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Law closes illegal immigrant driver's license loophole

So what's the policy here in North Carolina regarding illegal immigrants and driving privileges? Up until a month ago illegal immigrants could get a driver's licenses in North Carolina. State legislators recently passed a law that closed the last loophole that allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. That law tightened what a person is required to show at the DMV to prove citizenship status. Now a person has to have a social security number or visa to be in the US. Rep. Carolyn Justice helped push through the legislation that tightened the requirements. Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction. But Rep. Justice told me today that she doesn't buy that argument. She questions whether employers truly need illegal immigrants or just like having them on their workforce because they'll work for less money.

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Guest44, You left out one

Guest44, You left out one important fact, all of what you said about immigrants in the past may be true, except for one itsy, bitsy difference.... they were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!!! The majority of the latinos today are not, that is the issue....not because they are latinos.

It was not such a thing

It was not such a thing: a LEGAL immigrant, people used to show up to port of entry (Ports more likely) and enter the country with none o little paper work, off course those times has passed, and things have change, measure to control immigration are neccesary but hatefulness, xenophobic thinking are not the answer.

To Guess 44

"measure to control immigration are neccesary but hatefulness, xenophobic thinking are not the answer". I don't see how wanting to enforce the laws that are already on the books to keep out illegal immigrants as "hateful, xenophobic thinking". LEGAL Citizens are tired of working and seeing their tax dollars benefit illegals, via education, foodstamps, medical assistance, preference to hiring because of cheap labor, etc, etc. They are frustrated and want some support from the State and Federal government. You seem to think that the legal citizens of this country that express that frustration are hateful, and xenophobic. I think you are wrong to put hard working legal citizens into that type of classification.


Yeah I'd rather my tax dollars go to 500 toilet seats and 300 hammers. I guess the Latinos are the scape goat with whats wrong with the US today.. HUHMMM wonder who gets the ball next!


It also conjures up images of people sneaking into this country illegally.

Don't hate cuz Illegals are smart!

hahahaha! your jelous because an illgal immigrant can come and get a full tuition and your kid cant?? well thats pretty stupid.. maybe you should tell your child to work hard toward it just like the illegal kid did.. after all they dont just give out free tuitions out of the blue! and they probably weren't being rewarded for being illegal, they were rewarded for the essay they turned in, what they worked at, or whatever the requirements were for getting that free tuition! ☺ I dont really think you should talk until you see it from an "ILLEGAL's", as you call them, point of view! I think that if you were in that country and born in that country you would be doin the same thing just to keep your family well. They dont do this just cuz they want to be rebels and destroy the economy. They just want to keep their families alive as much as you and I do! ☺

Smart Illegals....

Yes, they are smart...some are very hard-working people with wonderful family values. But, if you know just a bit of Spanish, you'd be amazed by what you hear when they have NO IDEA you can understand...One brother comes here illegally, and, YES, despite what has been aforementioned, they DO get all kinds of priveleges that we LEGAL, BORN IN THE USA do not get, or have to gravel for. So, brother one gets here via I40, wife has a baby here, they get medical, food, cash, housing, language...the assisstance goes on. This man can get a FEDERAL grant for a business, own uit tax free foe THREE years, then pass the sole proprietorship on to brother #2, who does the same...not all of them are drug dealers/smugglers, but these people that do what I just mentioned are getting around the law, thus BREAKING it. And it is not just the Hispanics, they are from all over the world- come in on the premis of going to an American college, then, BOOM, the whole family slips in, getting all kinds of tax and interest free home and business loans. My husband has been very ill for 6 years, I had a round of cancer in the midst of his illness- one facet of which is cancer. I CANNOT get insurance without PROVING I was born here!!! I have tax forms dating to the early 80's, license, SSN, voter's registration, and they still have to PROVE I have a US birth cert...

