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Larry Thompson sentenced to jail time for murder of Morris Cuttino

A Wilmington man was sentenced to eighteen-and-a-half years in prison in New Hanover County Court on Monday. Larry Thompson pled guilty to three charges, including second-degree murder of Morris Cuttino in August of 2007. Cuttino was shot through his car door while driving near Tenth and Grace streets in downtown Wilmington. Cuttino was twenty nine when he died...

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media sayswhat they want

It still bothers me that my lil cuzo was killed at such a young age and his kids was left without a father. what really bothers me the most is how the media had on channel three news that he was involved in a gang which is not so. It also is disturbing how when a young man's life is taken that the media has to bring up their pass record. The media never sit down to think of what the family is going through they just dig for dirt instead of focusing on the fact that something as precious as a life was taken. Just because a person has a past criminal record does not make them a bad you man always.

r.i.p brother

brother imm amiss you..i just cant believe you are gone this early..but god calld you homer.i.p(never frgotten)


It will end when parents start being parents again and these children stop popping out babies like toasters spit out pop tarts. It will end when the punishment for the crime will be so bad and the prisons will again be a living hell that only the very worst people go there and the news media quits making heros out of thugs. It will end when people stop using weapons to solve their problems and grow up a little. It will end when school systems take the ones who cause trouble for other students out of regular classrooms and put them in places where they can be watched more closely and not coddled because it might make them feel bad. It will end when taking drugs gets you a look of disgust instead a wow they are so cool. It will end when our lawmakers step up and quit making laws with no teeth. If you notice I DID NOT include any one race in the problem, because the problem is so big it eats up all races. I could have gone on and on but I think you get the picture.

oh my god...this must be a dream

i cant believe my brother is gone this early but i think he should more time for this..but i hope too god larry does not get out..but it really hurts me and my family that my brother is gone..but he's missed darely an love but NEVERFORGOTTEN..LOVE YOU BROTHA

what a shame

just wanted to comment about the plea that lil one received. It's a shame he didn't get more time and was offered a plea when he nearly executed my cousin. Leave the drugs alone is all i can say. At least we can now rest peacefully knowing that some attempt for justice was served in Mann's honor. Another young black man on his way to prison. when will it stop..OBAMA!!!! get it together people.

what does Obama have to do

what does Obama have to do with this?


another young black man on his way to prison...when will it stop? It will stop when the "black man" stops thinking this world OWES him will stop when they realize they CAN do whatever they want in this will stop when they realize that playing the race card doesn't get them will stop when our OWN GOVERNMENT stops participating in discriminatory policies ITSELF. It will stop when people start taking CARE OF THEMSELVES instead of wanting the government to take care of will STOP when the communities stand up to the drug dealers and maybe start some vigilantly actions against them...hang some of them from trees maybe...