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Lakeside High School to change name, curriculum

WILMINGTON -- Lakeside High School has gone by that name for 20 years. It may not be Lakeside High for much longer, though. The school, which offers alternative pathway, transition, and drop-out recovery programs for students, will change its curriculum layout next year and school officials hope the name will change with it. Next year it will become a performance learning center as part of a nationwide program. Principal Jerry Oates said, "I wanted a new name to go along with the new program, so kicking around a few ideas and one stood out." Mary Mosley is the first name that came to mind for Oates. "I truly was surprised, truly surprised," Mosley said. She worked in education for almost 50 years. She started the Family and Neighborhoods Institute of North Carolina and serves as the board chair for the after-school program. Oates said, "She's very humble but she does tremendous work for this community and working with at-risk students." Mosley is dedicated to preparing local students for their futures. "If you're not educated, if you don't have at least the high school diploma, doors are not open for you," she said. Those ideals are what Principal Oates wants to instill in the new center. It will serve 100 students and aim to prevent high school dropouts. Oates said, "These students will be able to have smaller classrooms, smaller class sizes. They will work with the business community in Wilmington having mentorships and internships that will lead them up to graduation." Oates said he can't think of a better name to be on the building than Mary S. Mosley. Mosley said, "For me to have to ride by a building and see my name, I don't know what I will, what I will do. But it is an honor." The new name proposal went before the school board this week. The board will vote on the name change at its next meeting in April. As of right now this is the only name in the running.

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oh yea I remember Lakeside Regretly...

I went to lakeside in the 2000's. Lakeside had fantastic teachers that cared to teach kids during the time. and i was the highest in my classes and was doing very well. But til I got beaten up in the school for being white. In a school filled with maybe 250 or 300 there were no latinos, no asians. Just 5 white students and all black students. Though that really doesn't matter much but shouldn't a school have more of a variety of students there? When I went there, on a good day there was only one fist fight. A bad day consist up to maybe 5 to 10 fist fights that day. So reading in the paper years later of someone hiding guns in the bushes there didn't surprise me at all. They can change their name all they want. Its still Lakeside and I give it a 2 stars just because of the teachers there were excellent

I went to Lakeside High

I went to Lakeside in the late 90's and it was the worst school I had ever seen at that time, and still stands out as the worst school I've ever known of personally. I regularly wish I had attended a traditional high school. Lakeside took students that "need extra help", whether that was because of grades or legal trouble, and mixed them all together. I was surrounded by drug dealers and criminals everyday for 3 years before I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore and took the GED at CFCC. It's been years and years and I still hate that my parents allowed NHCS to send me to that horrible school! I say, BYE BYE LAKESIDE! IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Jerry Oates is a fraud. He

Jerry Oates is a fraud. He does not care about students education he cares about his appearance and personal issues with his family! Poor kids, they lost the best thing they had when Mrs. Spencer-beck died. The school board should be ashamed. Those parents of those students should have put up a bigger fight!

kids that dont understand

kids that dont understand things need help. bad kids need to be sent off. lakeside needs to go, it needs to stop being an alternative and NEEDS TO GO

Lakeside High School

Oh Please!!! Get real. We need an alternative school. Lets stop dumbing down education!!! I am a retired educator who is tired of seeing the elimination of opportunities for the non-traditional secondary student. NHCPS Board needs to see the light before darkness sets in with dropouts and lawbreakers. I invite discussion.

lakeside hs

i agree with you!!! i am planning on moving to your area and i am really disappointed that someone would feel that way about children!! if more people and educators would open their minds and give more time, these children may have a chance. by labeling them as "bad kids" does nothing for their confidence or self esteem.