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League of Women Voters holds Titan forum

People concerned about Titan America's plan to bring a cement plant to New Hanover County can get their questions answered tonight. The League of Women Voters is holding the public forum tonight at the Northeast Branch of the New Hanover County Public Library. The goal is to educate people about Titan Cement's impact on the environment. We know Titan America would bring more jobs to our area. That is why county commissioners offered Titan a $4 million incentive -- to bring jobs and money. However, there are groups of people concerned about how the air quality will be affected. If Titan cement comes, they plan to operate at the old Roanoke Cement Plant located near the northeast Cape Fear River. The state is currently reviewing Titan's air quality permit. Tonight's forum starts at 6:00.

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Titan America's plan to bring a cement plant to the area

It’s not just air quality. Where are the raw materials needed to manufacture cement the water, limestone, clay, and gypsum coming from? Have there been any studies on the physical impact of the land (roads serviced by the plant) and Cape Fear River? What about the local agricultural crops, trees and shrubs?

We all need to know

Not only is the air quality information needed but everything about what pollutants will contaminate our little piece of the world. Sure, no one wants to pollute figure eight island, and they won't, but they will trash the highways and atmosphere of Castle Hayne without a second thought just because they have a permit. A permit that doesn't recognize people with real concerns for the environment. We have homes here, we have lived here. What right do you have to come bribe county commissioners to come here and destroy this? None. See my signs in the right of ways, move them and I'll stop you and charge you with criminal offense interfering with criminal litigation. You cannot tamper with evidence, and those signs are now evidence. If they are on a state road or/of a highway then this is a felony case where you are tampering with a Federal Court case.

its illegal to place signs

its illegal to place signs in the right of way, kimba. quit blowing smoke

Hey! Perry Mason!

Criminal litigation? Signs posted on the highway right-of-way are evidence? Moving the signs is a felony? A federal felony? Where did you go to law school - Bizzarro World University, where they teach you to repeat every legal sounding word you ever heard on television? I'll bet Titan is happy that someone of your intellect is on the opposition. Please make sure to speak at every public meeting on the subject.