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Kids find nine millimeter gun laying around

It is a shocking statistic… 32 people die each day in the United States from guns. This week in Wilmington, a young child found a gun lying around, an incident police are calling a close call. Tuesday, four-year-old A.J. found a 9-millimeter gun in a barbecue grill behind his house. "I found a gun and gave it to somebody else." That somebody else was another kid. Luckily a maintenance man spotted them playing with it, and took it away. It turns out the gun had been reported stolen the previous month. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said this is a perfect example of why assault weapons should never be on the streets and why kids should be taught about the dangers of guns. "Someday they are going to come across that gun, and because of that fascination level, that's exactly what is going to occur." In North Carolina, in order to buy any kind of gun, retailers require a federal criminal check conducted by the FBI. If you want to buy a handgun, a state criminal background check is needed too. If you want to carry a concealed weapon with you, that involves both federal and state criminal checks, plus taking a safety class. Chief Evangelous said problems arise when guns get into the wrong hands. "People have to secure their weapons, in their house, they cannot leave them sitting around, and for God’s sake, don't leave them in your vehicles. In your trucks, or your cars, cause that's where a lot of these guns are being stolen from."

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Perfect example

This is a perfect example of an idiot.An idiot that hides a gun in a grill. Instead of arresting the idiot,it becomes a larger issue of taking rights away from people that OBEY THE LAW.Try enforcing the law and holding idiots responsible for idiotic actions. Stop trying to oppress law abiding responsible gun owners.


far as I know..there isn't a law that says you can't hide a gun in a grill....ITS STUPID...but not against the law...what law should they uphold?

it is against the law

It is illegal in North Carolina to leave a loaded gun within reach of a minor. Allowing a child access to a gun is a misdemeanor in North Carolina. NCGS 14‑315.1. Storage of firearms to protect minors.

Here's the actual statute

Here's the actual statute 14-315.1 A person is guilty of this offense 1a) resides in the same premises as the minor b)owns or possess a firearm AND c) stores or leaves the firearm i)in a condition that the firearm can be discharged, AND ii)in a manner that the person knew or should have known that an unsupervised minor would be able to gain access to the firearm, AND 2) a minor gains access to the firearm without lawful permisssion of the minor's parents, AND 3) the minor a)illegally possesses the firearm on school grounds b)exhibits the firearm in a public place c)causes personal injury or death d) uses it in the commission of a crime


reading the law...its a little more complicated than just leaving it within reach of a minor..but still it's a little far reaching and can be used to convict the most innocent of accidents.


basically..its unlawful to have a firearm anywhere near ammunition....I mean...if I have a weapon and a young child...ANYWHERE even in a SAFE that law could get you much for having a weapon to protect yourself or your family..I wasn't aware we were that far into being Russia...but I guess I was wrong...

not if he can't open it

Does your child know the combination or have a key to the safe? If not, then no you can't be charged because if he can't open the door then the weapon is not within reach of a minor.

We need to ban these weapons!

I agree with the Chief that these dangerous assault weapons should not be on the streets. This isn't the Wild West. People don't need to have these weapons. I'm sure I'll get attacked by all the right-wing extremists who think that the Second Amendment gives them the right to own these assault weapons. All you have to do is look at all the shootings that have been happening lately and you can see that there is a problem with these guns. There was an excellent 20/20 special on WWAY about this last night. I think everyone should see it. Guns should be in the hands of police and military only.

You ARE insane!

One of the last freedoms we have as citizens is the right to keep and bear arms. If they ban assualt weapons, that opens up a door for something else for them to ban. That idiot up in Washington...whats his name, Obama Bin Laden, wants to do away with ALL the guns. Now, you as a law abiding citizen, someone enters your you think they give a rat's a** about any kind of gun ban? You and can rest assure they will have a gun, but you won't because you turned yours in at the collection depot when they were out-lawed. What are the chances you will get out of that situation alive? Beleive me, I own loads of assualt weapons, AR-15s, MAC 90s, AK-47s, and MP-5s, and let me tell pull one of those weapons on a would be intruder, his plans will quickly turn from laceney to survial. These weapons shot a small round, .223 and 9mm...very small. Most hunting rifles shoot a huge 30 caliber round that can take down an aircraft. Face it...people are intimidated by the aggresive look of these weapons. And when a criminal is looking down the business end of one of them, seldom will you ever have to fire a shot....My 2cents.

The problem is, simply, that

The problem is, simply, that guns will never be in the hands of ONLY police and military, this is the major reason I completely disagree on any kind of defensive weapon ban. A handgun is a far cry from an assault weapon. As long as there are guns, criminals will have and use them. The reason law abiding citizens should exercise their 2nd amendment rights is that a person should have the ability to defend themselves from, for example, the "right wing extremists".... if "they" come after you, wouldn't you like having a way to defend yourself? Compare the murder rates of Ft Lauderdale and Chicago.... then take a close look at the gun laws in both states. There is plenty of evidence that allowing guns to be in the hands of private citizens actually REDUCES the crime rate.... would you rob a store if you knew the customers were packing?

Be the first one in the neighborhood

Be the first one in the neighborhood to put a sign out front. "No Guns In This House" Make yourself feel safer!!!!!! The 2nd amendment is your freedom but I guess you don't care to participate. So, your front door gets broken in and you stand there looking at 3 people who have invaded your home. One has a crow bar and the other 2 have knives or even guns. What are you gong to do? I guess your family isn't important enough for you to be prepared, so instead you surrendered them to these 3 bad guys. Why should the police have guns if the people are disarmed? Could it be that the criminals will still have them? Good luck with your non protection plan!!!!!!

I wouldn't go so far...

"Guns should be in the hands of police and military only." >Tell that to the survivors of the Holocaust! I wouldn't classify a 9mm pistol as an "assault" weapon.

oh yea, turn them in

Yea, guns are bad. Cars have killed more people then any of my guns ever. Maybe we need to ban cars. Airplanes have killed more than any of my guns, we should ban them also. Typical knee jerk reaction for a liberal bed wetter.


Somehow, there's just a bit of irony that just above this article is one about the "Real Wilmington Gun Show". Andrew

The Chief says never to

The Chief says never to leave a gun in your car. My wife and I are both concealed license holders, but there are many (too many) places that I am not allowed to carry my firearm. I can't take it into any government building, any bank, a state park, any establishment that serves alcohol............just what am I supposed to do with it when I go into a restaurant that serves beer? Don't say to leave it at home....this is why I got the permit in the first place, to carry my handgun. When I was a US Marine and a city police officer (not in Wilmington), most were glad that I was armed. Now, I am treated like a terrorist, as are all other gun owners.