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Law closes illegal immigrant driver's license loophole

So what's the policy here in North Carolina regarding illegal immigrants and driving privileges? Up until a month ago illegal immigrants could get a driver's licenses in North Carolina. State legislators recently passed a law that closed the last loophole that allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. That law tightened what a person is required to show at the DMV to prove citizenship status. Now a person has to have a social security number or visa to be in the US. Rep. Carolyn Justice helped push through the legislation that tightened the requirements. Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction. But Rep. Justice told me today that she doesn't buy that argument. She questions whether employers truly need illegal immigrants or just like having them on their workforce because they'll work for less money.

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Ok so what if illegal

Ok so what if illegal immigrants do work for less money, other people are not going to do the dirty work. Look around if it wasn't for illegal immigrants who would be working in factories such as Tyson, or catching chickens for you to eat. Whos going to work on the fields and have our vegtables huh. This is stupid, illegal immigrants should have the right to have a least there drivers license. What happend to free country. News flash there is no such thing as native unless if your a native-american indian. Most people come from across the sea. Back then no one had a visa they just came and were able to work. I think they should at least get there drivers license its not hurting any.

illigal immigrants

Well to be really honest since 04 about twenty million of illegal immigrants have been coming into the us yes they need them because theirs not that many people that want to work and some times people that have a chance to work don't because they are use to depending on the government for things like example welfare and more so it's not that they need us it's just the lack of motivation and going out there and making it happen

you people just dont get it

wow you people dont get it do you!! ever since yall took away there licenses the economy crashed!!!!!!!!!! think about it they dont buy cars no more, dont pay insurance, dont get a job, ect!! no money for you period!! but yea go on ahead and kick them out we will see the effects not them!!

Law closes illegal immigrant driver's license loophole

I am for closing any loopholes. The answer is pretty simple. Just like the birds, if you take away all the bird feeders in your back yard they will leave. It isn't just North Carolina doing this. I was told it is every state.


I didnt read everyones comments, but this is what i got from the majority, and i know this is off topic but we this stype of thinking we are not getting anywhere. Wow! Its nothing personal, but i read over half the stuff people were saying, and all of you are too simple minded. How do you make an arguement with out looking at the possible cause & effects, all the possible negative and possitive effects. All i hear is people talking about colleges, money, tax, and stating your different points of view without considering anything else. It can easily be seen that no one has done any research, yet you argue like you know what you are talking about, like your idea is valid. I only saw abuot 3 people that were open minded. The rest were completely for or against IAs, making their statements completely week. I dont know about the yall, but it sounds to me like we are still in the same state of mind as in the past with african-american slaves, the "send them back to africa" type of thing. I mean, its pretty much the same thing, but with IAs. They are here, and they wont leave, and no one has comed up with any alternate possible solution other than "Build a gieant wall, and shoot them." Always talking abuot America and its freedom, desciminating illigal immigrants, and not coming up with anything possitive for them and for us. we are still in this simple mind set. True or not?

It is a simple fact that it

It is a simple fact that it is against federal law for any illegals to be in this country and in case you didnt know, it is also against fedreal law to assist them in any way or to hire any state that gives them a DL is also breaking the law

since it is against the law they infact should be rounded up and taken back to where ever they came from whether it be Mexico, Africa, Ireland where ever they come from, also it they continue to re enter this country put them in prison. We as Americans need to be ultra concerned about our security and if we hurt some feelings in the process to d**n bad

Apartment raids for illegals

Because of the "Fair Housing Act" there are apartment housing complexes in Wilmington that are now having to provide data to the Federal Government about how (method) the people that rent there are paying, services provided, and numbers of occupants/tenants in each dwelling. New Hanover County Housing Authority itself has the obligation to run background checks on the tenants of the apartments and housing that it manages and report this to the Federal Government. NHCHA needs to be held accessory to the crime of defrauding the Federal Government when they let criminals stay there. Our taxes might mean something if things like this were not going on.

Illegal already

If you're here male and over 18 and have not registered for the selective service, then the government is coming for you anyway. When illegals are stopped at traffic stops and then held they will be check in the data base and then they can be charged with a Federal crime. Then deported. The noose tightens.

1/2 right

Only if you are born here are you required to register with selective service unless you immigrated and naturalized. Those guys older than service age can't be charged. But they are illegal anyway. Sooner or later they will be caught with the new laws in NC. Any driving accident in NC that results in an injury can be processed as a felony charge if there are reasons to prosecute the driving incident. And now, the state of NC has to determine the legal citizenship of anyone that is charged with a felony. Deport follows due course. I can see the dramatic increase of drive-offs now that this is out and the word is spreading. 400,000 illegal aliens leaves a lot of statistical room for accidents.

Go to mexico

To all you illegal immigration rights advocates I ask you to do this. Sneak across the border into mexico, ask for a job, free education, healthcare, and a drivers license and see what happens to you. I believe your treatment would be a little harsher than the way we reward our illegal immigrants for destroying the middle class way of life in America today.

