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Kids cast their presidential ballots

It was a busy day at the polls for some young voters. The line was almost out the door at College Park Elementary School. The event was part of New Hanover County Schools' Kids Voting Program. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade stuffed the ballot box as part of a lesson on the importance of voting. While most of the polling sites are moving to electronic voting, the elementary schools chose a less technical balloting system. ”We had the pictures of the presidents, and we had these little boxes beside them, and we put a check,” said Sophie Presnell. Early exit polls showed Obama leading at College Park Elementary. If you want the official tally, you're going to have to wait. Schools will not release their final results until Election Day on November 4th.

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results / omissions

they say that the vice president canidate was omitted in error, are these fact checkers and educators that incompetent? or are we to belive they are promoting the choice they deem better either way it sure makes you feel all warm and fuzzy

Out of the Mouths of Babes

My husband and I always vote, but don't really talk politics at home. So, I was surprised when my kindergartener came home so excited to tell me about voting at his school today. He said "Mommy, most of my friends voted for Barack Obama, but I voted for John McCain. Even though I see Barack Obama on TV all the time, I like John McCain. I was so proud to see that at least my FIVE YEAR OLD wasn't blinded by celebrity.

You must be an unfit parent

You've exposed your child to the evil John McCain????? Good thing this is an anonomous post or you could expect a caravan of Social Workers and mini vans covered in Messiah 08 bumper stickers to surround your home. Obama Say, You MUST OBEY!

Out of the mouths of babes

Out of the mouths of Mothers who think their 5 year old can comprehend whats going on in the media regarding this election. "I see Barack Obama on TV all the time, I like John McCain" Your child DOES hear what you don't think they hear. And the fact that a 5 year old "likes" John McCain shows that you talk politics at home more than you realize.

Need New Specs?

Yeah, I know there isn't anything wrong with his hearing. The problem seems to be with your eyesight. I wrote that we don't really talk about politics at home, because it is true (except, I'll admit, we have talked about the Board of Education election). I attribute my child's liking of John McCain to the simple fact that his name is very similar to the name of one of our relatives. However, it doesn't take a grown up to see that Obama gets at least twice as much face time in the media.

it's ok

as parents are we not supose to tell our children our views and the reasons we as parents/adults make our desisions? during dinner my 9 year old and i will talk about news items or school. comprehention can be acheived during discussions and when they need to make decissions later in life, they, as i had a refferance point in my life. i tell my daughter, this is history in the making. and when she has question i tell her my opinion, and she knows that mine and hers can be differant