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Lawyers across NC help with free legal advice

Anything free in today's economy is a good thing, especially pricey legal advice. Lawyers from across North Carolina participated in Free Service Day. People could call in and get free legal counseling. The event was intended to help people who ordinarily can not pay legal fees. Attorneys with different specialties were on hand to take calls. “The majority of the questions have been related to family law issues; child custody, going through a divorce, going through a separation and also some criminal law matters. Someone hasn't paid their taxes, someone hasn't paid their speeding ticket. Those kinds of things come up pretty regularly,” said Ryan Rhodenhiser. Wilmington was one of five cities across the state with a call center.

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Child Custody and visitation

My wife took my child from me and filed a frivolous 50B protective order purposely so I can't see my daughter. There's a court order allowing me visitation and DSS is not cooperating in letting me see my child. I have contacted DSS several x's but they are not responding. It's been five months since I last saw my daughter.
I want to hire a lawyer but am not certain as to what it would normally cost for me to at least visit my child. Can you help answer my inquiry?
Thank you so much.

Most lawyers offer a free

Most lawyers offer a free consultation. I know people who have had good experiences with Duke Lineberry and Ralph Pennington. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see if they do offer free consultations.

Your first mistake was....

...not contesting what you call a "frivolous 50-B protective order". If it was frivolous, it never should have been granted, but you have to go to court with a competent attorney and allow all evidence to be heard.

Lawyers are expensive, but essential in cases of child custody and visitation. Trying to go about it by yourself is a recipe for complete and total loss.

My childs mother keeps

My childs mother keeps telling the city of charlotte she lives in ohio. But i have proof from her social networks that my daughter has been in charlotte for months at a time staying with her friends and others. Every time i try and file she tells the court she lives in ohio and makes my daughter travel back and forth on gray hound. The 2 months she had my daughter she was hospitalized for eating a lye perm and now i just found out she was arrested

Chapter 7 Trustee's Application

Got a notice of Chapter 7 Trustee's application for authority to employ [attorney] as special consultant.
I may have entered into an inquiry against a mail-order company that failed to deliver a $250 alarm system I paid for in 1994. The lawyer (Trustee) placed my name on a list with about 220 other people/companies as debtors. The case gives notice of: 1) terms of negotiated agreement regarding obtaining [attorney's] services, Trustee proposes to compensate [attorney] 33.33% of the funds recovered, 2)upon written request of a party in interest, a copy of Application will be provided by Trustee, 3) if you do not oppose the Application, you need not take action. Gven a 14 day period from March 4 to respond.

Hello Recently my friend

Recently my friend gave me his debit card number and allowed me to wire money to myself ,
Today however he messaged me saying his bank contacted him saying he may be exposed to fraud , from money being sent by westernunion , I called him and he told me what was going on , and sad he has never sent money b4 , but we both know that's a lie , what can I do ,btw he is an abusive alcoholic who constantly blacks out , what should I do , I also have text message from him saying I can get money , telling me he would do anything for me , need help ASAP

Identity theft

I am being charged with identity theft and there were 8 checks that's was cashed in my name at a string of grocery stores, I didn't commit these acts. I decided to take my case to trial. I have 2 eye witnesses that can attest to my whereabouts during that day the checks were cashed. The DA doesn't have witnesses and the video tape shows a person but doesn't show a face. What is the possible outcome of this matter


I am a minor looking for legal advise on becoming emancipated from my legal guardian, I am looking for recommendations of an Attorney in Family Law who represents minors and is familiar with the emancipation laws.


I work as a clerk and have worked 6days a week for the last year my hours were cut from 40 to 28. Making me part time so I lost my vacation time and sick days when i protested i was let go for 3 days without pay and most likely getting fired I have a daily of 5. The loss in incomeis devastating the only reason i was given was I was new then I was told by the assistant manager the be a man and deal with it. What can I do gm will not return my calls what can i do.

i was taken into

i was taken into "investigative custody" and then issued an unsecured bond and released , never being arrested or read my rights. is this legal ?

