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Laney gets some much needed cleaning

READ MORE: Laney gets some much needed cleaning
It was back to class today for students in New Hanover County. After low scores on a health inspection and some major spring-cleaning. Students at Laney High School returned to a squeaky clean building on Monday. After four internal inspections by the school's maintenance department and one by the health department, Laney got a score of 70.5, citing sanitation problems in the bathroom and even finding roaches. Because of that, there was a team of custodians doing some much-needed spring-cleaning over spring break. “It certainly can shine and it is shining right now, and we are going to try and keep it shining. We are proud of where we are and we are trying to keep it that way,” said principal Al O’Briant. That will be a challenge. With the district facing major budget cuts and a hiring freeze, keeping the school clean will be a test. Laney's custodian staff has dropped from 12 to 9, and they are responsible for cleaning ten buildings with 90 classrooms. "Well these are certainly interesting times with budget cuts and positions being frozen and those sorts of things. You do the very best you can with the numbers that we have." Administrators say when you add up all the duties the custodians are responsible for, in order to clean the entire campus, they can only spend about ten minutes per classroom.

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Laney gets some much needed cleaning

I agree entirely with Guestspeaker about the comment they made. People need to do their job. I sure had to, along with a lot of multi-tasking. Too many people just want to get paid for standing around, or "acting" like their busy. People like this don't deserve a job. There are too many people out there that would gladly take their place and really work. They should a least get rid of 4 of the custodians, if not 5 & hire new ones to take their place. I bet things would change then, because the ones that got to stay know now that they better work or they'll lose their jobs like the others. They need to see it done to those other people to actually know that it's possible to be fired or let go. Someone needs to step up and see that it's done. There is one good side to this though, it gave that team of custodians that came in a chance to earn extra money, I would think. Its not like the custodian staff has dropped down 70.5% in employment. They need to just stop and think sometime, what their doing.

The pictures shown on tv of

The pictures shown on tv of the bathrooms were ridiculous and those facilities did not get that way in one day or even a week. Regardless of the budget crisis, I would imagine there is enough money for a toilet brush from the Dollar Store isn't there?

I'm sorry but 9 custodians

I'm sorry but 9 custodians are very capable of cleaning the school.As a parent from a former student when visiting the school I never saw them cleaning at all. Someone needs to stay on top of their job duties.If the 9 custodians were cleaning everyday the school would not have been in such bad condition. Why didn't the school facality speak out. They should have been the ones to step up and take notice. To me it sounds like they need new managment.

Laney Clean Up

Right now they way the economy is cut backs are here to stay for awhile...but if we don't stay on top of it....Laney will be right back where it was. As a parent of a child that attends Laney...and another child will in a few years I would/WILL give some of my time EACH week to help AS NEEDED to keep my children's school in a much cleaner status. Even to clean toilets!And if we do that, with EACH parent ( those that are physically able) the school will NEVER get back to they way it was..Let our children focus on their EDUCATION, not cleaning. Post a sign up sheet I will GLADLY VOLUNTEER my time!!! And yes, I do work a full time job, but I can give back to the community!

Laney' High School

I think you are absolutely right. Let's all sign up to keep Laney all spic and span! Here is another suggestion, why don't we bring a few bottles of bubbly and a couple of boxes of bon bons so the custodians can put their feet up while we do their work.

Re: Laney Clean Up

Here's an idea...Students who have to serve detentions could be assigned to perform various cleaning duties. As long as it doesn't put the student at risk for injury, I see nothing wrong with it. Some students may benefit from the experience in securing janitorial positions in the future, especially since that's the only type of work they will be able to get when they don't graduate because of "slacking off". Parents have enough to do these days without having to clean up after everyone else's child at school. Another idea...?? How about incorporating various duties within the schools as a way to earn scholastic credits?

yay! for great moms like

yay! for great moms like you. this is how we "teach our children well".