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Law enforcement to keep an eye on Masonboro Island this Labor Day

READ MORE: Law enforcement to keep an eye on Masonboro Island this Labor Day
The summer boating season is winding down. For many, that means one last hurrah out on Masonboro Island. But this year, law enforcement officers will be there too. Masonboro Island is the place to be on holidays like Fourth of July and Labor Day. But, after the large amount of partying and extensive clean up this past Fourth of July, area agencies are determined to keep the next celebration a bit tamer. Masonboro Island is a 5,000 acre barrier island. It is rich with wildlife and natural beauty, but holidays like Fourth of July, and Labor Day, Captain Scott Collins of Sea Tow said it turns into, "lots of beer cans, beer trash and stuff like that, a lot of camping gear, a lot of tents that were left, coolers that were left." That is just some of what Collins found when he helped clean up Masonboro Island after the Fourth of July. "Cell phones, i-pods, keys, lots of clothing and things like that…," said Collins. "Showing up there, seeing how pristine it is, the idea that they think someone else is going to clean it up, or who cares, leave it here." This year, Captain Scott along with state and local law enforcement agencies are looking to crack down on the excess trash left on the island after holiday weekends, but also make sure people are not getting too out of control when they are there. Hope Sutton of the NC Dept. of Natural Resources said, "With all of that boat traffic, and most people having alcohol as a factor in their visit out there, there have been issues and concerns about public safety and potential life threatening situations." To help tame the crowd come Labor Day, law enforcement officers will be patrolling the island, and waters surrounding it. The added officers will add to the safety of holiday boaters, and the serenity of the largest undisturbed barrier island off our coast. To ensure that trash makes its way back off the island, law agencies will look to the public to help hand out trash bags at local boat ramps in Wrightsville and Carolina Beach. The public can voice questions and concerns at a follow up meeting on August 22, at Wrightsville Beach Town Hall.

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My solution

It seems simple enough to me: No Powered Boats. It will cease to be a destination for mass idiocy if it becomes inconvenient.

Labor Day boaters

Don't blame just the young people. I've seen grown/older men & women throw trash to the wind especially cigarette butts, just toss it in the water. Out of sight out of mind. Plus when most folks go on vacation or day trip to the beach they surely don't worry about such a chore as picking up after themselves no matter what age. I've even picked up McDonald trash that blew on me when the young daughter let it fly in the wind & the parents laughed about it. I picked it up gave it back to the daughter & told her that there's a trash can right there but the parents said it wasn't their problem & laughed & tossed more. The lifeguard did nothing about it wasn't his job. This was this summer at Carolina Beach, the beach has become so trashy especially with cigarette butts, nasty. I love the ocean but the beaches around here are just not clean anymore. Yes, I pick up after myself & others everytime I'm on the beach, even when I'm on vacation.

They forgot what mamma taught them...or maybe didn't

We all like to have fun. Holidays are great and the beach is wonderful. That's why I've sacrificed so much to be able to live here. Unfortunately, if the kids can't clean up their filty mess after partying, they shouldn't be allowed to go there in the first place. The next step will be the state barring access to Masonboro, all because of kids that didn't learn one basic thing from mamma..."Clean up after yourself!" As it is, a boater can't even think about running the "Gaunlet" of Wrightsville Beach without being pulled over and harrassed by one of the five different law enforcement authorities that prowl the ramp and restaurant row. Now, one can't even go to a deserted barrier island for a little peace. All because of a bunch of drunk, irresponsible young people whose mamma isn't there to pick up after them. I suppose it's deserved, but still a shame. From the trashy messes I've personally witnessed after major holidays on local beaches and islands, it is no surprise that beer illegal drinking has been enforced on the beaches. Next will be restriction from even accessing certain areas that are paradise for us locals. Kids...don't blame the police for them monitoring your moves, watching you pull anchor and weave your drunken fool souls back to your trailer. You brought this on yourselves!!! Remember "Mamma" now???

It seems that all the

It seems that all the beaches are the same. It's such a shame. The North End of Carolina Beach is the same way. I used to camp out there all the time. First thing in the morning I would take my hand full of green trash bags and begin to walk the beach and pickup all the beer cans, bottles, cigarette butts and all kinds of other trash that people would leave behind. It's just disgusting. How can people be so disrespectful and careless. Didn't their mothers ever teach them? My children definately know better and will actually chase something down the beach until they catch it, should it blow away. It's called respect. These litter bugs are SHAMEFUL!

Drunk Rich kids

All of us LOCALS that have to work to live, do not have the time to PARTY like this, I know drunks that ride their boat from Carteret Co. to go to this. They have one of these deals down in MIAMI, darn USCG has to arrest half of the boat owners.

fascist police state and drunks clash

As if the police aren't hated enough.