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VOTE 2010: The last debate for McIntyre and Pantano

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: The last debate for McIntyre and Pantano

Two North Carolina Congressional candidates are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. Brunswick Community College hosted the final debate between Congressman Mike McIntyre and Republican candidate Ilario Pantano.


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- It was a packed house Monday night with more than 700 people in attendance. This campaign has come down to trash-talking media ads and it got heated tonight as McIntyre and Pantano faced off in the final debate of the year.

After serving seven straight terms as North Carolina's Congressman, Democrat Mike McIntyre has many voters hoping to see him serve his eighth term.

Tom Radewicz supports McIntyre and said, "He proved that he has had the experience and he proved that his record shows he's the best qualified for leading North Carolina in the next two years."

Recent campaign ads created by supporters of Pantano claim McIntyre and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have become a team of their own.

Pantano supporter Sal Mirando said, "I think McIntyre was not telling the truth about his allegiance to Pelosi and I think a lot of his agenda is hidden through Pelosi letting him vote on certain things and not voting on certain things."

Monday night's debate consisted of support and opposition for the two candidates. Regardless, people want to know what each candidate will do if they make it to Washington, D.C. Some say voters will see a tax hike if McIntyre continues his reign in Washington.

"If the tax is fair and the tax is well-spent and the people feel confident with the people that are taxing them then they don't have a problem," said Radewicz.

When it comes to money many voters want to know where their money is going. Some are even curious about Pantano's personal finances saying he has not been transparent with campaign finances. Pantano defended himself Monday night saying he's an open book.

Pantano says his wife brings home the bacon in their household and it's something that supporters can relate to.

"His wife makes a lot of money and that's fine," said Mirando. "The last ten years of my life my wife made a lot more than I did."

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Changed my mind when I saw the SS ad

The ad that McIntyre bought concerning Pantano's privatizing Social Security is a sign of how desperate he is. The ad that he bought last month about Pantano's 23% tax increase made me sick to my stomach. Yet, I still decied to stay with Mike. However, the Social Security ad changed my mind.

I voted a few minutes ago for Pantano. I can't stand the type distortions that McIntyre is spreading about Pantano. Surely, Mike has done this part of the state a lot of good. His credibility is all he has to offer now and he has blown that big time.

There are lots of dirty ads being spread around the whole country. I really didn't think that Mike would sink so low as to join the rest of the stinking politicians by buying distorting ads.

We can't go on as usual. I was prepared to vote for Mike this time until he joined the rest of the desperate politicians by buying such distorting ads. Pantano has explained his stand and it is nothing like the ads indicate.

I hope that tomorrow's news conference is Mike standing down to let a more truthful person have a chance.



I watched what I could of

I watched what I could of the so called debate,to me it seemed like nothing more then a pep rally.Pantano sticking to his lines about Pelosi and him being a hawk on defense and of joining the Marines after 9/11 doing two tours and all.What I'd like to know is why did he resign from the Marine Corp?And this Mirando character is nothing but a lackey of his.Probably looking for a patronage job. And please get rid of all the signs along the roads,it's sickening,if you think that just by seeing someones name is going to make up someones mind then we are in big trouble.Sick of it all.


Pantano really believes he was in the armed services. He doesnt forget to remind us every time he opens his mouth. Maybe he could serve our country better by signung back up. And his supporters who were at the debate last night should be ashamed of the way they acted. Just no manners. But thats the way they were probably raised up north.

What do you really stand for?

What does Pantano really believe in and what does he truly plan to do for NC??

Re: What does Pantano really stand for?

1.Reducing the size of an ever-increasing and intrusive government.
2.Reducing taxes and regulation that has a stranglehold on business.
3.A strong National defense, which includes border security.

In order to accomplish any of these goals, the American people must replace career politicians like Mike McIntyre. McIntyre has represented our district during our decline. His entire campaign platform is built around continuing to strip the federal budget of every cent of pork-barrel money possible to do favors for his constituents here in our district. Multiply McIntyre by 435 and you easily realize why our Nation is broke.

If a $13 Trillion Dollar deficit means anything to you, if you believe that a militarily strong nation must first be an economically strong one, If you're tired of our Congressman being on the sidelines, supporting the most liberal agenda that this Nation has ever endured; You must vote for Ilario Pantano for Congress.

Let's look at the facts...