I can't believe it!

This is almost unreal! I actually agree with what commonsense is saying. That has to be a first! This country is goin to become just as bad as mexico if we don't do something about it soon! They come over here to trash our country just as they have done their own. If you want to be in america, then become a citizen! Enough said!

dream land? or the land of nightmares?

I think that you all should make an individual identify themselfs with a source of identification that is legally correct and not a falcified identity. but we are taking the privilege of driving from an intire community that have followed the rules and have a clean record. Illegal in the United States of America but have been behaved better than a Citizen of this country. Yes they broke the law by entering this country illegally but they did it for needing a better life for that individual and his/her family. I dont think it's right to punish those individuals because they are trying to live the dream not get caught in this nightmare that we are making them go through by terrorising their priviliges. I as a 17 year old would like to ask from yall compasion and consideration of these individuals because i think that we are taking away an american like value to those individuals and their teenage kids who want to drive to school like all their peers but cant do so because of their illegal status. please give those good people a chance to be like every other legal citizen of this country.

Oh please stop!!!

PLEASE!!!! Stop beating this horse... it is dead!!!! I can't believe my eyes! I AM 40 and I agree with the 17 yr old. For Pete sake, where is the love of your fellow human? Or do you morons think because they are illegal they are not human or even our equals. In the eyes of God we are brothers, weather you like it or not. God does not care what your nationality, he rewards compassion and kindness. They are illegal, SO WHAT, at least they work, and don't give me that crap about them taking “our” jobs, if you were going to work one, you would already have one and they can't take it if your doing it right. Blame the company executives who want thicker pockets and sent jobs south. I for one am sick of hearing all the pissin and moanin about what they are taking away from "US". We have taken way more from them how would like your dignity and freedom taken and questioned just because your chose to try to make a better life for your family. Any of you who have ever traveled to their country will know that you are treated with dignity and respect no matter where you go. Be compassionate and kind not judgmental or cruel and what if they are not "legal" citizens, they are still citizens. Citizens of this country and the majority of them follow the laws of the land. Please don't say if they can't follow the one law to get here how can they follow any other law, well to this I say, if you even got a speeding ticket, a parking ticket or forgot to pay for something, how can YOU follow the laws? You broke one already? Please do not forget that they may be illegal but they ARE human and deserve kindness. Let us also please remember that even though "Julio" and "Consuela" are illegal, most of their children are born here which makes them entitled to every right afforded to you and your children! So live with it, as a matter of fact, with “Julio” and “Consuela” being illegal, they can’t file a tax return and get back any of the money they pay out in Social security and Fed and state taxes. So… who is really paying for the welfare system to stay afloat? Try walking in someone else’s shoes before you start yelling about what “They” are doing. It make sense to me to take away a way of them obtaining legal drivers licenses, they will still drive they still need to get to work and school and doctor appointments and grocery stores and unfortunately it will end up most likely driving without a license and insurance, who will end up paying for that? I’ve got 10watt light bulbs brighter than the leaders and law makers of this state and country. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

Oh please stop!

The illegals chose to be just that. I didn't nor did anyone I know make that choice for them. It is Illegal for people of foreign countries to cross into this country and not obey the entry rules. .To make that choice doesn't mean that once caught that they become instant citizens of this country and receive the reward of being a law abiding individual.
After being caught at their crime, one wonders why anyone is trying to protect them. Their country that they ran from is their country. Not mine. I didn't go to war or join the military to put my life on the line for illegals. Nor did I work to pay for illegals.Simply send them back to their country of origin.
If compassion is something one wants then get off your butts and start having some for Americans without jobs, without homes, etc. Yet you cry over the very ones who have brought crime, death,and wanting free social give benefits. God help you for being so stupit.
What we save on food pickers will be off set by the amount of illegals and the many problems they bring with them.
And, as far as their problems in not collecting tax monies, that is their choice again. Maybe when they see that real Americans are fed up with the leftest bleeding hearts they will stay at home.. not mine.. You don't like it? Go south then and camp out with the riffraff from Mexico.

illegal citizens

KUDO'S to you!I couldn't agree with you more. Thank goodness some one wrote an intelligent comment. It's just too bad their aren't more people out there with your intelligence! I read some comments and Lol. I can't believe how ignorant some people are.


If you are so intelleigent why don't you run for public office and straighten this mess out?

You just lost your spot

You just lost your spot for getting into a college because the illegal criminals spell better than you and now they have more "priviledges" than you. They have a right now to a better education than you can afford and at your blue collar job tax money expense for the rest of your life. Are you so dim you can't see the train that just hit you? If you are, then maybe you deserve it. Darwinism is a b*tch and the dumbest don't survive!


