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Law enforcement: Lil Wayne concert not a threat

WILMINGTON -- Local law enforcement officials say a controversial concert scheduled at New Hanover High School this weekend is not a threat to public safety -- but some parents aren't convinced. Rapper Lil Wayne has a criminal record and publicly admitted to being in a gang. He is expected to draw thousands to New Hanover High's Brogden Hall on Sunday. But some young fans -- like Samantha Kilpatrick's 14-year-old daughter -- will be staying home. Kilpatrick said, "I'm not allowing her to go. It's too dangerous." Kilpatrick isn't the only concerned parent. The president of New Hanover's PTA expressed her disapproval to NewsChannel 3 -- especially given the school's recent problems with purported gang violence. New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey said, "Certainly that concerns us, but again our intent is to keep the peace and whatever happens, we'll act accordingly." Causey says everyone who enters Brogden Hall Sunday -- including Lil Wayne and his entourage -- will have to pass through a metal detector. Deputies will patrol both the inside and outside of the building with help from the Wilmington Police force. But for parents like Kilpatrick, that's still not enough. "I don't care how much security they have stationed out there, anything could happen and I'm not willing to risk her life on that," Kilpatrick said. The school board heard many concerns from parents and did considered canceling the concert. However since it couldn't be proven it would be a threat to public safety, the board couldn't break the contract with the promoters.

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Sue Lil Wayne

The night before the concert was supposed to happen, the promoter was saying Lil Wayne was suing Wilmington....Wilmington should sue Lil Wayne for pushing the community to host this concert and then not showing up. This cost taxpayers money. How much was spent on preparations of the building and stage for this concert? How much salary and overtime was paid to the people who worked on this event, not to mention the extra police officers who were supposed to provide extra security?


it shouldnt matter how much money was supposed to be used and tax payers bull, lil wayne has enough money to buy you a brand new house and everything you'd want im sure, so it doesnt matter people like me are paying for the taxes and stuff, it doesnt matter life is unfair and many people dont believe it "political correctness"

Lil Wayne

I knew he would NOT show up! this is why I told my three teenage Daughters that We were NOT going to go.. Any person that has charges as he does has common sense NOT to show up to be caught and sent back to the state and county they are charged and wanted in... The word on the streets out here in the long leaf park area is, He has been seen and spotted out in the area near the boys and girls club with another well known person. How true it is I cant say as it was and is hear say and I did NOT see him for myself.


I agree a lot of MUSIC these days (not just rap) are contributing to a lot of teenagers negative way of thinking. However, numerous parents in today's society are making that same negative contribution. Oh my goodness, I actually need to raise my child to be a productive member of society? I know that babies don't come with directions, but condoms do. Which is worse, a child going to criminal record having Lil Wayne's concert or going to visit their father in prison? No, I'm not a Lil Wayne fan, and my teen son won't be in attendance either. However, I'm raising my son to understand why Lil Wayne and his lyrics are disrespectful. RAISE YOUR CHILDREN!!!


Been laughing since 11 o'clock news last night. It's all about dat CASH $$$$$$$$$$ and there was not enough so he left you few fans holding the bag. Good luck getting your CASH back. You all should realize that people like him have very low morals and are only concerned with themselves and dat MONEY.

Ha, Ha...No Lil Wayne!

To all you people that wasted money on the tickets...ha,ha,ha! He didn't come. The show was cancelled. As PT Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute!"


Regardless of wether or not you like Li'l Wayne, or his message, he has a right to preform and his fans have a right to see him. Im a 19 year old UNCW student, and I HATE Li'l Waynes music, but that doesn't mean he isn't talented. Do ANY of you remember being young and reckless? Its our turn, so get over it.

Big diff hon

Let me think, it has been so long since the 80's.......yes, I remember but the big difference is our bands actually showed up ! LMAO

As unfortunate as it is, we

As unfortunate as it is, we all do not agree on what is considered acceptable and what isn't. The truth of the matter is that the more we degrade these performers the more money they make. The majority of the Wilmington population cannot relate to the experiences that this man has gone through. We should all be thankful for that. However, it does sadden me that our School Board has decided to bring this type of performer to one of our schools. In a society that plays the politically correct game, this action surely falls short. I was raised to not to judge others. It is a shame that this performance was not presented at another location. I truly do not think it would have caused as much of an outcry as it has. I simply hope that as parents, we follow up with our biased comments. Explain to our children why we are so critical of this performer. Not just voice our dissatisfaction with the people we put in office.