1. As a voter you are not REQUIRED to vote straight Republican or straight Democrat...
--Intelligent people should be voting for the BEST qualified candidate regardless of party
2. Do you realize there are MANY people that do not have computers in their homes or at work. That was a rude comment by Pantano.
--Does Pantano not know the real world we are living in? We don't all have wives who make a lot of money and can support us.
2. McIntrye and Pelosi are two separate issues.
--Like any organization we must work within the process and make the best choices we can with what we have to work with.
3. If you have a problem with Pelosi - great - deal with her and her dealings...
-- If not, stand up, be clear and deal with the correct person you're actually run against
4. Pantano is harsh and calculating and if he wants to be in congress why didn't he do so in NY, where he came from?
-- Pantano comes across as being a social climber at the expense of NC. Let him go on his way and climb on someone else's back.
3. McIntrye is a seasoned professional with a mind for the people of NC.
-- He is PROVEN and has personally helped several individuals and small businesses I am aware of. His office will always call you back and do what they say they do.
4. Supporters of Pantano have proven in public to be rude, crude and even spit on we need this in our Congress? Is this a reflection of who you want in congress for NC?

Wow, could you be any more

Wow, could you be any more bigoted? This entire post was basically "Yankee go home". Is that all you got? Apparently you also feel it is OK to just make up stuff as well (learned from McIntyre no doubt)like the out and out lie about Pantano supporters spitting on people. Where do you get this nonsense from? Please explain where the Pantano supporters were rude and crude. I was at the debate and I saw nothing rude or crude just supporters applauding Mr. Pantano's answers. Should we have just sat there in complete silence? Please come back with a more intelligent response than "Yankee go home".

Wished it was on video

It's kind of sad how many of the Yankees come to live in the South and bring their Yankee ideas and bigotry with them. Instead of being there and seeing what others (4 others to be exact)see - simply the truth being presented. There was a woman who actually spit on a politician and then claimed to be a Pantano supporter. Also, there was a rather curt remark made on TV during one of the debates by Pantano himself; who thought every person around must own a computer. He shouldn't expect everyone has the means to check out his website if they don't have a computer. It was rude. Please, get real, open your eyes. I came from the north and left that cold Yankee meaness back where it came from. Please consider doing so yourself.

more dem rubbish

Smears from the DC--smears locally in races for Congress and local offices. Dems have a record of failure and deceit--so now they resort out of desparation to smears---because they have a record of failure at all levels. We dont have to but if we are smart we will vote for change and better leaders by voting
STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN--end the mediocrity and send a message Dem sleazy tactics will backfire

debate aftermath

I did vote for Obama-- I blew it---he is an embarrassment to our Nation and a disgrace as President. Do you remember last Xmas-and health care Harry reid--the deal with Louisiana and the deal with Nelson of nebraska-which the people out there were disgusted with.
Marvelous Mike was part of the gamesmanship---lets go straight republican and send a message to dems all over--we cant afford in DC- we can afford bev and her cronies in Raleigh and we cant afford causey and others here in new hanover

The Debate

As a Democrate I am offended by the fact that because of one man everybody thinks we are the ugly monster and all of us are not! We are going thru the same thing the Republicans are going thru and THE WHOLE COUNTY is going thru. Congressman Mike McIntyre has not pleased everybody and neither will Republican candidate Ilario Pantano. I am an old time Conservative democrate and I think the problem is that it is suppose to be the government by the people and for the people and instead we THE PEOPLE have let it get out of control. It is now the government by the government and for the government. WE THE PEOPLE are to blame. When the people asked Pantano a question he became very defenseive and had what we called in Vietnam the thousand yard stare. That is scary. McIntyre has stayed longer than he said he would. If Pantano is elected will he go balastic when in office. I also know no matter what anyone sayes McIntyre can bring home the bacon to North Carolina. I am wondering if Pantano will be able too( if elected). I really hope so. I am only concerned about whats right for North Carolina. They have bailed out the banks, car companies and god knows what else with OUR MONEY. Then the banks took away our homes and the car companies took our cars after we saved them. My only question is WHOS going to bail us out. Folks we need money in southeastern North Carolina to get the infrastructure so businesses can come here and give our people jobs. I only hope that(if he's elected)Pantano will be as good as McIntyre at bringing home the bacon to North Carolina and not worry about Idaho. Please choose carefuly! Look at all the facts. Go to your computers and read. Stop listening to all the hype! If everybody jumped off the train running at 100 miles an hour would you. We need Jobs, and money here in North Carolina. Please think about that instead of letting your emotions guide you. No matter who you choose please get up and go vote.

