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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Jurors can't reach verdict in Oxford wrongful termination case; judge rules mistrial

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Jurors can't reach verdict in Oxford wrongful termination case; judge rules mistrial

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Eleven days in Superior Court, 15 hours of deliberations and still no verdict. The Holden Beach Police wrongful firing trial ended today with a hung jury. Judge Ola Lewis declared a mistrial. The jury says it was still stuck 10-2, and no one was going to change his or her mind.

An overwhelming show of support from jurors, who literally put their arms around ex-cop Terri Oxford.

"I was just, just put myself in her shoes, and it did get very emotional for me," juror Loraine Cooper said. Some jurors say they wanted to award Oxford a seven-figure settlement.

"Two million dollars at least," Cooper said.

But a majority isn't enough. Two people sided with the town, leading to a hung jury.

"I believe Terri was fired because she broke the chain of command and the town rules," juror Becky Mooney said. "I don't feel like it was because she was a woman."

Mooney said anyone who behaved like Oxford would have gotten fired, regardless of gender. It's a point town attorney Norwood Blanchard made clear in the case. Still, blanchard says it's hard not to rethink things.

"You always get an opportunity to look back at the way you tried it the first time and make adjustments to the things you should've possibly done different," Blanchard said.

These attorneys will have another chance. Oxford's attorney says he's armed and ready.

"We have learned of some very interesting new developments that we plan on using at the next trial," James Hairston said.

In some ways, the former interim chief says she's already won her case.

"Just knowing when the ladies came out, they hugged my neck, they cried," Oxford said. "They made me cry, but it was good to know that they were back there fighting for me so hard, and they told me to be sure and not give up, and you can bet I won't."

"I really believe now that when it does go back to trial that I know she'll have a really good case, and I'm going to be there every single day of the trial," Cooper said. "I'm going to be there for her, even though I don't know her. I'm going to get to know her."

Oxford's attorneys say they plan to retry the case in front of a whole new jury by Christmas.

Holden Beach Police Chief Wally Layne said he wanted to talk on-camera with us about the case, but Layne says his boss won't let him. Oxford says she's sending out job applications, and just put one in with the Ports Authority.

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an interesting point

Wow this has been an interesting case. The jurors 10 were all cring and meeting Terri and saying that they tried so hard and could not understand the other two. They stated something was fishy about the two because all 10 felt that it was obvious the case was on Terri's side. SO the new information.... the elder gentleman that voted against her stated to her attorney that woman ARE treated differently and thats just the way things were and that why he voted against her. WOW I cannot believe he said that, he and the Chief must be from the same upbringing. NEXT, the other lady mentioned in the story her name was Mooney, well the jurors felt, as stated by them, that something was just not right and she seems begrudged against Terri and other officers that testified for some reason. Guess what, a family member was arrested by......yep Terri on a few accounts. If only they would have brought their suspisions forward earlier to the judge and she would have been dismissed and probably charged. This is unbelievable, this you only hear about on TV. I think the mini series should be next. The other jurors knew something was up and tried to convince to what they say was obvious discrimination, but now we know a revenge scheme and chauvenist held up justice. That makes more sense now why they deliberated so long. Funny enough the defense did not agree to mediation before but now they are screaming for it. The funniest thing was that i heard a juror went to the HB chief and shook his hand and stated no hard feelings but we did not like you. Now thats an interesting point!!!!

A second point

I've never set on a jury so I don't know what the procedures are. I understand you discuss the testimony of the witnesses, how much you believe what they have said, look at the evidence produced and make a decision based on that which you believe to be fact. Is that right? If yes, then the juriors should be someone totally unfamiliar with anyone involved in the trial so they will not be biased by personal feelings toward that individual. Right? If they are familiar with anyone they should let it be known and asked to be excused. Why then did Mrs. Mooney set on that jury knowing Terri Oxford had previously arrested a family member. It's a shame neither Ms. Oxford nor Officer Todd recognized her. She also set on that jury knowing Officer Todd had charged and arrested a number of her family members over the past 10 years. Some of them very close family members. It does make some wonder what her real motive was for the decision she made. Oh, and "Andy" did not testify during the trial, Officer Todd did. She is "Andy" only to family and a few select friends.

at some point

the insurance carrier will evaluate the costs of a second trial versus the amount they can settle out of court.

Candidly, I would have thought that attempt would have been made by now.

Either the amount sought is so large the insurance company can not negotiate a settlement or the blood sucker is seeking such a high % it leaves less than anticipated for the injured party.

I was a juror...

I was on the jury for this trial. The attorneys for the plaintiffs were extremely competent & proffesional, so to refer to them as "bloodsuckers" is way off mark. Ms. Oxford deserved a much larger award from the Town of Holden Beach than was awarded in the settlment. Only people who "heard" ALL the testimony will agree.
There was never ever a monetary amount discussed; that would have been the second phase of the trial had we been able to come to a verdict.
During jury selection, it was made CLEAR that if any prospective jurors personally knew or had any involment/prejudices with ANY of the parties it needed to be disclosed.During deliberation it was apparent some jurors did not follow these directions during the selection proccesses & chose not to eliminate themselves. Perhaps they were unaware of thier own biases.


I know the alleged "blood sucker" attorneys. Their fee schedule is in line with the Raleigh area. Clients agree to the percentages up front. To suggest that they're charging such a high percentage that nothing would be left for the injured party is ridiculous.