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Judge: Titan must conduct environmental impact study


Castle Hayne, N.C. — A victory Monday for environmental groups concerned about a planned cement plant in Wilmington - reports

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens ruled the state must conduct a thorough environmental impact study before issuing any permits to Titan America.

The plant would be built on the site where Ideal Cement was located, near Castle Hayne in New Hanover County. That plant shut down in 1982.

Some New Hanover residents and state environmental groups filed legal challenges after that state said the plant did not have to meet certain Environmental Policy Act requirements.

Proponents say the plant would bring much-needed jobs to the area, while opponents are concerned over the potential negative impact the facility could have on the Cape Fear River.


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It is not at all unusual for a company to be required to conduct an environmental impact study before a final ruling is made on a new or expanded project. This is not necessarily a victory for either side of this issue. But the bottom line is that many do not want any industry in this area, which is one reason why unemployment is so high, and so many people are stuck in low paying jobs. You will never satisfy those with a pure environmental mindset in this regard, yet they are the first to use all the products produced by industries as long as they are made somewhere else.

dirty titan

Making cement is a dirty process and no one in their right mind would want it in their back yard. Look how many physicians are opposed to it. Next thing you know someone will want to come and dump nuclear waste in the river and if they promise work, some idiots will sign up for that. Come on people. A handful of jobs is not worth the safety of our children. It's not a political issue, it's a safety issue.

a good explanation ...

Titan should have to do the EIS - they were trying to argue that they didn't have to, as public funds hadn't been spent yet. But Judge Stephens' ruling was that public funds had been allocated - funds didn't have to be actually spent yet in order for the requirement to have environmental impact studies completed first before permits were issued.

I'm no fan of Judge Stephens, who was always very cozy with Easley & the rest of the corrupt Dems in Raleigh, but he made a fair ruling in this case.

Think People..

This is not about us.. It is not about the now..
It is about your legacy..
How will you be known when you are gone? What did you do right? What did you stand for?
Did you do all that you could, to protect our County and provide a quality life, as environmentally clean as possible? Did you do what you could, to stop any and all pollution so that our children, your children, and our future generations can also have a clean, non-polluted place to live?
Titan proclaims that it is only a tiny amount of mercury... Mercury is a deadly poison that has adverse effects on everything it touches, in any amounts...
Why would you want to introduce that into the waters where we live? Why would you knowingly want to expose your future generations to ANY poison that you didn't have to?
What about the next business that wants to build who will release a "safe" amount of poisons? And the next?
By allowing Titan, you are setting the precident that it is ok for companies to build and dump POISON into our Rivers.. You are saying it is ok to destabilize our fragile wetlands and ecosystem. You are saying it is ok for your family to be exposed to poisons and to eat marine life which has had direct contact to those poisons...
And.. you are setting a poor example in teaching our children what is the right thing to do...
It is clear that the majority of this county does NOT want these poisons dumped into out Rivers.. When will our cCounty Comissioners step up to the plate and stop this? All it takes is one simple rezoning ordinance...
Don't allow it, and give our children a chance for a healthy future...


FIRST of is painfully evident how much YOU care about what YOU leave as your legacy, since by making a post you show that you BOTH have use of a computer, which we won't even go into the hazardous waste used in the production of...but you also use electricity, which if you live in NHC uses step down OFF your little soap box and climb back in your hole. Until I see you running around naked, walking to work, planting your own garden and killing for your own meat...I don't need to hear your preachin! some flipping research on how much mercury is spun up every time a dredging project happens....


This is absolutely crazy and WRONG! This company has done their due diligence ten times over and as long as they abide by the law they shouldn't be treated any different. Such a shame. I hope they do go somewhere else and take their jobs with them so the jacka**s in this town can maybe get a clue

If you knew anything about

If you knew anything about the issue you would know that they were not abiding by the law- they and some people involved at the state level had done their best to circumvent the law. That is what the judge ruled on- THE LAW. If they had done the EIS from the start they would probably be done with it by now. They tried to circumvent it and lost 2 years.

Why do they not want to do an detailed EIS? 1) Cost or 2) Don't want to reveal what it will show or some combination of the 2. Regardless, as confirmed by the judge the law in NC states is if you receive public money for a project SEPA applies. End of discussion.


. . . it'll never pass.