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Law closes illegal immigrant driver's license loophole

So what's the policy here in North Carolina regarding illegal immigrants and driving privileges? Up until a month ago illegal immigrants could get a driver's licenses in North Carolina. State legislators recently passed a law that closed the last loophole that allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. That law tightened what a person is required to show at the DMV to prove citizenship status. Now a person has to have a social security number or visa to be in the US. Rep. Carolyn Justice helped push through the legislation that tightened the requirements. Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction. But Rep. Justice told me today that she doesn't buy that argument. She questions whether employers truly need illegal immigrants or just like having them on their workforce because they'll work for less money.

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Re: food on the table

Problem with that line of thought is, that is they are illegal and DSS will not give them food stamps or any other welfare services. If they get it it's because they have children who are born here, my fellow Americans, who are by birth are citizens of this country and therefore, eligible for these types of services. Wonder why when the founding fathers started the tax system, it was supposed to be "temporary" Go figure.... Finally, I do not see it as bending over... Uncle Sam will get his taxes either way those fat cats need vacations too :(

Excuse me! Im a LEGAL

Excuse me! Im a LEGAL immigrant and i know how hard it is to get a citizenship! i know what im talkin bout cuz i been through all that hardship and after much i got my citizenship! so yea dont put your opinion where it dont belong buddy! thanks! And im not saying i want all them immigrants to come here! if they did this might as well be mexico!! what im sayin to theses other people is that the people who have been here long enough and have been following the law should be able to stay. Ok so theres more immigrants pouring in every day. Sure re-enforce your wall, partol more, do wahtever. I didnt say it was ok for them to come here. Im just tellin you the reason they do. im just saying they are trying to survive. Yall are the ones not understanding me. And theres all these other people being racist here. Why all the racism? Why cant those who follow the law and been here long enough, why cant they stay? Why must they all go back? I highly doubt that this country would survive withouth them or atleast would be in very very bad shape. And there is no way to send them all back anyway.. this is completely pointless.. its not like anyone important reads this and its not like any of our opinions count so why argue.. I know what i feel and you know what you feel so im by no means trying to change that. I see it in the eyes of those who have been through it and you see it in the eyes of those who want to protect their country and i respect that. But i already said what i felt and what i know so yea..

I am one US citizen who agrees with you!

Not all people born and raised here are the same. I am one who feels like no matter where you were born that you should still be able to drive a vehicle and obtain a license the same way I did. If a person can pass the test, they should be able to drive. Hello, aren't courtrooms overcrouded enough by people who do actual crimes. The only reason so many people get in trouble for driving without a license is because our country makes it so difficult for a person to get one without first being a citizen. Obtaining citizenship has become much harder in the last few years. If they want to drive, let them. I mean, not so long ago women were not allowed to drive and some other races were discriminated against. Our country thinks it has come so far, but people still are showing discrimination towards Mexican people. What have they done to us, except work hard to make our country better? How dare us discriminate against another culture! They are NOT the ones who are terrorists! So, give them a break. Thank you very much, and I don't care if someone gets mad with me. This is how I feel.


Ana, ok let's break this down step by step. Yes the current USA is a group of immigrants. These AMERICANS came here, saw the importance of setting up a strong, lawful government, and established laws for those who wished to join them to follow. Now, we have Mexicans that choose not to come to the US lawfully. That's why they call them illegal. They are completely welcome in the land of the free, if they respect the laws that the original immigrants set up to maintain a safe and enjoyable nation. My advice to you: Quit listening to your liberal professors, the hypocritical left wing, and/or the guy mopping up at taco bell. These are the facts, I hope you remember them.

Its funny how all of you

Its funny how all of you keep makin all these racist remarks.. You all are really making our country look bad.... and ok why dont you just go and watch the border ok? ok deal! AND AGAIN OMG!! NOT ALL IMMIGRANTS ARE BAD!!! SOME ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE RULES AND SOME MAY HAVE BETTER JOBS THAN YOU DO SO STOP IT ALREADY! And stop with all the racist remarks.. why is everyone only talkin bout mexicans? what about the people from other countries? its funny how americans are so racist now a days that when they hear the word immigrant they automatically think of mexicans.. its kinda sad and it makes you look bad cuz they call you racist!

You don't want to live here

If you don't want to live in such a racist country, hint hint, go home!

Free?? Ana

FREE as in freedoms of speech, religion, FREE from England's rule, free to pursue whatever you wish. NOT free to come in as you please and take away from citizens. You are the one who needs to shut up until you learn what the words to our anthem mean. You think it is FREE for the taking? Apparently you do. Geee, what a goober. We keep telling them to "go back" because they are here illegally. If they want to be a part of this free country then become a citizen LIKE I DID 35 years ago. Then they can see just how free it is. Oh, and for the love of pete, learn to speak OUR language Please.


hahahahaha you make me laugh! its great thanks i needed that pick me up! =]

oh but I do have the right to talk

Ana, How about you invite them all to you house and support them yourself! Oh, the sick babies...sounded good..maybe they should not reproduce like roches. Hey Ana, THEY ALL NEED TO GO HOME NOW! SINCERELY, AMERICAN

Ana's house

She cant invite them to her house because she still lives with her Mommy and Daddy. Get back to us in 20 years Ana when you have lived long enough to pay taxes and support all the FREE crap you currently want US to pay for. Later young'un.