You're seventeen years old. Get back to us about that "compassion" when you're a productive, tax-paying member of society, watching the money you contribute every payday going to pay for TANF, food vouchers, and Medicaid when Julio is locked up for DWI and Consuela needs to feed the seven ninos. BTW, you're missing a critical point of this issue - since they're not citizens, and came here illegally, they don't DESERVE the same rights as citizens. Why are you so willing to think that as an American citizen, you're nothing special?


Actually I should not even dignify your comment with an answer, but I will. Do you not think we have LEGAL American citizens that are on medicaid, food vouchers, etc., that is a family generation cycle over and over? I suggest you open your eyes and take a look around you. All the low-life scum bags using the system, and spending YOUR tax dollars are not illegal immigrants. The majority of them are born and raised in the USA that know how to play the system. They were born in the system on medicaid, and will die on medicaid. By the way, in case you are wondering, I am not a minority. I happen to be a middle age white woman. Something else you might not know. It is not ONLY the minority people on medicaid, etc.

RE: compassion


...and if you were at all familiar with my posts.... would find that I complain about them even more.

What gave you the idea that I only resented illegal deadbeats?

To Dream Land

My, my , my ....all of 17 years of age....thinking you have the answer to all of the problems with illegals in this country. Well, when you can't get a job, because they are all being given to illegals, or can't afford health insurance, because the cost of your insurance is helping to pay for the illegals who use our hospitals and don't pay, when you get out in the world on your own, out from under your parents purse strings, come back in a few years and see if you still feel the same way!!!!

Let's do something...

Yes. Let's all call Governor Easley at 1-800-662-7952 and tell him exactly what we think of Illegals. And then, call the legislature at 919-733-6854 and 919-733-3451.

Mike Easley is no longer the governor

Uhh...Beverly Purdue - like the chicken - is the governor of NC - though God knows we'd be as well off with the chicken.

Why in the world do illegals

Why in the world do illegals want a drivers license to start with???? If illegals don't care about breaking the laws being here illegally, then.......?????? Our government law makers are "too" law breakers themselves having ignored these issues for years, now all of a sudden it's an issue????? Too many stress/pain meds flowing through their veins keep them from clear decision making. No doubt our government (Washington,D.C. or state by state) needs an enema, with a capital "E".

Vote? What about other stuff?

Hey lady, what about my child having to pay out the butt for school and then an illegal alien can come in and get free tuition and then get a pass in the classes because it would be discrimination or something to flunk the freeloader????? Something needs to be done about this! And sooner the better. Somebody doing something illegal should NOT BE REWARDED at all! And that should include first and foremost, crossing the border. Next step is white collar American working class coming in from the cabbage fields being in comics. China would OWN us, Mexicans would boss us, and everyone else would wonder what the hell happened to us!!!!!!!!! Forget foreign policy, let's start doing something serious about "At Home Policy!"

This is the real reason you are angry, read history...sad

It conjures up the alarm bells that Benjamin Franklin set off about German immigrants in the late 18th century, who he insisted could never adopt the culture of the English, but would "swarm into our Settlements, and by herding together establish their Language and Manners to the Exclusion of ours." It popped up in the mid-19th century amid worries that Chinese immigrants were "unassimilable," which led to Congress approving the explicitly-named Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. And it helped welcome the 20th century when Massachusetts Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge warned that immigrants (read: the Irish) were diluting "the quality of (U.S.) citizenship" and others complained that Italian immigrants were uneducated, low skilled, apt to send all their money to their home country and prone to criminal activity. Where have we heard that before? And when will we hear it again? After all, Hispanics may be the latest group to find themselves in a culture war with nativists. But they won't be the last.

Times change

We didn't have to pay TANF, WIC, food vouchers and Medicaid to any of the groups you mention. History is great, but no more important than Economics. The immigration problem needs to become a non-problem. Close the border, now, and establish a port of entry every fifty miles, where migrant workers could apply for work visas. People that are already here could apply by mail and should be given priority. That way we can get a handle on exactly how many have and how many we need. Let them work tax free and keep every penny of their earnings. The trade-off? Absolutely no benefits whatsoever other than emergency medical care....for which they will be financially liable. Work visas could be good for three years with one extension. After that, they should have already applied for citizenship or can return home. America is indeed addicted to the cheap labor these people provide, but right now the sitaution is out of control. We ned to manage it, not end it.

Common sense

Good points to consider, Common. Nice to see that you are alive and thriving over here. I think maybe we should put these ideas onto paper and fly them by the political powers that are FOR illegals. Maybe they will consider these thoughts as options. I am all for what you are suggesting. Very forthright and open eyed.

At least you try to make sense

You at least try to make some sense and admit the importance of the Migrant workers, the only thing I don't agree with you is that TANF, WIC, food vouchers and Medicaid are only for US Citizens which many on the immigrants kids are, with some exceptions to legal immigrant with more than 5 years with permanent resident (green card) so the undocumented immigrants are not elegible for those benefits. But once again at least you are inform and educated not motivated by hate and ignorance.