without drugs. If drugs were legalized the druggies breaking into your house would find their junk of choice to be far more affordable. They might not have to break in. The largest source of income for gangs would be gone. (Even the Bloods aren't big enough to compete with Wal-Mart or CVS.) Prohibition simply doesn't work. There is not a single case of prohibition that has been successful. England and Japan still see gun crimes. We threw out the Eighteenth Amendment, it was such a joke. Has the War on Drugs helped your neighborhood? No. Time to return to reality, and concentrate on people and their conduct, not inanimate objects. Let me give you a prime example of what dopes we can be. Right now, CNN is featuring a video about the Coast Guard engaging semi-submersible boats that are being used to smuggle in drugs. They're nothing more than homemade submarines that travel right below the surface and the Columbian drug cartels are building them because they can get in under the radar. The video shows a small Coast Guard boat chasing one of these subs...and chasing it....and chasing it. The answer is fairly obvious - since drugs are currently illegal, chase less and shoot more. A few .50 caliber rounds or one five-inch shell would end the situation immediately. Simply blow them out of the water. Do you know what our government's solution is? They want to outlaw the private ownership of submarines. ARE WE REALLY SO STUPID AS TO THINK THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY SMUGGLING IN AN ILLEGAL, PROHIBITED SUBSTANCE ARE GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO ANOTHER LAW OUTLAWING SUBMARINES???? Yeah....submarine prohibition....another great idea from Congress..... Legalize the junk, let people buy it over the counter, and then hold those people responsible for their own actions. Trust me, when the guy who burglarizes your home receives a suspended sentence, the problem isn't drugs. The problem is that the governemnt isn't dealing with burglars adequately....and they'll tell you that that's because there's no room for burglars in prison....too many drug possession and cases clogging up the prisons, as well as the courts.

Great points and on the mark

The "War on Drugs", "War on Poverty", "War on Terrorism"...all are just a smoke screen to make the people feel like something is being done when in fact causes the problem to grow and fester. "Do you know what our government's solution is" Government Bureaucracy was designed to preserve and grow big government as to control the people AND their money. Joseph Stalin couldn't have designed it any better.

One of your best posts yet

Very thought provoking but Common....CNN.....? I always figured you a Fox News Sean Hannity kind of guy.

You "figure wrong" about me quite often

I don't like Hannity - he's a partisan hack and not very bright. I do prefer FOX News to CNN, rarely miss a Neal Boortz show, and am a Libertarian who votes Republican strictly to help defeat the your hero Obama, who wants to raise taxes on anyone making more than $31,850 a year. I also don't like O'Reilly, but only because he's stuck on himself and thinks the Sun rises from his back pocket. While I "don't like" several of the right's shining stars, I legitimately despise and hate people like Alan Colmes, James Carville, Donna Brazille, etc. They simply want to buy votes by taking YOUR money and giving it to the incompetent, lazy, and unlucky. Which brings us back to that question you never answered, Scally.... Exactly how stupid do you have to be to vote for someone who has already TOLD you that he's going to raise your taxes?


Are you my husband??? Either that or I think you are his twin.


YOU SAID: your hero Obama, who wants to raise taxes on anyone making more than $31,850 a year.... Exactly how stupid do you have to be to vote for someone who has already TOLD you that he's going to raise your taxes? I SAY: Half america makes less than $31,850 per year so how will that stop those people from voting for Obama? Face it commonsickness there are more of them than there are of you and SOMEONE has to pick up the slack so why not you folks making an average income. Try raising a family on 31k a year.

Thankfully, most of THEM....

...don't vote. Many CAN'T vote because of felony convictions. (Don't forget that Clinton wants to restore their voting rights!) Who suspected that the Democrats meant anyone making over $31,850 when they said they were going after the rich. (Looks more like they're going after anyone with a decent job.) They don't seem to realize that when you eliminate the incentive to excel, people simply stop trying to excel. But you underscore and in fact confirm my point. When the incompetent, lazy, and unlucky gain control, the nation will collapse. We can't have everyone standing around with their hand out...