What don't you understand...

...about being ILLEGAL Ana. We have laws for a reason, not to be broken at will and still expect a free ride. The people hiring these ILLEGAL aliens should be jailed right along with them. "So until You have experienced what it's like to be an (you forgot ILLEGAL) immigrant, dont opinionate on what you dont know!" It's my right as a LEGAL American to "opinionate". You obviously have no respect for this country or our laws!

No i completely understan what your're saying...

I get it.. I know what you are saying but then if America doesn't need Illegals, then if thats true, then why did it hurt the economy so bad when they boycotted and decided not to buy anything for ONE DAY?? What would happen to America if ALL OF THEM WERE GONE?? This country is built on the backs of these people. I know there are many that just come to live like they do in Mexico and its just a waste. All im trying to get through here is that not all ILLEGALS are like that. Alot have better jobs than americans and its cuz they work their way there. Why not complain about the americans living in the streets wit nothin better to do than ask for money? why not complain bout them? they dont do anythin at all for the economy just take up oxygen! why not complain bout them? atleast Illegals try their best to get a job!

You can't Justify it

The one day boycott didn't hurt our economy as you would like to think. They didn't boycott the services they receive did they. They didn't keep their children out of school or not go for free medical treatment. "What would happen to America if ALL OF THEM WERE GONE??" It would ease the burden on our strained to the max infrastructure and force criminal employers that hire these illegal people to pay a living wage to legal Americans. Crime would go down as well. Need I continue... I have no problem with legal immigration but am damn tired of the illegal aliens that feel they are owed something for coming here ILLEGALLY.

RE: you can't justify it

just wondering, exactly wat would the differences between if 400,000 illegal immigrants left, and if 400,000 low class americans left be?


I like how you completely ignored this part!!--->>>Why not complain about the americans living in the streets wit nothin better to do than ask for money? why not complain bout them? they dont do anythin at all for the economy just take up oxygen! why not complain bout them? atleast Illegals try their best to get a job! Now tell me somethin bout that part.. tell me something good.. how do they help out in this world?? tell me im dying to know cuz all of you are the czars of right and im over here just floating in the sea of wrong as you sail by on your ship of right.. tell me!!

They are legal citiens Ana

Everyone has been trying to tell you but you don't want to hear it "cuz" you only hear what you want. Legal immigration is the "ship of right" that I ride. "Why not complain about the americans living in the streets wit nothin better to do than ask for money"? You answered your own question. They are Americans.


your name must be rodriguez or something, i dont mind legal immigrants ,but my god how many illegals live in brunswick@ new hanover counties.i know many true born americans who are suffering right now ,because they are out of work,mainly contractors.i used to own a large construction company based in southport but in the last six monthes had to lay off 26 employees because i cant work for peanuts.i blame the american contractors for hiring these illegals but when 10 mexicas live in one home,dont pay taxes and send allmost all there earnings back to mexico,im not worried about legal immigrants,its time to intervine,wheres the i.n.s.


They boycotted buying things for one day and it hurt the economy? Are you making up news again? I don't think one day of slack bean and toilet paper sales will cripple America. Ana, you're not going to win this one.

Welcome to my world.....

Illegals should be deported. End of story. The sad part about the work situation in America is that todays generation doesn't want to work. I read a comment earlier that said people want to work, if they can get a decent salary. And what if they feel that a salary is not decent? They're standing in the Welfare line at DSS. Come on, people! When I was growing up, we HAD to work, and we didn't get paid! Farm life is rough, but I wouldn't trade it for anyting in the world. Hence, my work ethics were formed. I am a responsible lady with a great FULL TIME job. Responsibility starts at home, PARENTS!

I agree and disagree

I am glad someone did something to show that illegal is ILLEGAL and they should not have the same rights as legal citizens BUT, they are going to drive anyway and with NO license comes NO insurance (most have none now). I know several people who have been in accidents with them and NONE of than had insurance. How were they allowed to get a license WITHOUT insurance in the first place. WE all have to prove that we are insured before we get our licensees. I really don't care if they drive BUT why isn't someone worrying about the uninsured illegal alien problem??? Another thing is HOW do they get tags on the cars with NO insurance???? We can not even cancel our auto policy until we prove we have another to replace it. I say we have a right to sue the state that issues a drivers license to someone who has no insurance if they cause an accident !! Apparently being illegal has it perks here. I was not born here either, I became a citizen legally and I pay out the nose for all the things these people are getting away with not having.

Das did it, why cant others????

