Killers move from death row to life sentences

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two men who were facing capital punishment will now serve life in prison without parole. Jamey Cheek and Kyle Berry took plea bargains in New Hanover County Court today. The two will spend the rest of their natural lives in prison.

Cheek was convicted in July 1997 by a New Hanover County jury for the murder of Barbara Oxendine. A jury convicted Berry in March 2001 for the 1998 murder of Teresa Fetter. Appeals courts set aside the sentences and sent the cases back to New Hanover County today.

"I think this is the best resolution for the families involved and for Mr. Berry, and everyone can start on with the rest of their lives now," said Marilin Ozer, one of Berry's attorneys.

Berry will serve two consecutive life sentences after he also pleaded guilty to the murder of Lisa Maves.

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Bring back public hangings

We should implement the idea behind the old Kurt Russell movie "Escape from New York" and put all these "life sentence" animals in a walled off area and let them fend for themselves.

Two cold blooded killers get the chance to live on OUR dime for the rest of their lives. Their victims didn't get that chance.

These two and many others should be taken out of the gene pool for they are a disease of the human race.

"I think this is the best resolution for the families involved and for Mr. Berry, and everyone can start on with the rest of their lives now," said Marilin Ozer, one of Berry's attorneys.

Excuse me! Their victims are forever dead and this is the "best resolution" for Mr. Berry? No wonder our country is in the shape it is.

After reading up on both of the cases; I understand why the death sentence would have gone too far. I think it is crazy that they wanted to KILL a 19 year old man for being an Accomplice to Murder. And even worse, when Tom Nelson took his own life like a coward, Jamey got all the blame, Murder One for starting a fire, Armed Robbery; when he wasn't even present, he was in the taxicab talking to the driver that is Alive and well...

It angers me to know that he will spend the rest of his life in prison for something he watched someone else do.

Furthermore, before you question the best resolution; think about it... Life in Prison / Without option of parole. Could it get any worse for them men? Sure, you may be a sick **** and want to watch a troubled adolecent adult get fried for the crimes they have committed, but honestly, there are guys out there like Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, and Frederick Martineau that have the option of Parole...
Freddy still runs the streets today...

I'll let this go with an article I pulled off Prison Talk:

Three killers were released late last year: Steven Henry Leo Volkmann, 56, who was convicted of second-degree murder for the 1985 stabbing death of his wife, Teri, in her Manchester apartment; Roy E. Wrenn, 42, who was convicted of second-degree murder for the 1992 bludgeoning death of Nelson ''Sonny'' Goodno of Conway; and Stephen Earle Spencer, 46, convicted of second-degree murder for the 1987 death of Boyd McDonald in a drive-by shooting in Campton. (See related chart.)

As Jamey Cheek helped with the murder, and didn't actually pull the trigger, what makes you think he diserves worse punishment than any of them guys???

If you'd like to read more into the case of State vs Jamey Cheek, look into: for the Court Report, and some news paper clipping at:

No the best outcome is to put them in the chair and let them go on! They in no way shape or form deserve the life, the air they breath or anything! Why should I as a tax payer, pay for them to eat, sleep,put clothes on their backs, go work out at the gym in the prison and go to school if they so choose to do so? Spending the rest of their lives in prison is too good for them!

Those animals didn't show any mercy on their victims why should they have any ? I hope they have Big Bubba as a cell mate! That would serve them well. Plus they will have to fight to stay alive in the big house. I could almost hear all the ones seeing them coming saying fresh meat, fresh meat. Serves them right. So maybe not getting the death penalty is better except the part where as tax payers have to support the scum bags. Enough said.