What in the world?

So where is the PTA in this? How much in gas and helicopter time did this cost us and what is the benefit? What have we gained? Teaching are children to become hoodlems on a Sunday evening? Isn't this a day of rest, not worry? Shouldn't are children be at home resting or reading? What in the world is going on in our small town?

Lil Wayne..NO!

Bad idea. What not just sling some gas on an open fire? These events should be treated just like a movie. You cannot see or hear offensive material meant for "adults" until you are of age. Although I cannot help but wonder what "adult" would listen to this offensive garbage? I am not advocating religious events in or at school, that's what church is for. I am however suggesting that parents be parents and make their kids stay home.

Stupid Stupid Stupid,,,,

One thing that is not being said on here is that, the building (Brogden Hall) is considered not a part of NHHS. It is owned by the county not the city. I can't believe they would leave it up to the school board to decide for him to come here. I was at the school board meeting last Wed. night and of course there was nobody there that could answer questions for us on this concert. They knew that we as parents would be asking questions and have problems over this concert. So, why not bring someone who could answer them. Because they want to control everything that goes on in and around our schools. I for one will vote to remove EVERYONE off of the school board and replace them with PARENTS who have their right minds and know what we are going through. Because any parent in their right mind wouldn't allow someone as low life as this thing to come within 20 feet of our school. As for the BLOODS and the CRIPS it will all come to a head and hopefully they will all kill each other and we won't have to worry about them anymore. I just hope that no innocent person gets caught up in the mix. I as a parent don't feel safe with my child attending NHHS.

Elvis was a Blood....

See , I bet you already bought your ticket to the Lil-Wayne gig coming up and your afraid that if an intelligent person writes a post on here that someone will listen and cancel your show. Then the money you already wasted on a ticket will be truly worthless. But i'm sure you will be able to call the good Reverend Sharpton down here to stand up for you and get you a refund. I'm really not that old (36) but for the life of me I can't think of one Gang Banger that I used to listen to. You say that I need to get a life but I swear Elton John was'nt in the Folk Nation or the Aryan Brotherhood. Maybe i'm wrong but other than a few reference's to some drug use I can't think of one song that said I should... jack a car, shoot a cop, rape a girl, go to a dog fight, sell lots of dope, beat your B#%ch up or smack yo ho down, steal some rims, use the "N" word in any form, drop out of school, put a cap in yo Ass. Yeap, lot's of real positive stuff that LIL-MORON has to say. And as far as parents keeping their kids away has anyone seen lately the lack of parental concern from parents in that general area? You give a lot of credit where none is due. I say let him come, let him rile up the crowd, let them go out here and emulate (thats copy for all you Lil-Minded people) him and shoot each other up. Darwin was a smart man and proof of his Theroy's are shown everyday in this culture.

just goes to show

Money talks, and that is all this boils down to. He is a proven criminal.(look it up). A proven gang member, If he is for "stopping the voilence." then why is a gang member? Why does he say the things he does in his so called music? This is a complete joke on the school board, And all this has done is put more money in Lil Wayne's pocket.

What the school board ought

What the school board ought to do is shut this concert down and "take the hit" on the law suit. Sometimes we have to just stand up and do the right thing no matter the cost. Allowing someone who promotes drug use, lawlessness, lack of education, and gang membership is exactly who should not be in the schools, for any reason. There is a principle here and evidently the school board forgot about principles except when they are advantagous to them. What better message to send to the youth in this area, "We made a mistake and we are going to pay for it because it is the right thing to do". What is so hard about that??

Do away with all rap singers

I think they should ban all rap singers from appearing in public anywhere. They are nothing but garbage mouths. But there again consider the source.

reply to all rappers being banned

I think you are taking it too far honey, we live in america and there is that beautiful constitution that says we have freedom of speech. Well if you want to consider the source of rap artists music, then I guess you have to consider the source of hard rock music. Guess you have a lot of thinking to do... huh?

little wayne concert

Over 140 deputies are working this concert and a- 30 police officers. So I think they may be concerned about violence. I dont think they even assign this many to the Azalea Festival. The threat may be controlled inside but not in the streets.

