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Law requires all sixth graders receive vaccine

Attention parents: State law requires students entering sixth grade in public schools receive a dose of Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis vaccine (TDaP) if it has been five years since their last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine. Any sixth grader who does not provide written documentation of receiving this vaccine will be excluded 30 days after enrolling in school. In New Hanover County, the vaccine is free to all students at the County Health Department at 2029 South 17th Street

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I do NOT believe in forcing people to vaccinate their children. It should be up to the parent to make those decisions---NOT the governement. I ticked off the hospital staff when I had my son because I refused to have him vaccinated as a newborn. (I forget what vaccine it was, but I remember researching it at the time and we were NOT in a "risk category"). Later my son did recieve all his immunizations, however I decided when. Just like the MMR, we went past the "onset age" of autism and had the MMR when he was 3yr. old. I also didn't allow my son to be "piggy backed" with immunizations. We spread them all out versus getting 3 or 4 at one appointment.

Ok, first of all, someone

Ok, first of all, someone would have to show me this so called law to have my child vaccinated, because as far as I know there is no such law and never has been a law to force people to have their children vaccinated and to pose and enforce such a law would be unconstitutional.


Honestly there was a time I thought I wouldnt vaccinate my child. I listened to other people about why the mercury will cause autism or the vaccine will kill them. After awhile I forgot those notions and vaccinated my kid. What would have happened if I had not vaccinated my baby and say at 6 mos old they were around another non vaccinated child who was sick from something that I could have had my kid vaccinated for? My kid would most likely have caught the illness and suffered a lot more than from a vaccine. People have a choice yes. But think about all the other kids you are putting at risk if you don't vaccinate. You put your child at a higher risk too. A vaccine does have preservatives in it, yes. But the largest component in a vaccine is weakened cells of the disease. When you get a flu shot what do you think is in there...vitamins? No it is weakened flu cells. A rabies shot...same thing, weakened rabies cells. Reason being is so that your anti-bodies and cells will attack the weak cells of the disease and know how to fight it off if on the off chance you should catch it. A vaccine is not 100% guarantee to say you won't get it, it just helps your body fight better when you come in contact with a disease...kinda like your body's own personal bomb squad. I say vaccinate!

How can you say that by not

How can you say that by not giving my child the vacciene that I am putting other children at risk, if they have had the vacciene? If the truth were told most of these vaccienes don't work, expecially the flu vacciene, each year they have a 1 out of 7 chance of guessing which strain of the flu is going to be active and they make this so called (educated guess) 1 year in advance, they must spend a lot of time in Vagas practicing up. With chemicals like Thimersal, Squalene, and Polysorbate 80, which is known to steralize lab rats and is found in Gardasil. I think people should do some extensive research and educate themselves before the decide to take any shot or give one to a child.

Vaccines can kill

The study published in the Journal of Pediatrics. 2000 Oct;106(4):E51. PMID: 11015546, regarding adverse reactions to the DTaP vaccine. It showed that there were 285 reports involving deaths, 971 nonfatal serious reports, and 4514 less serious reports after immunization with any pertussis-containing vaccine. For 1995 there were 2071 reports; in 1996 there were 1894 reports; in 1997 there were 1314 reports, and in the first half of 1998 there were 491 reports. Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine (DTP) was cited in 1939 reports, diphtheria-tetanus-whole-cell pertussis-Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (DTPH) in 2918 reports, and diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP) in 913 reports. The annual number of deaths during the study was 85 in 1995, 82 in 1996, 77 in 1997, and 41 in the first half of 1998. The annual number of reported events categorized as nonfatal serious (defined as events involving initial hospitalization, prolongation of hospitalization, life-threatening illness, or permanent disability) to VAERS for all pertussis-containing vaccines declined: 334 in 1995, 311 in 1996, 233 in 1997, and 93 in the first half of 1998. Similarly, the annual number of less serious reports to VAERS for pertussis-containing vaccines declined: 1652 in 1995, 1501 in 1996, 1004 in 1997, and 357 in the first half of 1998. Willing to take the risk?

