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Late night bus offers free rides to women

Operators of the late-night bus service want to do what they can to keep local women safe. The bus will give free rides to any female who finds herself alone downtown. The bus runs from downtown Wilmington to the New Center Drive - College Road area. It operates Thursday through Saturday from 10:30 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. Rides usually cost $2 each way.

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Re: Women ride for free

This is the same as bars and clubs letting women in for free. It's a load of crap that shouldn't be tolerated. Feminists should stand up and say that they don't need special treatment because of the perceived notion that they are the weaker sex. You want equal treatment? Equal pay? Grow a pair and stand up for yourselves.


Guest84... Have you ever thought about the reason that girls get into bars for free? It attracts guys to come. Guys don't want to go to bars where there are no girls. By allowing for girls to get in free, the are more willing to go to the bars. I don't feel like im the weaker sex b/c i am able to get into bars free... i Love it! Yes I deserve equal treatment and I demand it but doesnt mean im not going to take advantage of any offer that might be free. Some stop whinning about your $5 cover you have to pay to go to bar.

Love to

Guess all those reports about Wilmington men being raped are just being covered up? I think this is great. Now women can feel a little more safe. I don't think most men understand how unsafe and vulnerable women can feel, and not just downtown at night.

Re: Love to

The women who feel vulnerable should take self-defense classes, not walk alone downtown, or carry mace or another weapon. There is no reason why anyone (man or woman) shouldn't be able to protect themselves from crime instead of just waiting for it to happen.

I think this is fantastic!

I think this is fantastic! When local businesses are able to use their resources like this for the safety of our community... it really reminds us that people care about each other. THANK YOU!


This sounds great and I hope it works for the safety of the college kids and other local partiers.. but have we really stopped and thought about all the minor details. I mean what's worse than a group of rowdy drunk college aged kids (could soon be as young as 18 if that law passes)?? A group of rowdy drunk college aged kids pilled onto a bus. What are the poor drivers going to have to deal with? If the kids get thrown together with somebody they have "beef" with, then I'm sure when they are drunk a fight will break out. Have they considered the safety of the driver? Will there be a police on board in case something like this happens? What about the nastiness of these drunk people? The vomit and urine the drivers will have to clean up. My friend lives downtown and we sit out on her balcony watching the drunk people pee on store fronts and vomit on the side walks. This is them just walking down the street, I'm sure a bumpy bus ride isn't going to do anything to settle their stomach or ease their urge to pee while waiting for their stop. This could be a good idea, but what happened to the good old D.D? Has today's youth gotten so party happy that they can't figure it out amongst themselves who's going to be D.D for the night? Yes, I agree that it will be good to get the drunk drivers off the road, but what good will it do if a fight breaks out on the bus and somebody has a knife or worse and the drive wrecks because of that? I just hope they worked out all the safety issues and kinks before they launched this thing.


Wow, so women ride free at night? Isn't that considered sexual discrimination? I can't ride for free because I am male? So much for the so called women's rights movement.oh well


want that just make it easy for someone to spot a lone girl on the bus maybe after drinking downtown, or getting off the bus half a block from her home.......... not sure if this is a good thing or not. I think they mean well but...????

Safe Way Home

The idea of a late night shuttle between Downtown and the UNCW area is a tremendous contribution to the safety of our community in so many ways. Now another use, helping lone females, who unfortunately are targets of sexual crimes, get home safely. College students and many other young persons enjoy the clubs and restaurants Downtown on the weekend, but driving home can be a dangerous prospect. To have a safe and legal alternative has been needed for many years. I hope the area supports this valuable service.