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Kure Beach seeks federal funding for public park

KURE BEACH -- The town of Kure Beach has already bought the town's ocean front Rolling Surf Motel with plans to turn it into a park. That's a $4.2 million project for a town whose annual budget is only $3.8 million. "We're very optimistic," said Kure Beach Mayor Mac Montgomery. "I think you have to realize that when you go into a project like this you can't go in with doubts. You have to realize that there's some faith involved in it." Montgomery is faithful the town can raise raise $4 million to complete the project, 8.4% of which will come from federal appropriations. North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole visited the project site on Saturday. She supports the project but could not guarantee federal money. "The fact that I'm here on the scene I think says something to you but we're still in the process," Sen. Dole said. So far the town has received $500,000 from New Hanover County. Congressmen Mike McIntyre also wrote a letter of support for the project. But Kure Beach residents have mixed feelings. "This is a good thing," said Steve Combs, who owns a business near the project site. "It'll help all the people of Kure Beach." Ray Atkinson, who has lived in Kure Beach more than 30 years, disagreed. "I don't understand how we can afford it and keep it," said Atkinson. "It wasn't voted for by the townspeople and I think a lot of people are upset about it." Mayor Montgomery says he won't know if the town will get the federal appropriation money until the end of this summer.

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FEDERAL MONEY / see who gets it

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kure beach

if the taxes are not too high then just maker them higher. one day the only one that will be living on our beaches will be the rich.the people of kure beach should run there mayor out of town before it gets too hard for people to live there. as for me i'm glade i left when i did. only the rich will be happy and the poor will be out. so to the people of kure beach;do you like the way you are living or going to be living?????! wake up and put your feet down and tell you mayor were to go.!!!!!