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Kid Cam daycare workers trying to collect owed wages

READ MORE: Kid Cam daycare workers trying to collect owed wages
WILMINGTON -- When the Kid Cam Day Care Center on Wrightsville Avenue in Wilmington closed its doors Monday, parents and workers with had very little notice. Employees are now trying to recover lost wages and parents want their money back as well. Wednesday night Kid Cam employees gathered at the day care center to meet with the owner. But the owner was a no-show, and now employees want action. Precious Johnson not only worked at Kid Cam, but her two-year-old daughter was part of the program. Johnson is owed a month's worth of wages and she's out the enrollment fee for her daughter. Johnson said, "I feel very disappointed because I don't have a job right now and I'm struggling. I just wish she'd pay my money to me that I worked for." On Sunday Kid Cam director Natasha Toomer got a call from the center's owner, saying due to financial reasons doors would be closing and employees were out of a job. She then relayed the news to her staff. Former Kid Cam employee Jennifer Trepper said, "I was shocked, and trying to put the pieces together. On Friday afternoon, we were told to tell the parents to take everything out of their children's cubbies, that they were going to get new cubbies over the weekend -- and obviously, that wasn't the real reason." Kid Cam employee Sarah Beth Kosem said, "It was very dishonest… When you consider the full-time employees, this is their paycheck that they use for rent and bills and all that. And all of a sudden, no two weeks notice like we would have had to give that everybody's out of a job." And employees aren't the only ones left holding the bag. Parents are also owed enrollment money. Employees say the day care center has had financial problems before, but things were eventually resolved. We went to the house where Kid Cam's owner lives, but no one came to the door. Since she was a no show last night some employees are thinking about taking the owner to small claims court to recover their wages. As for the roughly 80 kids who went to Kid Cam, we're told that most have been placed in other day care programs.

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lol at you

lol it's so funny that you guys are holding on to this...She filed BANCRUPTCY and there is nothing you can do...let go and let GOD handle it all. She will have to account for everything...the fact the people would call her job is simply HATE, Get past all this stupid stuff, she has to move on with her life as do we all. She has to provide for her family as well. TURST me the good book says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Just as you called her job, someone will be calling your job. It's called Karma.. and all of this NEGATIVE helps nothing. It wont get your money back.....Michelle owed me one also..I dont think the workers should have anything to complain about becasue MOST of them have benn drawing unemployment for over 2 years and yee thats a FACT...remember Karma comes back around Michelle will get whats OWED to her..remember i said she owed me to 3 weeks worth of wages..$1800... $15 per hours....I'm blessed

Just so everyone knows

Just so everyone knows michelles life has been turned upsidedown. she has been kicked out of her home by her boyfriend. she got a teacheing job but was fired days later, but don't know why. now she lives with her parents with no job. i bet she hasn't changed. everyone has to pay for their mistakes sooner or later. she has made a life out of hurting people, but everyone deserves a chance to be forgiven. cant' be forgiven until you change though. i just hope cael is ok. i feel bad for him, does he live with her full time?

I'm ok with it

You can LOL all you want, I'm not the one out any money. So since she has to provide for her family that makes what she did ok? She didn't pay employees nor provide service that she took money from clients. If you call my office, make sure to leave your name so I can file harassing phone calls on you. I don't owe you nor any other person any money for services never given or back pay. That would be her.

OMG...Kid Cam is old news

who really cares where or what Michelle is doing or where her son goes to school at..Get a life you people..and since you claim to know everthing Kornegay is her maiden's really none of your business.

Who cares? The ones you owe

Who cares? The ones you owe money to.
Its none of your business? as long as you owe these people money, its their business.
And to the poster who mentioned Karma over and over. I do Believe Star is getting her share of Karma. Everyone knows you will never pay a dime to the people you cheated, and I am sure you didnt learn your lesson. So Star, why dont you get a life?

Kid Cam Daycare

You still don't get it do you? I bet you are the 1st one to sing the "Somebodies done be wrong song". Threaten with attorneys, treaten to sue employers...SUE,SUE,SUE!!! However you don't get that there were parents who paid in advance, and never were paid back. There were employees who were owed 3 weeks back pay. Plus,there were children that had to be relocated to different daycares. Their whole little world was turned upside down. I am happy that your child never has had an unsettling moment in his life, and can continue to go to his private school. Karma is a b----!

Might be old to you

It might be old news to you, but to those of us that either paid for child care and were then left in the cold, it is still new. And for the people that worked there that did not get paid, I'm sure it is still very new to them as well. Thanks for the name news flash, but again you are behind the times.

Kid cam

It may be old news to you, that tells me that an employer has always paid you on time and in full. I guess no one has ever owed you money!!! These where hard working employees of Michelles and were loyal which is hard to find these days. Not to mention the mothers and fathers who are also out there trying to make a living for their children and also trusted Michelle with their chidren. And now they are out money some of them did not have to lose. These parents needed a safe place for their babies so they can work. I wonder how many parents lost their jobs and how many of her employees lost their homes due to this selfish business owner. This brings me back to the point of it is everyones business who was involved. I understand Michelle wants a good education for her child but so did we. Michelle reverse the role and think about it. If you went to your place of business and the door was locked a note on the door and not have been paid for three weeks. And then reverse the role again and you took your child to his school and paid in advance and the door was locked and note on the door.You had too go to work and had no other place for your child to go. I guess none of this applies to you, because it has never happened. So Michelle this is how im taking what you have said. You don't worry that you will be kicked out of the place where you stay for non payment. You don't worry how your going to put food on the table for your child, or how the power bill will be paid. I guess to be honest i would love to have what you have and not have a worry in the world. Or this may be the case you are using who ever will help you. This will be the last thing i say. You never mess with hard working employes and parents who only wants the best for their child. I hope these people get every dollar you owe them.