I agree with you 100

I agree with you 100 percent. I don't know if you have ever been to mexico, but I have, and let me tell you, after you see what it looks like over there and what the schools look like and how their schools are run(if the kids say that they are tired the teachers say okay you can just go home, and the kids walk back home) it Isn't any wonder why they come here. And good luck trying to find a job there. I have never worked there but my husband (mexican) has. He says that if you find a good job you only make about 100 pesos, which is what its called there, which isn't but about, at the most 10 dollars. Every one that I know that has come here from mexico has come here only so they can have a better life for themselves and their children. And to the person saying that the children should not be enrolled in our schools.... How would you feel if someone told you that your child could not go to school because their skin was a different color or they spoke a another language than what the other kids speak.YOU REALLY NEED TO GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They have to be smart. Do you know how hard it is to elude the Border Patrol as you enter this country illegally?

Actually, yeah I do know how

Actually, yeah I do know how hard it is to get across the border. Do YOU know the things that happen to some of the people that try to get here. There are people who just sit out there waiting for some one to cross the river and when they some one they rob them and take every thing that they have. money, shoes, and they even take the clothes off of their backs if they see something that they like. And some times if the person crossing does not have anything that the robber likes, the robber will just straight shoot the person. Man, woman, or child. SO YEAH I THINK I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO CROSS THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the more reson to stay home

Nope, no sympathy here for the poor illegal criminals that come here. Shut down those that employ them, burn their trailer shanties and brand 'em on the forehead with a big "IA" for illegal alien. Then send them back. I'm voting for the Democrat that wants to do the most about this scourge on our country!

Tears for a once Great Nation

"Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction." People, does this make any sense? Americans can and will do these jobs when we are able to get paid the amount of money we need to survive in America by doing these jobs. Many Americans do not get medicad, food stamps, etc to supplement the income of these farming and construction jobs that "Americans do not want". This country is soon to become the third world country it is trying to strive to be. Our children are suffering in schools where the teachers have to take time out to get illegals up to speed. Dumbing down America is what is happening- it is not a racial thing, it is about how we are going to compete in this world market. In the near future, we Americans will be working the farming and construction jobs because we will have no other option. China, Japan, etc will need us dumb Americans to do this for them because we were too busy trying to be a dual society, appeasing the illegal invaders, giving hords of cash out to non-citizens, not taking care of our own, not giving our children the opportunity to succeed in this world market, etc...must I go on. If we don't band together now and make Washington know how we feel, we are doomed to be subserviant to the rest of the world and there will be no America to be proud of. I served in two different branches of the military...I was so proud, but now as I watch this dumbing down of America, I am so ashame to be an American....I have tears just thinking of what is to come of this once Great Nation. We are being invaded and our government just let it happen...why are we fighting in the Middle East when the invasion is here. Our leaders should be fired and our laws should be burned because they do not mean anything anymore.


God Bless You, you could not have said it better.

No right to talk!

I say until you are an illegal immigrant and you see the hardship they go through, you should have no room to talk because you dont know their life.. You dont know if their baby is dying and they need money to save his life, you dont know if they just want to be a part of this country and become a citizen because they love this country. I agree that there are many here that just come to harm the economy and those must defenatly go back. But most are good people that earn their money the hard way and get paid less.. WAY LESS.. than minimum wage. I dont think an american would slave out in the hot sun for hours and hours a day just to make $4 an hour. Most immigrants just want to feed their family and keep them alive just as much as legal people here do. They just have it harder because its not their fault they were born into a country that does not offer much at all. So until You have experienced what it's like to be an immigrant, dont opinionate on what you dont know!

To Ana - No right to talk...

