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Latest on Whiteville escaped convict

READ MORE: Latest on Whiteville escaped convict
A man hunt is going on in Columbus County Thursday night. An escaped inmate is on the run. Schools went on lock down Thursday, and police continue to search for a prisoner on the run. Armed officers canvass ditches, woods, on foot and in the air, searching for any sign of 39-year-old Archie Funderburk. Funderburk was about three months in to a one year prison sentence for larceny when he escaped around 10:30 Thursday morning. It was along 701 where Archie Funderburk was picking up garbage and ran into the woods, despite two armed guards firing at him. The escape prompted the five Whiteville city schools to go on lock down for the whole school day. They had planned on a noon dismissal. At Central Middle School, parents were allowed to pick up their children if they showed ID. “Teachers had to lock the doors. We couldn't go to the bathroom or anything,” said Christin Smith of Central Middle School. Adding to the confusion was the fact that some parents have kids in several Whiteville schools. Buses eventually were allowed to take students home late in the day, accompanied by law enforcement. A command post was set up along NC 701. Officers from all over the area will comb the area until they find Funderburk. He was eligible for early release in February but now faces additional jail time, if caught.

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I live about a half mile from where this prisoner escaped. The woods surrounding me and behind my house are heavily wooded and could offer many hiding places for a person trying to run and not be found. I cant figure out why the bloodhounds weren't immediately used to find and flush this man out. I have heard but not confirmed that "the woods are too thick" for the dogs! If true that is ridiculous! Hunters and hunting dogs of all kinds are constantly running their dogs back there during deer, dove and wild turkey season! My own kids have played in certain parts of the woods so its not making one bit of since to me! The Whiteville city schools did what they had to do to protect our children and should be commended. Where it was a bit of a hassle to pick up my children from WHS on Thursday, had it been made easy then anyone could have picked them up! If that escapee is still hiding in those woods he is certainly not smiling! It is FULL of copperhead and cottonmouth snakes that haven't gone into hibernation yet plus the mosquitoes are so thick that at times it looks like walls of them! Now its raining and getting cooler at night. I'm sure his stay out there has not been pleasant! I will continue to keep all of our flood lights on at night, our doors locked and the shotgun case key in my pocket!

Excaped prisoner

The guards need training on how to use a fire arm. They should not be guards if they are poor shooters, what if the man had been in prison for murder, then we would have a much bigger problem.

Guard Training

The guards should not be fired from their job and are not to blame as long as they followed procedure and they did. They are highly trained. The one to blame would be the one who let a high profile prior escapee on a prison road crew. It is public knowledge that this inmate was a kidnapper and escapee.

Re: Escaped Prisoner

The guards are highly trained on the use of a firearm. It's not necessarily a poor shot that is the's the human factor involved in that split-second decision to take another human's life or not. Unless you have done it before, and most of us have not, you don't know if you'll hesitate or not when the time comes. We were not on the side of that road (although I was less than 1/4 mile away), so we don't know what happened. All we can do now is to support the men & women out there hunting tirelessly around the clock for this man.


They do not let murderers out on work release to pick up trash, for one. Second, what does "excaped" mean? Please, people, think before you type.

Murderers on work release

It wasn't that long ago that a murderer on work release robbed and killed an old man visiting the USS North Carolina.

yes, murderers and rapist do

yes, murderers and rapist do get work release at public jobs like, for one, at the hog plant at Tarheel with no one guarding them

Sorry to inform you "lifers"

Sorry to inform you "lifers" and murderers are used quite often as a medium custody road squad workers.

I would like to highly thank

I would like to highly thank all law enforcement for their assistance on Thurs with the school situation...............It pissed me off to see some of the uppity parents at Central Middle school act as if they could just walk in the school and get their child....I know it was frustrating because i had to drive 45 minutes from my job to get my child...but lets be thankful for what was done.......i would like to commend Officer White for remaining professional with some of those uppity parents...........I was very impressed to the DOC officials riding behind the bus and walking the students to their guys were do not get enough recognition..........i am proud to be a citizen of the county of Columbus..........parents, bear with this and be proud that they are making sure our kids are safe..............

Guards at Fault

The guards are to blame for this and the whole guard team that was supervising this work detail should be fired immediately. What is the purpose of them standing on the side of the road with weapons if they can't use them when needed? The appropriate thing would have been to shoot the inmate. How they let this prisoner get away is very hard to understand. Again, the guards should be fired. Good luck to those searching for the escapee.