Kid Cam

Wasn't it the Pender Co Sheriff that fired the dispatcher because she was living with her boyfriend and didn't want to get married? Is this the same Sheriff that now has hired a woman running from her debts and lawsuits? She has a new last name now, KORNEGAY.

Ironic, Michelle lives with

Ironic, Michelle lives with her boyfriend too!

So, she's gone back to her

So, she's gone back to her maiden name now?

Michelle Kornegay Willis Kornegay

Yes, she is back to her maiden name. I wonder if the Pender County Sheriff's Dept is aware that she drives her son to his "PRIVATE" school in a county vehicle in New Hanover County? Yes PRIVATE CATHOLIC school. How can you file bankruptcy and afford to send your child to a private school? It doesn't seem right does it? This should be investigated!

kid cam

Hopefully the sheriffs dept will look into this. Maybe somebody should send the sheriff a link to this page

Follow up on Kid Cam

As of 11-3-09 Michelle listed 3500 MARATHON AVE as her address. WWAY please follow up on this story and let us know if people ever got their money back. Her son still goes to St. Mark's on Eastwood Rd.

Kid Cam follow up

WWAY please do a follow up on this story and let us know if she has been served with civil papers. Has anybody received any money from her?

kid cam

Has anyone collected the money that was due to them yet? This would make a great follow up story.

Kid Cam Daycare

I agree that WWAY should follow up on this story. The public needs to know that Michelle has indeed beat the system just as predicted. She now works for the Pender County Sheriff's Deparment as a SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER. Maybe it is in her favor that her boyfriends father is a retired Lieutenant with WPD and his stepmother was a former magistrate and was once married to Sid Causey. She never had any intentions of paying back any former employees or the parents of this day care.

Need to call P.C.S.O.

Everybody involved with this needs to call the Pender County Sheriffs Office and let them know who they have hired. The number there is 259-1212. She was even arrested by WPD for worthless checks in '08.

kid cam

looks like it worked, I hear she is no longer employed with Pender County Sheriffs Dept.

Michelle already had a law

Michelle already had a law enforcement background. She was a New Hanover County Deputy Sheriff and a NC Probation Officer in the late 90's. However, she wasn't liked very much in either of those places. Not sure about the brass, but the rank and file officers were happy to see her leave.

kid cam daycare

I hope none of you were truly expecting to receive any money from her. I told you too she would get away with it! She now has filed for bancruptcy and doesn't have to pay anything back! I think every one should call pender county police dept and let them know what a great sound stable person they have directing our youth. And we want to know whats wrong in our schools!

KidCam Employee

I was an employee at KidCam when it all went down. I also filed small claims, but I have not been able to get the right address. Could anyone please help me out?

Former Teacher

I was a teacher there in 2004-2005 and Michelle and Dan were having financial problems then. I am not surprised to see that Kid Cam finally closed their doors. I feel bad that so many people have been displaced and I hope that everyone receives what they are entitled to. Best of luck to all parents and former workers. Mr. jeremy

They will not let you post

They will not let you post the address but if you read down to concerned parent 2's comments and really read them you will get the answers you need. good luck

Kidcam small claims

Scroll down to Kidcam Small claims submitted by concerned parent 2. That would be the correct one. You need to read between the lines. Good luck!

small claims too

We filed too in small claims court against Michelle - now twice because she didn't show for first court date - we have filed at like 5 different addresses but we're pretty sure we finally got the right one (straight from the horses mouth almost). So we'll go back next week and see if we can get her. At any rate - if she ever gets a W-2 again she'll get garnished.

Kid Cam Small Claims

Please let us know how your case goes. We also have another court date but don't know if we have the right address. Also, WWAY, please investigate and continue to cover this story. There are many involved here without the resources to chase this woman, who appears to be well versed at taking advantage of others.

Small Claims Court- we won!

Well we finally got back into court and the judge confirmed that she was served the claim and ..... we had won. However, the judge says she first has the opportunity to appeal (which he also said she would lose) but then,,, even then not to expect to see our money (b/c he's sure she won't be able to pay up). I still believe that once she ever gets a job (if she ever tries to get a job), we can request that her wages be garnished and then we'll hopefully get our money. At any rate - we won and it is now on file that she owes us the money - legally and outright! It is definitely not over - we WILL get our money.

Small Claim Court

We won the Marathon! Hopefully we will get our money back soon. She did not show up but now it is on record, and we've done what we could. Good luck to all.

Just so everyone knows,

Just so everyone knows, Michelle is working...she is doing it under the table, because once again whe knows how to play the system. Not sure how long this will last, however, she is collecting unemployment and evading paying taxes, but hey, from what I hear she is good at not paying employment taxes. She also knows her wages will probably get garnished. I'm sure things will eventually catch up with her just like it has so far. In my opinion, someone ought to take the shovel out of her hands, because she just keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper and before long she won't be able to get out of it.