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LaNasa served; Board to certify tax vote next week


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County Board of Elections will meet July 16 at 8 a.m. to certify May's sales tax increase vote. The board was supposed to meet this Friday, but it had to wait until Justin LaNasa could be served with a state order dismissing his challenge of the vote.

LaNasa told WWAY he was out of town when deputies tried to serve it Friday. County elections director Bonnie Williams says he has been served with the order by mail.

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Seems Fishy!

If Justin is out of town, how does dropping a letter in the mail constitute "serving" a party to a legal matter when they are not there to get it...

I have never heard of just mailing something as being a proper and legal method of "serving" a party.

Is New Hanover County and its big spending commissioners simply doing an end run around the law, hoping justin won't sue (at his own expense) claiming he wasn't properly served?

I don't put it past them, after all, they want to spend that money and if they are acting illegally, those responsible like Barfield, Thompson and Williams know it won't cost them a penny...taxpayers will get the legal bill if in fact those big spenders are ignoring the law.

Something here doesn't add up: it legal to do what the County is doing? How bout explaining to viewers why the service requirements changed from what was reported last week to this supposed resolution which contradicts previous news reports on the requirements for legally serving mr. justin?

Good for you Justin!

It appears that the county served you just the same way as they instituted the tax hike, with a lie. It is completely obvious to the the people of this county that the commissioners will do what they want regardless of the peoples voice. The commission's use of behind-the-back, slight-of-hand methods is quite obvious.

Let's just find out and see how they really served you and what kind of "magical" method they used to legally serve someone who wasn't available. People, watch this closely!

I find it amazing that the county pushes a tax increase through after their public threats of cutting public services and attractions. It is also amazing how they were able to change the date of the the property re-evaluation so they can continue to tax everyone in this county on grossly inflated property values. Add to that, they increase the tax rate on the grossly inflated tax values.


NHC, get it while you can, because things are about to change!!! I don't have a problem with paying taxes, I have a problem with the unfair method of property valuation and the snake-like method of instituting increases without the consent of the majority of the people.

LaNasa, thank you for standing up for what is right and trying to stop what is wrong. Too bad there aren't enough stand up people like yourself to put a stop to these back-door, Bubba and Company politics that operate on their own agenda!