I totally agree that being an illegal defintely has its perks. What is wrong with our country? I still find it hard to believe that illegals can now go to any community college in north carolina. Mandatory law that they have to be accepted. Who is paying for this? Working americans, thats who!!!!! OK, they want to learn, then do it the legal way, become a legal citizen and pay taxes. Go thru the same thing that Das did to become a LEGAL immagrant. I also agree that the companies hiring all the illegals should spend some time in jail. People sit and complain about it all but they will hire them because they will work for nothing. Maybe if our country was in a little better shape then our youth would want to work. Right now they have to "work for free" just about so they can get the job before an illegal would get it. Im probably over stepping bounderies here but Im going to say it anyway. I think the blame lies on President Bush. If he would step up, do something to help his country, instead of worrying about other counties then America would be in a lot better shape than what it is now. I could go on for hours.....

I agree President Bush

I agree President Bush should be doing something. But I don't think he's completely to blame for the illegal situation. The Congress and Senate is to blame too. They are the ones passing all these laws. In my home town, an illegal person hit a mother of three and killed her instantly. He couldn't speak a word of English,he was drunk and he was going 70 miles an hour in a 35 mile zone. Instead of being prosecuted, he will probably be sent back to his country. Also he didn't have a license, no registration, no anything. He shouldn't have been driving, and he should be prosecuted as if he were a citizen

See those are the types of

See those are the types of idiots that make all immigrants look bad! man they should just have gave him life sentece and never let him see the light of day again!


You should be made aware that the Senate is a part of Congress. The other body of the Congress is called The House of Representatives.


Immigration issues run really deep in my family. My Dad, Mom, sister and myself became citizens in 1974. My husband and his Dad and brother became citizens in 1968. My family is from England his is from Germany. My husbands family spoke little or no English when they came here, they were put in our schools and made to learn English. There were no special classes provided for them, they learned the language, period. My Dad had to leave my Mom and sis and I back in England for 6 months when he came here. He had to PROVE that he could support us without government help. He had to have employment and a home before we could come over and join him. My husbands father married an American woman after their real Mom died in Germany and she had to go through the channels to let them all come here. WE all did it legally so I have a MAJOR problem with illegals scurrying under/over the borders like rats and living under the radar like Gee....criminals ??? The illegals have been here a long time (before BUSH) I suppose they have just gotten to be in such huge numbers that we notice them more and the drain they put on our system. EITHER way Bush is soft on them. Meanwhile he has no problem sending OUR American kids to get killed in the sandpit's of Iraq trying to sort out thousands of years of religious crap the camel jockeys fight about. Hell, if the Mexicans want to be here slap a uniform on them and let THEM all go overseas and fight the nuts.


I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Insurance

If you pledge to vote Democrat you do not have to have car/vehicle insurance here in the fine state of NC! You ought to be doubly mad at being lied too and then being lied to again and taken for a sucka!

Time for another Tea Party

We had better start standing up to these politicians that allow this to happen. Put the "We the people" back in government.


Sometimes I am so embaressed by what my fellow Americans say. You should feel blessed that you were born in a country where you don't have to want to go to another. We are all so closed minded to not see that God gave everyone on earth the ability to dream and want more in there life, to study, to have a family, to own a home or business, to compete in world sporting events and so on. But only very few were born to a nation where that is theirs for the taking, I can assure you that most illegal's have tried coming in leagelly first, but have been denied for what ever reason, they don't make enough money, they don't own a home, etc. etc. etc. I don't believe the borders should be open I understand the need for limits, but I believe the requirement for entry should be a little less strict. Face it if YOU were the one born in one of those contries and watching your family starve because you make $80 per MONTH, and your baby is dying because you can't buy her medicine, and you wanted more, and you had half a bit of the drive some of these people do, you would be jumping the border in Mexico and finding your way onto a boat in Haiti too. Think about it all of you and grow up. And count your blessings that you are not in their shoes.

To Happy

It is people like you that is ruining this country. The problems in Mexico is not my problem. I am having a hard enough time making ends meet thanks to having to compete with the illegals driving down the wages. Don't beleive me, go to a construction site and ask any white construction worker what they have to bid on a job to get that job, and be told that if they can't work for that wage the contrator can easily get mexicans to do it for less. I could give a rats a@@ about what is happening in Mexico. If people like you continue giving everything to the illegals, our country will soon be in as bad of shape if not worse. Think about it, it's like the hole in the dike, you can only stop it for so long before the hole erodes away and causes the whole dike to collapse. Do you honestly think any other country would give us a break if we were in the same situation??? Hello, Happy, you better wake up!!!!! The rest of the world would love to see the United States self destruct and bleeding hearts like you will be the fuse to start it!!!!! Do you honestly think that there are no US citizens in this country starving, have no home, no health insurance because they can't afford it???? You need to wake up and start looking with your eyes wide open, you don't have to go far to see that there are US citizens in need of help and for every dollar that goes to an illegal, just remeber it is taking that dollar away from a US citizen!!!!!!!