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Law enforcement ups water patrols for summer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- More eyes will soon be out on the water. Law enforcement along the coast plan to ramp up patrols this summer.

In New Hanover County deputies will man two boats with a dedicated staff of four deputies and one lieutenant. Brunswick County deputies will also man two boats 12 hours a day using school resource officers who are out of school for the summer.

The increase in patrols could lead to more citations.

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Not entirely bad!

I can't really complain on this one...a few weeks ago I was out on my boat and some drunk kid nearly plowed into the side of my boat with his. Obviously drunk and obviously unfamiliar with the rules of the water...he was pretty brazen, had the bottle right in his hand...

great,now we can not even fish in peace......

well aint this just great.i got stopped and hassled 7 times last year with no tickets mind i guess that means armed men will board my boat more often this year.tell me where can a man be free?where can we go to be just left alone.the border jumping outlaws can fish with no license take undersized fish and never get hassled because if the flounder fuzz writes them a ticket they wont show up for court.then it goes against the conviction rate of the possum cop so they wont get a promotion.but you and me who pay out the nose for the privilege of fishing in the kings river and catching the kings fish for food are inspected with a fine tooth comb by the porgy pigs hoping to hang us out on any charge to get ticket revenue.its a crying shame.more police state anti liberty oppression in the one place i have to relax.

Then why dont you leave the

Then why dont you leave the country since your not happy with anything.

I do not nornaly argue with idiots,but i will make an exeption..

The u.s.a. is the last best hope for and of should leave the country for one of the many nanny states that would treat you as a subject micro managing every aspect of your life right down to bowl movements if you would like.I however will be right here fighting for the right to prosper and be free.And hopefully educating morons like you.In the end you are an enemy of the people and i am an enemy of the oppressive state.

Guestwway.... Why do you

Guestwway.... Why do you tell a taxpayer and permit holder to leave the country? Have you checked the immigration requirements INTO Mexico lately?