You are one rant 'n raver

It looks like not only rock 'n roll
but politics will make you rant 'n rave.
It'll send you to an early grave
and compared to what's left, (or right)
politics is not a lovely way to go.
(with apologies to Larry R. and the Highsteppers)

Your rant sir, borders on illiterate and skims the thin ice of lunacy while waving frantically from what used to be the shore of the sea of tranquility. That's one small step backward for mankind.

What have you said in the end? Did you ask us to do anything more specific than "get out and vote"? Is there any qualitative advice buried in that one long paragraph?? Is there something we should know?

That tenuous, yes, I said tenuous, connection from the stare to infrastructure and jobs sounds like an apology for as well as blame on the local politicians for poor roads and worse water problems and hoping the ill-prepared, undertrained, and poorly educated--also known as locals--will somehow be employed if we could just get the water and road problem figured out.

You think some redemptive large manufactory will land here and then, boy howdy we'll get that Trader Joe's AND an Ikea. By gawd, Wegman’s won’t be far behind.

That train couldn't get up to a hundred if it tried no matter how much it thinks it can. I'll stop at scratching my head over the suddenly capital J jobs.

Yikes! Stripes!

Now that's how to write a screed, eh?

Pantano not perfect but better

Pelosi-Reid--and the guy in WH who bows to foreign leaders and smears with attacks that Chamber is taking foreign money to try to salvage his party of lies and high unemployment. When AL GORE took all that foreign money that was fine with dems---we need a change and we certainly need dems here or in raleigh or in DC---we get what we elect and we need these folks amessage its our money and futures they are failing with. Pantano is clearly better for that reason.

The Debate

As a life-long democrat who did NOT vote for Obama and a small business owner, I watched the debate intensely and have also used the internet to research both candidates.

The comment in the story from Mr Mirando that insinuated there was some conspiracy between Pelosi and McIntyre where Pelosi 'allowed' McIntyre to occasionally enhance his conservative democrat voting record is ridiculous. This 'black helicopter' attitude and the fanaticism of the Pantano supporters make me uneasy. It didn't help that Mr Pantano himself is incredibly intense.

I thought Mr Pantano won the debate, he just has not yet won my vote.

straight republican vote

I have had enough-up and down the offices--we have dems at national level and locally running a campaign of smears-I guess you do that when you have a poor record that shows poor judgment--and arrogance of a kind I never remember seeing--by the way did Mike and other dems get that foreign money from Chamber of Commerce that biden is lying about--I have had enough-STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN VOTE FOR FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME


I attended the debate last night between the congressional candidates and although I learned a lot on many different issues, I was more pleased by Pantano putting Mr David Jones in his place. He was obviously questioning Pantano's past on McIntyre's advice. Jones is not smart enough to be in the same room as Pantano, much less ask him stupid questions like he did last night. Everything that Jones asked is on the website of Pantano for everyone to see. Your attack backfired Davey Boy!!!!!!! Now why don't you do us all a favor and switch political parties..

Regardless of

which side of the fence you stand on, vote on November 2. This election is one of the most critical in recent history as a clear message must be sent to The Annointed One and his band of thieves who believe tax, spend, and borrow are the right course.

If something does not change; if the dollar does not recover, you may soon be using a wheel barrow to take sufficient funds to the market to buy a loaf of bread.

Our nation's economy had gone down the toilet; our place in World affairs is dismal and it is shameful when the President of The United States bows to foriegn leaders.

SEnd a clear message. Vote

Status Quo

Mike has to go. Blue Dog... Conservative Dem... He cannot be trusted. To me he is status quo and a career politician. Dems a quick to point out that Pantano “is not one of us” “ an outsider”. Mike was born rich and groomed from a young age, went to law school, and became a politician. Pantano served our county not once, but twice. That alone wins my vote over a career politician every time. I have not forgotten the lying, cheating, and stealing the dems did to pass their socialization of the best healthcare system known to man. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi crammed healthcare reform, the stimulus, and the bailouts down our throats under the terms that we were not smart enough to make our own decisions. We must vote November 2nd to reject the social takeover of our great country and the abuse of power and spending that has taken place under Obama’s watch. And for the love of sweet Jesus stop blaming everything on Bush…

""Our nation's economy had

""Our nation's economy had gone down the toilet; our place in World affairs is dismal and it is shameful when the President of The United States bows to foriegn leaders""

Im glad someone said it....

And Vote I will.