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Kim Munley back home

READ MORE: Kim Munley back home

Hometown hero Kim Munley is home tonight.

In a surprise visit, she is in Carolina Beach for the first time in four years. Munley is credited with helping take down the fort hood gunman. The small town girl, turned national hero, took time out to thank the people of the community for their support.

In her father's Carolina Beach tackle store, Sargeant Kim Munley signed autographs.

"I got her autograph for my daughter," Munley's sixth grade teacher, Robert Harwood said. "I already got her autograph. I've already had her autograph 28 or 29 years ago when she gave me all the papers I got to grade."

After four years, it's not how she imagined her first trip home.

"I don't ever think I'll see that auctioned off but it's different," Munley said. "I don't know if I'll ever get used to it."

The past four months have been a whirlwind. November 5th, Munley was shot at least twice while helping to stop Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood gunman. She's had four surgeries, been a guest on Oprah and attended the State of the Union seated at the right hand of the first lady. She's also got her own billboard.

"It's shocking, especially when I come over the bridge and see the sign," Munley said.

Munley says she's overwhelmed by the community support.

"Even when it happened, that's what helped pull me through. That's what helped pull my family through," Munley said.

"It's brought us all closer together," Munley's father, Dennis Barbour said, "Not just a little bit but a lot closer together."

So close in fact that Sargeant Munley is considering returning to her roots.

"Something's making me gravitate back here because I'm already looking at property," Munley said.

If you ask the petite police officer if she thinks she's a hero:

"It's what we're trained to do and it wouldn't be any less for another officer," Munley said, "For some reason, there was a higher power that i was there that day at that time."

Munley will leave town next week to return next month to be the Grand Marshall at the Azalea Festival parade.

Physically, Munley may need one more surgery on her knee. She is thinking about writing a book about her experience.

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not so sure such publicity is a good idea

Now that we all know where her Father works and where she is right now, I hope there is no crazy terrorist type seeking revenge for the Fort Hood shooter. Her every move and personal family info is stupid to broadcast.

They are not talking about

They are not talking about anyone else because she is a local female and that makes a much more sensational news story. I doubt if anything is being said anywhere else. Remember the ding bat in the Army that made the wrong turn and nearly got everybody killed a few years ago and had to be rescued? Had it been a male soldier, you would have never heard anything about it.


hey it was nice what she attempted to do but at first the story was trash she took the credit for stopping the gunman but in actuality she missed with her shots and took the credit until someone stood up and told how the story really went down why are we not talking about the real hero

Wow, amazing how people know

Wow, amazing how people know the ballistics when they haven't even been released. No one "missed". Both her and the other officer hit the suspect. And even if she did "miss", her part was vital in taking the emphasis off the other soldiers being shot at which allowed the right opportunity for the other officer to shoot him as well. All you people do is criticize every single police officer involved in a shooting. She charged and engaged a terrorist...which is a far cry from what any of you heartless cowards would ever have the gutts to do!


Well Robert, besides not knowing how to use punctuation, who exactly is the "Hero " since you apparently know. Seriously Robert, I would like to know.