Children in sixth grade are

Children in sixth grade are over the age recommendations (7 years old) for DTap & DTP. These children will need a Tdap, for which you did not provide any adverse-events data. Of the VAERS reports you listed, how many were found linked to the vaccine? You didn't specify the results of the investigations to see how many of the reports were actually found to be linked to the vaccines.


Lady, there's a higher risk everytime you get in a car, walk down the street, even eat a peice of food than dying or having a serious reaction to a vaccination. If we spent all day trying to live in a risk free zone we'd go crazy. Vaccines kill a lot less than the diseases they protect against.


Do you have any facts for recent years? Like post 2000? I'm sure they've improved the vaccine if there was something wrong with it. The FDA is there for a reason. My kids and grandkids have had all their vaccinations and have been fine. What these vaccinations protect against are a lot better than the side effects they could (but probably not) experience. There are approximately 2.2 billion children in the world. A very low % actually has any side effect. For the recorded deaths, who's to say that it wasn't the drug per say, but the way the individual's body reacted to the drug. Every person is different. How's a Doctor to know that 1 kid out of the 500 he sees regularly is going to have a major allergic reaction that could result in death by receiving a normal vaccination. My doctor's have always told me to monitor my children closely for 24 hrs after receiving any vaccines. And if anything looks suspicious, call them while headed to the ER. There's always a risk, but the risk is worth not getting these diseases.


The vaccines are not a risk to you and you chose to have your children or grandchildren vacinated. That is wonderful. BUT it should be a choice not mandatory. If you or anyone believe the FDA is here to protect then you have bigger problems that I can address. Educate yourself and stop listenting to the government.

No, No, No! It should not be

No, No, No! It should not be a choice. If you choose not to vaccinate your child, you are putting my children at risk!

If vaccines really work then

If vaccines really work then your children should not be at risk from a non-vaccinated child.

They do work

Vaccines do work. And it is a choice. But why take the risk involved? These vaccines were created for a reason! The diseases they help to prevent are far worse than the risk it is to give the vaccine. God forbid I didn't vaccinate my child and he contracted diptheria or polio or meningitis and died. Would you be able to live with yourself at that point??? I know I wouldn't! Don't vaccinate your children but make sure the negative pressure bubble you have your children living in is also serviced regularly!!!

There is a choice

You do have a choice, vaccine your children that attend public school or find another schooling option. You do have a choice, you just don't like your choice. In the same vein, you are trying to subject your choice on everyone else. You worry about the vaccine harming your child. We worry about your child being a disease carrier. We have said by taking the vaccines we don't want the disease. You are in essence saying "I will take my chances". That's fine, but not in public schools.


I would advise everyone to go read a book called "Public Opinion" by Walter Lippmann--available free on-line if you don't want to spend any money... I would advise everyone to research what they see and hear prior to accepting it as "truth." Similar to what is going on in Honduras... Choice is a freedom we enjoy, and there is no reason to be critical of one whose opinion differs from yours. For all you know, there is a minor link between a vaccine and some medical condition. Even if not, we have to weigh the "public benefit" against the preservation of our rights... Whether the "truth" is what the government always gives you is a completely different matter... See ABC News video here ( Yet... Read here and David Fontana just doesn't get it when he says "So where you come down on Honduras really depends on which view of constitutions you favor. If you favor the dominant American view, you would tend to side with Zelaya. True, the Honduras constitution prohibits amendments related to presidential terms, but this rule flies in the face of the American notion that a constitution should be amendable in just about any direction--and Zelaya was simply exercising his right to try and correct that. If you favor the German view, you would tend to side with the supreme court and the military. After all, the changes Zelaya was seeking to the constitution were foundational and revolutionary. And a constitution should be able to protect against certain kinds of constitutional changes." What matters is what the Honduran Constitution says, not what "we" or "anyone" else wants. If you don't agree, then you have to support the guy who comes to the USA, tries to change our Constitution without following the approved protocol, let him change it even if it flies in the face of the law, and then not complain about the process... If you would support OUR Constitution and its requirements, you should support the Honduras Constitution and its requirements. "Different" is not "wrong." Just my humble opinion...