The officers take their jobs very seriously. All those who want to blame them for allowing this to happen have no idea what the situation was. These prisoners are part of a work crew. They are in public. You can't shoot recklessly. If these officers had and ended up hitting an innocent bystander or driver then you would all be screaming for them to be more careful. You guys need to think before you automatically assume that they are poor shots or incapable of doing their jobs. You have no idea how difficult these inmates are to handle. This prisoner will be captured. It's just a matter of time.


You say you're an ex-guard? Until you know the details of the escape quit throwing out ridiculous statements. The OFFICERS did shoot at the inmate. No one knows if they hit the inmate. I don't know and you don't know. I think correctional officers do an exceptional job for little pay. Be thankful there are people who do this job. Sleep safe

Sorry Shot Indeed

If they did shoot the inmate, it was one sorry shot. If it would have been a quick clean shot, we wouldn't be talking about it, because they would have needed medical attention or a body bag for the inmate. This is yet another reason that some of the shotguns (not all) used by the guards should be changed to very high-caliber and scoped rifles. One accurate clean shot and the escapee would run no more. The bottom line is that the hesitation by the guards allowed this inmate to break away and run free. It's a simple concept: point, aim and pull.


I have to guess that anyone who can aquire a fast moving target with a scoped weapon carrying a nato round, must be Houdini, unles we are taking about the saw this weapon has the capability of making everything disapear, but to use it or a scoped rifle at close range, needs a magician that can make everthing down range disapear, just pull the trigger and scream get the kids in, I missed. A 223 or 5.6mm round is subsonic thats right folks this bullet moves so fast that even your local gun fanatic will tell you that it still pops even with a silencer. So strap on the shotgun gaurd the inmates do the best you can and if 1 gets away that must mean you did you job with all the rest.....PS if you are going to use a scope rifle, throw it at the convict, you have a better chance of hitting him...

You have not a clue what you are talking about

At close range (like a fleeing criminal) nothing is going to out do a shotgun! Hitting the target is far easier in the first place and in the second, you do not need the range or power of a rifle. A scope makes it even more difficult to find, follow and hit your running target. This was real life and not TV! Of course the guards hesitated. They have to take in certain real life facts. What and/or who else is in the line of fire for one. I am sure you have seen road crews working. Citizens passing by in cars, homes and or businesses around. You just don't come out "guns a blazing"! The criminal took a life threatening chance that the guard did not. The criminal got lucky. That the guard took the time to make sure no innocent person was in the line of fire was lucky for the public. Lucky the guard acted responsibly. Better that criminal gets to stay on the lamb for a short while than some poor slob and his family have buck shot rain into the car they are driving.

Scoped rifles?

Absolutely no firearms expert I have known or read recommends a scoped rifle for a fast moving target. The relationships between field of view, magnification, and light transmission would mean that you would have to use a large, low power scope, thus rendering it of little advantage over open iron sites. You have obviously never encountered a shoot-through situation, either. I can assure you that a 5.56 mm SS109 round can enter a suspect's chest, penetrate his heart, shatter his spine, and exit his body with enough velocity to penetrate two walls of an apartment, lodging half-way through a stud in the third. That's why many departments have abandoned M-4 carbines in place of selective fire MP5s or shotguns for entry teams. This was not a sniper situation, requiring a high power rifle with scope. A shotgun was the perfect weapon to use, assuming that the officer reacted quickly and was trained to a level of proficiency to insure success. I have a Remington 11-87 Police with rifle sights that can place 5 of 5 slugs in a paper plate at fifty yards. Load it with 00 bucksot and at least a quarter of the pellets will be on the plate, with the remainder within a few feet surrounding the plate. If they WERE armed with rifle, it had better be a 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45ACP carbine if you don't want to see innocent people getting killed.

Ex-guard my

Ex-guard my obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Things happen and sometimes nothing can be done about it.

These men have to be very

These men have to be very careful before they open fire. They can't just start firing anywhere. What if another inmate was in the line of fire? Or a car going by? They also need rifles instead of shotguns when working with a road crew. These men only get firearms training once a year, maybe the state can up that to more than once or put a firing range at the prisons so that they are on top of their game. Anyway, if he had been killed then you people would be blasting the guards for killing an "innocent prisoner". It's a no win situation for them. The guy will be caught. OBVIOUSLY he's an idiot.