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Late Night Wilmington Bus Service Starts Aug. 14

READ MORE: Late Night Wilmington Bus Service Starts Aug. 14
James and Beth Golden have a permit from the city of Wilmington to start late night bus service, but they don't have permission from UNCW to drive onto college property. So the new late night bus service will pick up students on the edge of campus, take them downtown and then back to the College Road, New Centre Drive area. Golden tells WWAY the bus service will start running Thursday, August 14 at 10:30pm and it will run til 3:30am and that'll be Thursday through Saturday. The cost to ride will be $2 with a membership. $5 without. Memberships run $10 a month. For college students, that's attractive and it keeps potentially drunk drivers off the road. Brice Poston, a college student says: "I think it's a great idea. $2. I'd like to know where $2 will get me, like how far it will take me, but $2 sounds great. It's a lot cheaper than a taxi ride." The late night bus service is not expected to conflict with the Wilmington WAVE transit system, as WAVE does not operate during late night hours. The late night bus will not be using WAVE bus stops either. Dustin Anderson is responsible for the new service. "I've been going downtown for years and it's always a hassle for me to get a cab ride back, so why not have a bus to bring us downtown. Greenville has it. Raleigh has it." Now Wilmington has it.

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As a former cab driver, I

As a former cab driver, I wish the Goldens all the best and good luck in their venture. I understand what you're doing, and the necessity for it, but I'm afraid you may be biting off more than you can chew. One thing I CAN tell you is this: Based on my own personal experiences as a late-night driver, invest in vinyl/rubber floormats and plastic seatcovers .. and maybe also some kind of nanny-cam/security camera system and/or ride-alongs with off-duty cops and/or hired security. Think of them like you would your spare tire and jack .. you may never need them, but if you do you'll be glad you had them! Good Luck!!

Campus Police

I think the UNCW should allow the bus to stop on the Campus property. Then Campus Police should me waiting on it and charge any under the age drinkers..

Wow, thanks for thinking of

Wow, thanks for thinking of college kids only, most of which are too young to legally drink anyway. Smart.

Wow, thanks for thinking of - reply

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is NOT just for college kids. This is for everyone!!!!!! We pick up and drop off at the apartment complexes around the College area but anyone can join and anyone can ride even if they don't join. If you have questions or concerns you can go to the website or email us anytime. We are doing this for anyone that needs a SAFE, AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ride home to and from Downtown. James

I little late perhaps, maybe

I little late perhaps, maybe that poor girl wouldn't have been brutally raped and stabbed had this been done a long time ago.

So, everybody wins!

This is far different from the proposal of ealier this year. The taxpayers aren't being saddled with paying for "the drunk shuttle." If WAVE had run this, it would have been just the latest drain on a mismanaged system that can't support itself as it is. Mister Anderson, I sincerely hope your idea succeeds, that it does cut down on driving while drunk, and that you make lots of money on this venture. We know that WAVE could have never pulled off that last one....

safer to ride than walk alone

A great thing for safety late at night.

This is exactly what uncw

This is exactly what uncw should have done and shows the bureaucratic bull that they would rather kids drink and drive than have a safe ride. If you think you're gonna stop kids from drinking your a moron.