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Lawmakers override governor's veto on boat towing

The state legislature made North Carolina history today. Lawmakers voted in a specially called session to override governor Easley's veto on a bill that eased boat towing restrictions. It was an overwhelming vote in both the House and the Senate. WWAY spoke with New Hanover County representative Danny McComas who was in Raleigh for the session. He said it took about 10 minutes for the House to vote, with six members voting against it. Again, this is the first time in North Carolina history lawmakers voted to override a governor's veto. McComas describes the session as having a somber atmosphere, with many members keeping in mind this was the governor's ninth veto. "I think the fact that this came in at the last minute, it was vetoed by the governor on the very last day he possibly could have done it. I think the members of the boating industry and those of us that live on the coast are concerned about tourism. We just wanted to be done with it," said McComas. McComas said they were out of their special session within an hour. The law goes into effect immediately, right before a big holiday weekend when many boaters will likely be towing their boats.

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I think it's ridiculous that

I think it's ridiculous that anyone is going to tax or fine someone for bringing their boats to the coast. If that's the case, why don't we see the same thing happening to big rigs. They destroy the road more than those towing these larger boats. This is just anouther way for the government to force it's control over us


I would like to thank House Representative Bonner Stiller, for listening & acting on the peoples behalf! Your a Winner!


I know this bill will come back to haunt us. The average hardworking taxpayer that works all week and wants to be able to his family fishing on the weekend can't afford to pay for his boat to be stored at a marina and pay for gas too. We need to remember who is the supporter of the "law" when the time comes to cast our vote. Make sure your tax dollar is well spent.

Boat towing

Really now, I don't think that this bill affects the "hard working" man or woman that wants to take his/her small craft out on the weekend. It is however, aimed at those who choose to pull a 50' boat down the already overcrowded roads with a small toyota truck, showing little concern for the flow of traffic, the impaired road vision, or general safety of others. I applaud the lawmakers for overriding the Governor's veto and hope that in the future they continue to put what's best for the community at a whole in front of what a few wealthy boat owners see as their 'right'(to infringe upon the safety of others). If these people can afford a $75,000 boat, surely they can come off the extra money to slip it.

Glad To Hear It

Glad to hear that our Honorables have learned to override Tax Hike Mike. Too bad they had not learned those skills while Mikey was raising taxes, fees, fines and what ever else he could get his grubby little hands on. Glad he's gone soon too!


That may be because on those issues they were getting their piece of the pie.

Veto a tax hike?

Democrats? What are YOU smoking????

Veto a tax hike?

fishing tournament organizers were pulling out of the state because participants were concerned about the towing restrictions bottom line we are bringing our business to south carolina or vig. kiss any of our money comming into your state good buy .....:)

tax hike has to be behind

tax hike has to be behind the criminal party Democrats only party to have a murderer in office this is just lame and will kill the money comming in for those from other states

So What's Your Point?

Accusing me of "smoking something" is a real insult, especially since I've never "smoked" anything, ever. Do you disagree with the veto? The towing restrictions are nothing but a hinder to our area boat builders. Or is this just a slam to Democrats in general. Although they deserve slamming, so do these so called Republicans. We the people don't seem to have a party anymore. Or are you the WWAY police attack dog? Judging by some of your posts I read today, I may not be far off on this one. Or do you just try to tear others down to try to bring your self up? Medication will help control your ailment. Do you really, honestly consider yourself the common sense patrol with posts like "Veto a Tax Hike?"

Wow! Judging from THAT reaction....

...(or should I say overreaction) to a simple slam against Democrats, I'd say that it's not ME who needs medication.

Get A Life

Accusing me of smoking something isn't a simple slam against Democrats. You must not be from around here.