To Ana - No right to talk... I beg your pardon, I have every right has a legal citizen of this country to talk about the problems of illegal immigrants. Yes, I served this country in the military, I work and pay taxes. I have every right to express my opinion on this matter, I earned it!!!! I have the right to not want illegal immigrants in this country that drain the system that they have not contributed to. When the illegal immigrants can get help via the health system, food stamps, education, etc and the citizens of this country can't... then, yes I have the right to object and voice that objection. When an elderly widowed woman that lives on less than $900 a month from social security and is denied assistance via food stamps because she is told her income is too much to qualify, but illegals that cannot even speak the language can pay for two grocery carts full of food with food stamps, than yes I have the right to speak up and say that is wrong!!!! You are just so hung up on the illegal immigrants hardships that you don't even realize that there are legal citizens having just as many hardships and can't even get help. Before you condemn the homeless in the streets, you better know what you are talking about. Not all homeless people are lazy, drunks, or drug addicts. There a quite a few that work, but don't earn enought to afford a place to live. There are quite a few that end up homeless because they lost a job and was not able to find another job making enough to keep their home. It is a common saying that most Americans are just one paycheck away from ending up homeless. But, I guess the hardships these legal citizens have experienced don't compare to what illegal immigrants endure according to you. Enough said to you. You are just too closed minded to understand what the legal citizens of this country are so upset about. When you get down and out and are turned away for help from the system you paid into, you can always count on your illegal immigrants friends to help you out right??? By the way, most of the illegals that people encounter are from Mexico, so that is why so many refer to the illegals as Mexicans. I know that not all Latinos are from Mexico, and that all illegal immgrants are not Latinos. But the majority are, so it is understandable how people can mistake illegals has all coming from Mexico. That don't make them a racist.

Illegal Aliens

I agree with you 100%. There should be enough ICE agents hired to round all of them up and returned to their own country. If they are caught a second time there should be a prison sentence given to them, and after they serve their time then deport them again.

Knock, Knock, anyone home???

put them in jail? ICE agents? what about that taxpayers money that you were just talking about? both of those things cost money, u know. and i don't think that they keep really strict records of who comes over, and it sounds like they just ship them back b/c there are too many to make a really sophisticated system. plus i read an article that talked about how an illegal that does the same job as a legal actually pays more in taxes b/c they have to be paid from an already taxed paycheck, etc....

To Ana

If they would come over here legally they would not have to endure such hardships. I don't care what their country is like, I just don't want this country to become like theirs!!! The hardships they endure are of their own making because they choose to jump the border ILLEGALLY. The citizens in the USA did not hold a gun to their heads and force them to come over here illegally. I think that they should all be declared outlaws and the citizens be allowed to round them up and send them back!!!!! Maybe you should join them since you seem to like them so much!!!! WEBSTER"S DEFINITION OF ILLEGAL - prohibited by LAW; against the law. Gee, Ana, is this a clue has to why so many are against them coming here?????

Its funny how all you try to

Its funny how all you try to be so selfish and completely dont even get my point. Im just trying to get across here that ALL IMMIGRANTS ARE NOT BAD!! Ok so go ahead and build your stupid wall on the border... yea put more patrol cars over there.. they will still find a way.. all im sayin is you would do the same thing if it was your family that needed the money. and why send all illegals back when you know that alot of them have better jobs than you! and yea go ahead and see everything through the eyes of this world. Man im not tryin to sound like a preacher or a goody good but i look at everything and think about what Jesus would think. but then again all people dont believe in him and the ones that do and still talk about other people like this, immigrant or not, is a straight liar. I know whats right and i know whats wrong. The only crime these people are committing is trying to keep themselves and their family well! so you think whatever you want and why dont you go and see how their life is like then dare to speak again. man im 17 and i cant believe im speaking more sense than you are. how sad these people that call themselvs americans today. Cant even lend a hand to people in need.. but whatever. You listen to your precious government. When judgement day comes you'll see whats right and your gonna regret it! =] peace out hommie!


Ana: "ALL IMMIGRANTS ARE NOT BAD!!" It is ONLY THE ILLEGAL ONES Deary. The legal ones have all the rights we do. Nothing irks me more than listening to bleeding hearts telling ME how we should except these ILLEGALS when my family got here the legal and HARD way. The tax paying citizens of this country do nothing but LEND A HAND to the entire world.


Illegal means against the law, if you are an Illegal immigrant who cares how difficult it is for you in America you shouldnt be here! Go your wet backasses home and tell your people there, they might care!

America is a FREE COUNTRY!

