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Lawmakers want structures to keep shoreline sand from washing away

State lawmakers said coastal regulators should allow waterfront communities to build permanent structures to keep shoreline sand from washing away. The State Senate voted to give the Coastal Resources Commission authority to grant construction of what is called a terminal groin. Such a structure entraps sand, keeping the shoreline intact and preventing sand from clogging the inlet. The commission has banned such structures since 1985 to prevent risky waterfront building. The bill now goes to the House.

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Sounds good to me

Personally as the owner of a rather large ocean front home I want whatever can be done to be done to save my home. I will say though that those who choose not to leave on or at the beach should not be saddled with the cost. I am more than willing to pay higher taxes for my oceanfront home to make sure it's safe and not washed away.


NO! NO! NO! This is a very expensive waste of our tax dollars to protect ocean front property. Just make building on the ocean front non existent & let it go back to nature. The sand shifts every 15yrs or so from north to south and back. I've lived near beaches that had seawalls & permanent structures and it destroyed the beauty of the beach and was unsightly. Leave it to the lawmakers and developers (who are probably pushing for this anyway) to destroy nature and the beauty of our beaches.

Don't let this pass

I really hope the House shuts this down. Constructing permanent groins is a slippery slope. A groin cathes sand for one development but what about all the other communities that are down stream so to speak who get starved for sand. Now they will want groins too. Before you know it we are no better than New Jersy with its ugly sea walls. Let nature take its course. If a community can't make it where its at with the beach then it was probably built too close to the water too begin with. Save our shores from permanant structures like groins and sea walls!