Custody jurisdiction

We have joint custody with the child living primarily with me and him getting everyother weekend. We live over 5 hours away from each other in different counties. I am afraid when my child starts school we will not agree on visitation. The court order currently is in the county he lives in. She has lived in this county for almost a year. Will the court grant a change of jurisdiction to my county if I ask for one?


hello my name is christina crowder im 17 and have the pisiblility of being pregnant. if i am my mouther will either kick me out or stress me out to having a miscarage. she has done this before when i told her there was a chance of me being pregnant and i took a home test that she did not know about that came up positive. she quit talking to me and threatened my boyfriend till he broke up with me. then made me feel bad about being pregnant and a couple of weeks later i doubled over in pain and was soaked with blood in under an hour. i have looked at health and dr sights and they say that is a semptem of a miscarage. the next week she took me to a dr and it came up negetive. she was happy as can be and went back to normal. i am afraide that if i am pregnant she will do the same this time. i dont want to loose my baby if i am. my fiance's aunt and uncle may take custedy of me if the coarts will let them and i wouldnt have to quit or change schools because my school offers all online schooling. would it be posible if i am pregnant to have someone els take custedy of me or to be put in a home for pregnant wemon or would the courts not allow it. there is already 6 people in a 4 bed room house we dont have room or money for a baby here but i still want to keep the baby i want to know if i am pregnant is it posible to be put in someone els's care consitering the sercomstances?


A woman was putting a sign on a 1996 Mercedes in the Hanover shopping Center. It said take best offer, need emergency funds. I pulled into lot and asked her why she was selling car. she said her husband was abusing her and that she needed to get away. I offered her $1500.00 and to my amazement she agreed and called me a Godsend. I said I want to see the title and engine and take it for a test drive. We did all this. She had a notary stamp but said she could not notirize her own title and would meet me at my office the next day and we would go get it done. well My girlfriend rove my car home and we went out in the Mercededs not beliving what just happened. after several hours from being at my girlfriends house I left was was then surrounded by over 7 police cars and a k9 unit. They made me get out of car but never told me what I had done wrong. They handcuffed me never read me my miranda rights and again refused to tell me what was wrong. They stuck me in the back of a cop car for over an hour before a cop got in the car and said I was in position of a stolen vehichle. I said I just paid for that car and told them that I will not speak to them anymore and consult with an attorney. they processed me and put me on a $6000.00 bond and now I have court on Nov 18th. I have the bill of sale and title and other paperwork. This is a felony and even though I am in the right, I am scared. I am a single dad with full custody of both my kids, 10 and 7 should I be worried? this woman impersonated another woman and I am guilty of falling for it. What should I do? Thanks, SC

Thank you to Volunteer Attorneys

Thank you to all the Volunteer Attorneys, NC Bar Association staff and others in the Wilmington Call Center and throughout the state that participated in the March 6, 2009 4-Free Service Day. Banks of telephones were answered from 7 AM to 7 PM. Many, many North Carolinians were able to ask legal questions on the phone, receive advice and referrals to appropriate resources from the charitable participants. Private attorneys, corporate attorneys, Legal Aid Attorneys, law school students, paralegals and others joined together for this once a year event. Bravo to the Pro Bono efforts!

free legal advice

I tuned in late and could not get the number for the free legal advice, what I need to know is,,,I have been seperated for 4 1/2 years, was married 19 years before he left me for another woman his excuse was " he didn't sign on to take care of me for the rest of his life" he left me as I was very very sick, had been in the hospital almost died, have to go back every six months to have a stent replaced in my kidney,what I need to know is, is there anyone who will make him pay me alimony and make him pay for the lawyer? As I have not been able to work for 9 years now I hardly make enough on SSI to pay my bills he does not help me pay anything around our house even though it is still in his name and mine, he does not pay the taxes or any repairs, Thank You Rhonda B. Rabon