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Keeping man's best friend safe in a storm

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Only here...

Why would someone make a ridiculous remark about tax payers money going to save an animal?... Low and behold, this person probably never lived in a place where animals are used for things such as therapy for elderly individuals, assisting sick children who are dying in hospitals, or saving individuals in life threatening situations... I would trust my lab to make decisions over many ignorant humans I know anyday.

To the tax paying complainer

Please go back and carefully re-read the very short article again. The word "volunteer" appears three times. That means your 2 cents of taxes are safe and you can relax now.


I gotta ask..WHY is my tax payer money going to save someones pet? Makes NO's an animal..and you might not like it..but their lives are VERY EXPENDABLE...

I'd rather see my taxes....

...go to help animals, than deadbeat, worthless humans who are too lazy or inept to help themselves.


you DO have a point there...


So is yours! How about we cut the funding to go towards shelters in the county also...seems like another waste of money to protect the citizens of the county during a storm. Some people wont leave without their pets and if you offer them somewhere to go and take their pet, then they are more likely to evacuate.