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Latino festival

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Wilmington was a little spicy Saturday, that is because people came together to indulge in the sights and sounds of Latin America. And for many festival goers, there was a lot to celebrate. Lucy Vasquez of Amigos International said, "Everyone, not just Latinos, but everyone comes out to enjoy the food, the music, the dancing, the kids fiesta, pinatas every hour." Traditional Latin American food was certainly a hit. While others enjoyed listening and dancing to some favorite Latin tunes. For families, the Latino festival was the place to be. Kids made friends and keepsakes. Family is front and center in Latino culture. So it was important for festival organizers to include activities for people of all ages. This fiesta wasn't short guests this year, everyone wanted to share in the joys of the Latino culture.

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When Can Europeans Have a Festival or Heritage Day

I have been wondering. You see African American Heritage, Latino Heritage, Native American Heritage as well as their respective festivals. My kids are taught about the great accomplishments that each grove has made in soceity. They are given pictures of Dr Martin Luther King to color and trace the dot to dots. We see the Miss Black America contest on TV. When will/can European Americans have such? Will my thoughts be considered hate or racist?


I don't live in NC but in my websurfing I've come across this article and read this comment...I have to respond. I think it's interesting that you have to ask these questions. It's not that your question is considered hate or racist...just uninformed. If you think about it, the reason why these things (Native Heritage, Dr. MLK Jr Day, Miss Black America Contest) are in place, is because for so long other heritages were not allowed to participate in beauty pageants like Miss America. Also the history book is filled with stories of European/White American History so it's not necessary to create a special month or organization.

RE: Latino Festival

When we (White people) start to have great food and music, we can have our own festivals. Until then - I'm going to the Greek Festival and Latino Festival and Beerfest!

RE: Latino Festival?

Are you kidding? Great Food and Music by white people? You must not be from around here. White people have GREAT MUSIC AND FOOD...ever had: stuffed grouper? seared Tuna? carolina chicken salad? a BBQ'ed Filet? Brunswick Stew? Pasta/Pizza? Chocolate? and ever heard of: Led Zeppelin? Pink Floyd? Slayer? Dream Theater? Carly Simon? James Taylor? Willie Nelson? Van Halen? Ben Folds? pahleeeze... I agree about the fact that we have everything BUT European Festivals that celebrate the FOUNDERS of this country and its race relativity to where we are now.

Re: Latino Festival

You can walk into any restaurant and have food by 'white people.' Latino culture is festive, uplifting and pure. Ever go to a Led Zeppelin concert? Drugs and alcohol rampant. Pink Floyd? Dope. Latino festivals are sincere family gatherings...white people should take a closer look at other cultures.

Uplifting and pure...

Many of "us" have looked at other cultures and we don't want to be more like them. Let's just look for a second at the Dia De Los Muertos festival where "it was common to keep skulls as trophies and display them during the rituals". Where "many believe that during the Day of the Dead, it is easier for the souls of the departed to visit the living. People will go to cemeteries to communicate with the souls of the departed, and will build private altars. The intent is to encourage visits by the departed souls"... That's a dark, death culture to me. Now look at the border and look which way "those" people are crossing.

Latino Festival

How is any of that information you posted anything other than a complete waste of a post? If they have a Dia De Los Muertos festival in Hugh MacRae park, you can comment, otherwise, let's try and keep this discussion to relevant info.

very much so

Oh yes, that is racist. Nor can you start WET (White Entertainment Television), UWCF (United White College Fund) nor can you have NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People) because that would all be racist.


That's one of those ideas that can't exist in parallel with a Black Entertainment Channel, Black Miss America, Festival Latino NAACP... let's see what other justified "race specific" organizations we have setup...