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Jury selection begins for Wilmington murder case

A trial is underway for a local eighteen-year-old facing murder charges. Jury selection started this afternoon for Joseph Terrell Gregory of Wilmington. Gregory faces first-degree murder charges for allegedly shooting twenty-three-year old Robert Lee Marshall last March. Marshall was found lying on the road between 13th and Marstellar streets last year. Gregory also faces charges of shooting into a vehicle and attempted robbery.

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As a friend of Lil Rob, this

As a friend of Lil Rob, this brings back tears of disbelief. It also makes me said to see his killer...a child. I just hope that since this child had no respect for Lil Rob's life that he gets the harshest punishment he can get. I hope that everyday he lives he has a pain, a pain like the one he has caused all the family and friends who loved Lil Rob. Lil Rob had love, compassion, and respect for people and this has been a great loss. Rest in Peace my friend! We love you!

I DISAGREE With The Sentence!!!

I Knew Joseph and the McIntyre's that were invovled in this crime. I dont think this was a fair sentence to give to the 18 year old teenager. And I am glad that his attorney is getting an appeal! I don't think the teenager should get life in Prison, but I do think they all need to spend an appropriate amout of time in prison so they will learn their lessons not to do it again or make another mistake like this!!! And about him waking up in pain everyday is a harsh thing to say!! And I don't appriciate that from anybody that would say anything like that about the teenager. Everybody makes mistakes and you have to realize that everything is meant for a reason and if God didn't want this to happen to Marshall then he wouldn't had let it take place. But I know God will make a way!!

plain and simple...IF A

plain and simple...IF A TEENAGER COMMITS MURDER, THEY DESERVE LIFE IN PRISON. A "mistake" is one thing, but we are talking murder! What is wrong with you people? Does he deserve a slap on the wrist because he was only 18 years old? Another thing, it is not harsh to say you wish someone wakes up in pain over what they did, at least they wake up!

Its sad to see things like

Its sad to see things like this happen. Rob was a wonderful friend. Every time we saw each other he opened his arms for a hug. He was a good friend. He had a smile to brighten any ones day. We miss you rob.


I know both teens involved. The deceased as well as the defendent. Both kids were raised by great parents. Somewhere along the line something went wrong for the defendent. It's sad to see our youth going down this massive road of destruction. WE AS PARENTS, ADULTS, LEADERS OF THE COMMUNITY MUST FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN AND PROTECT THEM AGAINST THIS DANGEROUS PLAGUE OF GUN VIOLENCE........