Corporate Welfare

We can't have everyone standing around with their hand out... Sounds good to me, as soon as corporate america is not receiving corporate welfare, the better!

Corporate welfare?

Great buzzword, with very actual validity. Care to cite some examples?

Nailed to the wall?

Are they going to be "nailed to the wall" like those charged with a DUI related to alcohol? As a victim of an alcohol-related car accident, I would hardly call writing a check to a lawyer to get you off and losing your license for 30 days a hefty punishment. Granted, I don't necessarily think that the War on Drugs is particularly effective, but the answer is not to legalize everything and turn them loose. I think we should be more concerned about the other lives they can ruin when they only think about themselves.

You haven't seen my DUI punishments

1st offense - $5000 fine, twelve weekends in jail, restricted license only if full-time employed. 2nd offense - $10,000 fine, one month in jail, two year suspension of license, no restricted license available 3rd offense - five years in prison, loss of driver's license for LIFE. Subsequent DUI? Life in prison Obviously, injuring or killing someone while driving drunk would add more charges and increased sentences.

You have no idea.

I have seen the "punishments," including those handed down to the person who temporarily put me in a wheelchair. These are only the maximum sentences on paper. Rarely are these enforced. I personally know at least three people who have been convicted of 4 or more DUI's that currently have a driver's license. I also know that offenders can buy their way out of a conviction. Younger members of my community have done so with as little as $2000. You have no idea how many cracks there are in this particular system; I didn't either until I became an advocate for stronger penalties.

Read carefully common said

Read carefully common said these would be "his" punishments if he could make the law

Scally, if you'd start a movement.... have me appointed Emperor of America, we could have laws like that. I don't even want to pass the reins onto my kids. (Too much MTV - they're not to be trusted) Once I die, you can go back to electing idiots, crooks, and liars, and screw it all up again.

Feel free to send my suggested sentences... your state legislators. I have.

Legalize Pot

I bet if the country legalized pot that it would cut these numbers down by at least 20%. It is ridiculous that young teenagers, especially minorities, can go to jail for smoking a joint or two and selling it to their friends. If pot was legalized then you wouldn't have to go to a "drug dealers" house to get it. That would prevent some exposure to more dangerous drugs and criminal individuals.

while I don't partake in it,

while I don't partake in it, I think weed is no big deal if used responsibly just like alcohol, and should be legal. It's not the "gateway" drug many hype it to be.

More excuses

Sure, let's make more excuses for why people are doing illegal things. While we are legalizing marijuana, let's do away with speed limits and seatbelts. How about we do away with carseats as well. We can also do away with traffic light and stop sign violatings. GET REAL

Poison Ivy

and poison oak is more harmful than marijuana. Outlaw those two plants. Who goes to jail for not wearing a seatbelt? Is'nt really all about the fines and the money anyway. You can eat a whole plant of marijuana and it won't kill you. Truth be told, it could probaly help you. Who knows? You can make paper, clothing, rope, and bio-fuel out of hemp. No, let's don't do that! Let's make fuel out of corn(food). That way we can pay more for EVERYTHING!!!!

Who goes to jail for having

Who goes to jail for having a small amount of marijuna??? NOBODY...not unless you have many priors for it or other drugs. I'm not stating whether it should be legal or not, but the fact is it is illegal. And until it becomes legal, you should get in trouble for it. Another problem with marijuana, unlike alcohol, is that marijuna can and usually is laced with something else. When someone drinks alcohol they know what they are drinking. When someone smokes marijuana, there is no telling what they are smoking

This is great for first time

This is great for first time offenders, but once the person has been through the court 3 or 4 times, then it is time to get more serious with them. Personally, I don't think they should get a second chance. They should be given one break and that's it

This type of court does

This type of court does allow 3 0r 4 chances. It keeps petty criminals on the street.

Not Just Brunswick

I suspect that a very high percentage of court cases across the United States are drug-related. Isn't it amazing that illegal drugs are not a campaign issue for the 2008 presidential election?