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Land transfer tax on Brunswick County ballot

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The land transfer tax is also on the ballot in Brunswick County. Voters will have to decide whether they want to approve a new tax on the sale of property in Brunswick County to help pay for things like new roads in the rapidly growing community. The proposed 0.4 percent tax breaks down to about $800 on the sale of a $200,000 home. In the individual towns across Brunswick County dozens of candidates for mayor and town council are also up for election.

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No New Taxes

No New Taxes! If 10 percent is good enough for Jesus it certainly is good enough for Uncle Sam. I think there should be a 10 percent flat tax (local, state, and federal combined). Then we could truly get rid of governmental waste and put our money on only the essential things the government should take care of - such as national security. Let people decide how to spend the other 90 percent of their own money. Then we would have freedom, liberty, and the ability to persue happiness.

Not even close to make

Not even close to make enough money to pave a small section of a highway. $800 of tax on a home and maybe the sale of one thousand homes is equal to $800,000. Highways cost millions to pave or make a new one. This tax is a joke and everyone with half a brain knows it. It is time to vote out the Brunswick County government officials who would put this proposal on a ballot. Make the developers pay for the improvement of roads around the developments they are building if you have any nerves. Go after the funding from the state and federal government that we deserve rightfully for our roads. We need MILLIONS-NOT THOUSANDS of dollars. DUH

Keep The Tax

Vote Yes, The gov. needs the money.