Atleast thats what they keep saying huh?? Because its the land of the free and the home of the brave! RIGHT?? OK no matter what EVERYONE HERE IS AN IMMIGRANT!!! ONLY ONES THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO BE HERE ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS!! SO SHUT UP!! and if its a free country why do people keep tellin immigrants to go back?? Isnt it a free country? Maybe yall should change that line on the national anthem....

Ana...are you serious???

Ana...are you serious??? Yes, we are all immigrants. We aren't talking about immigrants. We're talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. Most of us have no problems with immigrants...those that are here legally.

Muy estupido, Paco

Land of the free and home of the brave does not equate to "Land of the suckers and home of the free lunch." Yes, my great-grandparents were immigrants but they FOLLOWED THE LAW in coming here, waited their five years and became citizens. We didn't print every government document under the sun in their native languages because they WANTED to be Americans and a working knowledge of English was required for citizenship. They didn't have welfare, WIC, food vouchers and Medicaid to tide them over between daddy's arrests or deportations. They didn't mob-dash ports of entry, they didn't sneak in under cover of darkness, and they didn't have to worry about being arrested and thrown back across the Atlantic....they came here LEGALLY, and wanted to become a part of America. They didn't want America to become part of their culture. There's no comparison.

excuse moi

did u ever think that maybe some of them can't wait 5 years to become legal, and that costs the money that they are trying to earn???? some of them pay to become legal after they earn enough money here. and most of them do try to earn their place later on. they DO want to become legal, and they leave their culture, bringing only very little of their past to a place that has been called "the melting pot" as in everyone brings a bit of culture and creates wat we call america. btw, if you threw them across the atlantic they would go to europe......

Did YOU ever think....

..that the rule of law is more important than what illegals WANT? If the law says that you reside here for five years before applying for citizenship, then that's what you do. No one cares what your hermanas want.

You're excused

My grand parents did it. They made their money in SPAIN before coming to America then on the BOAT they worked on learning English it was a long trip so by the time they reached America they could speak some English. That wasn't good enough for them so they wented to be able to speak fluently and they learned. My grandparents bought a home and got jobs in a factory.They both became citizens. When enough money was saved up, my grandfather started a construction company and built beautiful homes. They volunteered for the war effort and was proud to do what they could for America. My grandfather ran his company for 50 years building a post office and a school for the town as a token of his appreciation to this country, at no cost. There are thousands of stories people can share about their families that show pride in coming to this MELTING POT. When my people melted, they joined the American culture they didn't try to get them to foot the bill. I am second generation American and I am proud of my family and embarrassed that so many come here with their hand out.

Its free to legal immigrants

Ana, I think maybe you are an illegal immigrant that does not know what you are talking about. It is a free country to the people that are legal residents of this country. With that freedom comes responsibilty to be willing to fight for this country, pay taxes and be a responsible citizen. You do not automatically have the rights of American citizens, such as freedom, just because you are on American soil illegallly. You also lose your rights when you commit a crime. Since illegals are already commiting a crime by being here illegally they have no rights, are you so dense that you cannot understand that. People have given their lives so LEGAL CITIZENS can enjoy that freedom. What you are telling me is that their lives meant nothing????? Shame on you if you are a legal citizen of this country, for you have no concept of what was scarificed for that freedom. Nobody is objecting to immigrants coming here legally, it is the excessive amount of illegals pouring into this country that people are tired of. You should say what you said to an American soldier or veteran and see what kind of response you get!!!!


I agree with ANA and I AM a 40 yr old US born Citizen. It does not bother me a bit for a family legal or illegal, who needs help , for whatever reason to get my tax money. I have worked since i was 15 and I would rather it feed a family or keep them warm than to buy a retreat for a fat cat in government who can afford to pay for his own trip. I am very patriotic and believe in our military and appreciate everything they do for us. Why not open our heart and stop closing our minds. God Loves you anyway!

Food on the table

When the government has taxed you to death and it comes down to paying for the illegals to eat or your kids... Who starves? By bending over now you are asking for a whole lot more taxes later that will have you in that situation. If you cannot see this then you are blind as well as clueless!