Lil wayne is talented,

Lil wayne is talented, accomplished individual. hes not in a gang shooting people... hes in the studio making music. Dont crucify a man for being brought up in an environment that we are not familiar with. Learn about a man before you judge someone, (or are we not supposed to judge?) Hes an entertainer, let the man entertain!


Talented in hiding, he screwed all you followers...hahahahaha to ya all's

Thanks for the self review

Thanks for the self review Lil Wayne!

Its 40 deputys

Its 40 deputy's and roughly 30 Police. The Pd has 6 contracted officers and the others are Special Op's so if your going to deal drugs or rob someone that would be the time to do it. Just not at NH High.

"Lil Wayne" is a violent,

"Lil Wayne" is a violent, gun-carrying, drug-dealing gang member - not an artist. It is shameful our community, through the school board, condones someone who represents all that is wrong with our society. Furthermore, the mere fact that a natioanlly-known representative of the United Blood Nation (AKA "Bloods") chose to perform in Wilmington, NC, sends an unmistakable message: we have only seen the beginning of the murders, robberies, and violence associated with being a haven for gang activity. The only thing that scares me more than evil men is the complacency of good men. We have to take a stand and not allow this activity to overrun our community.

The people who allow this

The people who allow this and encourage such are just asking for it. I see no good that could come of this. It's like inviting tension and violence as a result. It doesn't matter what kind of package you wrap it in , it is what it is and that is an opportunity for such an event to bring out people who often get caught up in what the rapper is encouraging or "living out" in their own lives. I just don't see the positive element here.

There will not be additional

There will not be additional security??? WHATEVER!!!! The ratio of concert attendees to officers will be lower than that of student to teacher. Those of you with kids in school can do the math. Most teachers have 30 kids under their care... each deputy or officer there will have far less. The problem is that this rapper is a gang member who will be performing in a rival gang territory. This is a receipe for disaster. The law suit the school board would have received for cancelling the concert would have been fthat is coming their way when someone's baby gets killed on school property simply b/c there is a lack of a back bone in our county. I can asure you that this event is going to cost our city and county far more than they could ever dream of making off of this show.


I have a suggestion. Send them to Odel Williamson Auditorium in Brunswick county for The Hoppers 50 year concert. Good christian Gospel music. Oct 20 starts at 6:00 PM Wilmington Celebration aka Pillar Record Family choir will be singing backup with them

the zoo

don't know how the local law enfocement cannot consider that this piece of trash is not a threat. when you're a convicted felon and an admitted gang member looks to me and the civilized society that you have the prime recipe for trouble. add a bunch of wanna be thugs and animals to the ingredients and its a disaster waiting to happen.but most of the inner city savages probably look up to this clown as their role model.hope our wonderful police dept. has plenty of clips for their 9's.,but at the same time looks like a good place to start with the thug elimination process. besides that have you ever read the lyrics to this idiots so called "songs." makes about as much since as going to a basketball game with a football bat.

These "wannabe" thugs are

These "wannabe" thugs are probably your kids and if you and your community take the time that you do criticizing these man and use it to actually teach your kids values and morals we wouldnt have people like lil wayne out there so instead of saying whats wrong with this situation teach these kids what they need to do to be respectable adults. instead of calling them salvages you should be ashamed of yourself you are no better than lil wayne so you need to get off that high horse your on and actually help these kids get better not bring them down anynore with your IGNORANT comments. thank you

Watch the video

of a NO Show thug,, White or black,, looked "how" they acted... I think "savages" is just about a correct term...

Yeah no threat here....

I would bet that the bloodshed will not occur during this event but more likely than not two groups will meet up about 30 minutes later and shoot it up. The only way us innocents usually get victimized by a Gangsta wanna-be is when they miss, or when they car jack your ride or rob you as part of an initiation, or when your kid goes to one of these concerts and decides that this is the life they want to start living. Yeap, sounds like a pretty harmless way to spend a Saturday night. Glad the NH Co. School Board did a little research on what they were allowing to come to their school. This is the same school board that decided that they, by forcing the City to terminate the program, would pursue a civil suit against the City for the Red Light Camera civil fines. This put their greed over the safety and wellfare of the Citizens who since the begining have seen positive results by a reduction in injury crashes at these intersections. I guess it's safe to assume that the School Board dose'nt understand what safety is. And let's not forget that multi-million dollar blunder with the grant money a few month's back. When's the next election?